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    ICSC, NRF, IFA, omg!

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    Acronyms, acronyms, acronyms; aren't we all getting tired of those? Unfortunately, they won't ever go away, especially with the popularity of texting. The acronyms we're going to focus on today are related to Trade Associations, groups like International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), National Retail Federation (NRF), International Franchise Association (IFA), etc., etc., etc (omg!). Listen in as Bob and Jerry talk about Trade Associations, particularly ICSC and the role/value they play in your business.

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    National & International Roundtable Welcomes R.L. Pelshaw

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    Bob Pelshaw was a successful Midwestern real estate broker, developer, and consultant specializing in free-standing retail projects for national and regional retailers, as well as private shopping centers, office buildings, multi-family projects, and leadership development. His twenty-five year career included service as a state officer for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) plus over $600 Million in career transactions. Along the way he also invested in, or consulted for, various other types of businesses including laundromats, a janitorial company, brokerage, convenience stores, grocery stores, retail stores, car wash, a restaurant, barber shops, construction companies, a resort hotel, property management, rental properties, self-storage facilities, a health club, marketing organizations, and others. Pelshaw served numerous non-profit groups including being a Director and Officer for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters Chapter, his church, and most notably as an Associate Trainer for Dr. John C. Maxwell’s global non-profit ministry Equip. Through Equip, Pelshaw has taught leadership globally to thousands. The Great Recession found Pelshaw financially over-extended. Coupled with trusting the wrong people, and some bad business decisions made, Pelshaw suffered a catastrophic loss of a multi-million dollar asset base. In his efforts to stay afloat and “rob Peter to pay Paul” Pelshaw stupidly temporarily misused $135,000 of SBA loan proceeds which caused him to receive a felony and serve a ten-month sentence at Leavenworth Federal Prison Camp. Since serving his time he has focused on providing consulting services, writing, public speaking, and public service. He is also the author of “Raising Up The Champion Within You: David & Goliath Grown-Up Version” and the soon to be released “Time Management is Dead.” Pelshaw is about to be re-married and start a family.

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    ICSC Western Division Conference Prequel - 2011 San Diego

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    Listen in as we interview Gordon Keig, this year's ICsC 2011 Western division Conference program planning Committee Co-Chair and Grant Guidinger the moderator of “I Get By With A Little Help from My friends”, special industry group.
    More than a brochure. hear if straight from the "horses mouth", with enthusiasm and a real appreciation of the value of this year's conference.

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    Empowerment through Passion with Faith

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    The “Queen of Retail,” Faith Hope Consolo, Chairman of Douglas Elliman’s Retail Group, has sculpted retail corridors around the world. Currently, she leads a team of 25 specialists in New York, oversees the commercial activities of Douglas Elliman's 80 offices and works with an international base of retailers, designers, manufacturers, investors, entrepreneurs, and developers. Faith’s storied rise from college entrepreneur to interior designer to leading retail real estate consultant. She is a paradigm for women in all businesses. The list of new stores, designers, buyers, sellers and landlords with whom she’s worked represent a veritable “Who’s Who in New York,” while establishing her as a go-to resource for international retailers looking to expand in the U.S.
                    As the founding and current chairman of the Women’s Special Industry Group educational and networking program for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), she has established must-attend events at the association’s conferences worldwide. She also is a co-founder of the SBS, a pioneering network of international retail brokers. 
    she personally contributes to programs benefiting women in the industry, charities and scholarships through Real Estate Has a Heart and The Faith Hope Consolo Foundation.
    1.    Business in College:
    2.    Mentoring Other Women:
    3.    A Woman’s Place is in the C-Suite:
    4.    The empowerment and satisfaction of helping others:
    “Fashion is my Passion” and “Retail is My Detail!”
    You don't want to miss this show.

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    The Resurgence in Retail

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    True to our word we remained off air until retail rebounded.  Actually we were just enjoying a longer than anticipated sabbatical. 
    Based on the attendance at the annual ICSC Recon in Las Vegas, the retail industry has made the turn and activity form both sides of the retail counter has been ferocious.  What are some of the indicators?  is this just a temporary rebound?  Join the irrepressible Bob Dye and the overly analytical Jerry Anderson as they discuss, debate and investigate where all of this is going.

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    Recon 2012 Recap

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    An eclectic representation and commentary of this year's ICSC Recon, we try to present this show as if "You were there." We talk about what we saw and what we did, as well as who we spoke to. We talked about new things and old things and the good, the bad and the ugly and I am not talking about a spaghetti western here. 
    Find out the latest from Betsy Laird (Senior Vice President Global Public Policy, ICSC) on internet taxation and the Marketplace Fairness Act and other similar bills before congress. Hear us have some fun as Ian Ritter from GlobeSt.com and I play dueling interviews and beg for a little deliverance.  Our interview with Jon Mills, founder of Motion Loft is a perfect example of the advantage of radio and hearing things for yourself rather than second hand.  This is the first of two shows reviewing this years RECon. The second show will be made available as a podcast within the next two weeks. 

