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    ICF fighter Liz McCarthy

    in Sports

    After waiting for the past year for a fight, Oregon's Liz McCarthy is looking to make an impact in the atomweight division with a win over Cassie Robb at Intense Championship Fighting in Montana May 16.

    The InvictaFC vet wants to shake off some cage rust and show off her new skills.

    We will talk to McCarthy about training in Vegas for the fight and her hopes for 2014.

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    in Motivation

    Born and raised in Harvey, IL, Aria Craig lived a life full of hardships – being raised by a poor single mother without a father, low self-image, little guidance on her future, and emotional / psychological setbacks (including molestation and bullying). At the age of 22, she became a single mother herself. However, Aria was determined to strive through the challenges and excel against stigmas and stereotypes of single motherhood, earning a B.S. in Technical Management and M.B.A. in Business Administration. She has more than 13 years of finance experience in the legal industry and 8 years of leadership, mentoring, project management, and financial analysis experience in the health insurance. She married her husband, who actively participated in Real Men Read, a little league baseball coach and Boy Scout leader, on 11/11/11.

    In a three-part empowerment series entitled, The Single Mother Diaries, Aria gives wisdom for single, divorced, co-parenting and blended-family households on transforming parenting skills, becoming business savvy in Corporate America / entrepreneurship, and cultivating finding their soulmates. The 1st volume provides tips covering: Sex, bullying and drugs; Successful co-parenting techniques; 

    Aria Craig, an empowerment and leadership strategist, has mentored other people with making wiser decisions that transform them personally and professionally in the three most impact aspects of life: parenting, relationships and professional development. She is creating workshops for teens and single / divorced mothers of young men; coaching classes for parents and couples; and coaching for business leaders / executives and entrepreneurs. She is completing credentials to become an ICF Board Certified Coach. Please feel free to visit her website at www.AriaCraig.com for more details on her books and coaching services.

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    Is Heart-Based Business Leadership an Oxymoron?

    in Business

    The image of how a “boss” is supposed to act is shaped by your experiences, the people you’ve worked with and for, the behaviors your organization rewards with promotions, and even the characters you see on TV and in the movies.

    Those images rarely evoke warm fuzzy feelings and as a result they cause people to underestimate the role of soft skills in driving hard results.

    Stephanie McDilda, President of Flashpoint International, reveals how heart-based leadership inspires superior performance and how you can burnish your leadership brand without being seen as a pushover and much more.

    Stephanie is a speaker, seminar leader, and executive/ leadership coach with over 30 years of experience as both a leader and a leadership development professional. Through her work, she helps her clients reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, while increasing productivity, engagement, and satisfaction by building powerful relationships. She holds three degrees, all from N.C. State University – a B.A. in Business Management and Economics, a M.Ed. in Adult Education, and an M.Ed. in Counseling. She is also an ICF Certified Professional Coach. 

    This program is proudly sponsored by the Legal Leverage® Academy, a div. of Business M.O., LLC.

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    High Performance Life/Relationship Coaching

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with Lauren Jawno with her guest Janelle + Rob Alex and Kelly Lee Bennett:

    Janelle & Rob Alex - Experts in relationship and intimacy dynamics, Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are mentoring couples around the universe. As best selling authors, their newest releases are the Mission Date Night Adventure series. They also cohost the Mission Date Night podcast. Passionate about married dating, Secret Animal Powers, and Transcendent LovemakingTM Rob and Janelle are obliterating long-standing relationships myths.

    Kelly Lee Bennett is ICF certified and is an International Elite High Performance Strategist & Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach, Master Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Seminar Leader. Kelly is a results driven coach, trainer and facilitator with over 20 yrs. of international business experience and a solid track record for transforming lives, building businesses and improving revenue.
    She has spent her career working with global industry leaders in North America and the Middle East. Before incorporating Kelly Lee Bennett Inc. she held Global VP Positions with three International Executive Search and Human Resource Mtg. firms. Kelly is also a certified NLP practioner, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, nutritionist, image consultant and Stand Up Comic! She has direct business experience as a serial entrepreneur; she has launched several successful businesses in varied industries.


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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Stephanie Wood of Body Awe

    in Health

    Mountainside, NJ – We often find ourselves making sacrifices at the expense of our physical health, but we don’t need to be in conflict with ourselves. Our bodies are dancing partners on the journey of life.

    "Your body only wants the best for both of you," says Stephanie Wood, ICF certified coach and the founder of Body Awe, a body and business coaching practice for entrepreneurial women struggling with body insecurity to walk proud and share their talents with the world. "The magic of motion opens the way to share emotions between you and your body."

    Stephanie has been coaching for more than 14 years, having combined her experience as a professional dancer and choreographer with her desire to help women interested in exploring their physicality.