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    Recon 2012 Prequel

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    It is that time of year again.  Spring is here, Flowers are blossoming, the smell of grass is in the air, we are sneezing more and RECON, the annual ICSC Convention where the most successful people in commercial retail property go.  This is where deals are made and people get to know and be known.
    This is our second year at RECON as well as our second RECON Prequel Radio show in which will give a "taste" of what you will see at the show and the best way to make it valuable.
    This year we are doing something a little different though.  Our Prequel Show, our interviews during RECON and our post RECON RECAP will have a greater focus on substantive issues.  To accomplish that, we have chosen a few SIG's (Special Interest Group) sessions and have interviewed some of the speakers describing what their presentation and session will be about.  You will hear it from the speaker's own mouth.
    Among the topics to be discussed during this show will be:
    Optomizing Shopping Center Performance in an Lackluster Economy with Yvonne Jones; The United Nations of Retail, a detailed look into foreign retail emergence in the US with Faith Hope Consolo; Updates on the Hispanic Marketplace with Jorge Lizan; The ever popular Retail Runway chaired by Grant Guidinger; Regional Malls, What Comes Next with John Crossman; and  The ever-present GlobeSt.com with Ian Ritter

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    Hispanic Marketplace in LA Prequel

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    Get a taste of what will be presented at the ICSC Hispanic Markets program in Los Angeles.
    While we will be at the conference on the 16th of February, doing interviews, for this prequel, we will be hearing from some of rhe most notable figures in retail real estate, familiar with the Hispanic market.
    I will be touching upon the significance of the hispanic markets, and issues that will be discussed at the conference, including special financing issues and the fact that the Hispanic market may not be homogenous.
    Hear brief interviews from Arturo Sneider, Partner at Primestore Development, Inc., Carlos Solares, President of Gretna Green Management Corp., & Jose Legaspi, President of the Legaspi Company.

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    Post Foreclosure Issues for Property Managers & Attorneys

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    This wouldn't be an interesting topic if we discussed it in 2004, when there were minimal commercial property foreclosures, if any.  However, in today's economy, a lot of properties are purchased as a result of a foreclosure, rather than by agreement between the owner and seller.  Purchasing commercial property through a foreclosure sale poses some interesiting and significant isssues and problems and opportunities for investors, property managers and attorneys.
    Further complicating everyone's job are situations in which the buyer is the lender foreclosing on the property.
    This show will address some of the key issues faced by property managers and attorneys who represent buyers aftter the purchase of a commercial property after foreclosure.
    While property managers and the owners attorney have the same general responsibility to maximize revenue, profit and value of the property, their focus is a little different.  So we have invited some very experienced professionals to provide the property manager and leasing brokers perspective.
    Featured guests for this show will be Kevin Cavanaugh, Chief Operating Officer and Jim Patton, Director of Leasing & Acquisitions, both of NewMark Merrill Companies, reported as one of the fastest growing private companies since 1997. Newmark Merrill is a real estate, acquisition, development, property management and leasing company focusing on retail and shopping center properties.

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    Internet Sales Tax - The Pros & Cons

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    This is a special show in which we will be discussing proposed federal legislation intended to establish a unified system of taxation of internet sales.
    Our featured guests include:
    United States Senator Michael Enzi of Wyoming, a co-sponsor of the Senate Bill; United States Congresswoman Jackie Speiers, from California, a co-sponsor of the house bill; Betsy Laird, Senior Vice President, Office of Global Public Policy for ICSC;  David French, Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the National Retail Federation;  Robert W. Wood, Esq. of Wood, LLP, a tax attorney who has written numerous articles for Forbes and specifically, regarding this issue;  and Steven DelBianco, Executive Director of NetChoice, a coalition of trade associations, eCommerce Businesses, and online consumers;  During this conversation, we will be exploring the reasons why these bills have been proposed, why federal the federal government has gotten involved in what seems to be state taxation issues, who benefits from this legislation and whose interests will be most negatively effected.
    This show is not an endorsment of the proposed legislation, but is an attempt to air out and fully express both sides of the argument so that our legislators and listeners can make the best informed decision possible.

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    Recon Recap #1: Live Discussion on a Great Convention

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    CRE Radio will discuss with a live, call in audience, this years ICSC, Recon 2011.  Listen to interviews from the movers and shakers in retail real estate what was good and what can be improved.  We will have interviews from Recon, but most important, join in on the conversation by calling in and giving us your opinion and comments.
    This is a special show on a special day and time. Friday, June 3rd at 10:00 a.m. California Time.
    Recorded interviews include:
    Debra provides freelance writing and media relations services, focused primarily on retail real estate and related industries. Former Editor-at-Large/Editor at Shopping Centers Today/ICSC , Editor-At-Large at ICSC and Executive Editor/Senior Editor/Associate Editor at Chain Store Age, Debra brings a certain panache and a deep sense of experience to retail real estate.
    Chairman, Retail Leasing and Sales Division
    Faith is the "Queen of Retail", and the most renowned retail broker and consultant in the country, As director of retail operations for the 50 Prudential CRES Commercial Real Estate Service offices located nationwide, Ms. Consolo has completed deals in every key market across the United States.
    Grubb & Ellis
    Talk about experience, David has been in the business over 50 years or did he say 60. And he looks and acts younger than I do. Talk about a wealth of knowledge, he is a guaranteed must listen
    Jennifer is an executive recruiter with an abundance of energy, knowledge and expertise. She adds a unique perspective on Recon and is a welcome addition to this show.