    “People have such difficulty seeing their body as someone they can communicate with,” says Stephanie. “They’ve been so estranged from their bodies so long, the mindset to reframe it can be difficult, but it is possible. I make it a fun environment for that rediscovery.”

    Today, Stephanie is the creator of the Body Knowledge System®, An Awesome Intelligence, which offers a sustainable solution to her clients’ challenges. With the Body Knowledge System® you will learn everything you need to know to end the estrangement from your body, become fully alive with your body, and access your body’s knowledge, guidance and wisdom. Wellness professionals and coaches are welcome to license the material for use with their own clients.

    “People I coach are jazzed with the practical techniques they can implement quickly,” says Stephanie. “I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”

    For more information on Stephanie Wood, visit http://www.bodyawe.com or call (866) 76-COACH.

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    Miki Agrawal, Adam Klein, Patrick E Alcorn

    in Business

    Miki  Agrawal award-winning serial social entrepreneur, a best-selling author, and the Co-Founder and CEO of THINX, a high-tech underwear solution for women with periods. Miki is also the founder of the farm-to-table, gluten-free pizza concept called WILD. Miki's newest company, TUSHY, is working to bring bidet attachments to America, while helping to solve the global sanitation crisis

    Adam Klein certified Integral Coach®, with an ICF Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) and is on faculty with New Ventures West. A published poet, he finds inspiration through his practice of ultra-running and extended time in the wild

    Patrick E Alcorn America's eXtreme Motivator.  He is the Chief Transformation Officer of his company The Transformation Group; a Certified Teacher, Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team; and co-author of two books, including Stepping Stones To Success 

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
    Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook.
    Connect with Bert Martinez on Twitter.
    Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez.

    Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!


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    Alan Seale - Transformational Presence to Create a World That Works

    in Self Help

    Alan Seale is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst, and the founder and director of the Center for Transformational Presence. His first book, Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path, received the prestigious Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Book in Spirituality in 2001. His other books include Soul Mission, Life Vision, The Manifestation Wheel, The Power Of Your Presence, and his latest book, Create A World That Works. His next book, Transformation In Action: Making a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World, is scheduled for publication in 2017. Alan’s books are currently published in six languages. He is the creator of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training program, now with graduates from more than 30 countries. He maintains a full workshop and speaking schedule throughout North and South America and Europe. Truly a global coach, Alan currently serves clients from five continents.

    Alan was the closing keynote speaker at the International Coach Federation (ICF) North America Global Conference in June 2014. He has also been a keynote speaker for ICF Regional Conferences in Sweden, Romania, Latin America, and Spain, and the UK. 

    For more information, visit him at www.transformationalpresence.org.

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    Become Unforgettable with Nina Roberts

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you Unforgettable?

    Do people remember you and your brand, or do you find that people are asking you over and over again what you do?

    You want you and your company to be what your potential clients think of when they need your product good or service.

    Host Steve Kidd is joined by Speaker, ICF Certified Coach, & entrepreneur and 20 year business women  Nina Roberts.

    Learn how being unforgettable can help you be a Thriving Entrepreneur - TODAY!!

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    ICF 13 Recap with Shawnee Merrell Napoli

    in Sports

    After what as an exciting set of fights Friday night at Intense Championship Fighting 13, we will be joined by Shawnee Merrell Napoli to recap the card which included InvictaFC vets Cassie Robb and Liz McCarthy and the pro debuts of Emily Corso and Ariel Beck.

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    Guest: Randy Spelling

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer welcome Randy Spelling to the show! 

    Randy is an ICF Certified Life Coach.  He has a keen ability as an Intuitive Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer and Spiritual Facilitator.  Randy offers relationship coaching, spiritual coaching and career coaching. He works with clients and groups all over the world in discovering who they are and utilizing their own unique gifts to express themselves.  Randy has been called a gentle and powerful leader who encourages people to look within to find meaning and purpose in life.  Randy was born and raised in Los Angeles, California growing up in the center of Los Angeles in a Hollywood family.  Growing up quickly and going through many things at a young age, Randy had the chance to learn through experience how to be fulfilled from the inside out, not the outside in.  This nurtured a fascination with psychology, human behavior, emotions, relationships, health and spirituality. He now lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two daughters.  In his new book Unlimiting You, Randy Spelling walks us through open, honest, and relatable stories that illustrate the ways we hold ourselves back from being who we truly are. Being born into one of the most famous Hollywood families, Randy had the opportunity to discover that life could look great from the outside and still feel empty inside, if disconnected from one’s true self.

    Websites: https://www.randyspelling.com and https://www.unlimitingyou.com/

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    Amy Bloustine, Boni Oian, Faith McCune on Money For Lunch

    in Business

    Amy Bloustine Certified Life and Career Coach. She created a non-profit organization (Project Teen Talk: Giving our Youth a Voice), worked with the DEA Educational Foundation and The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. She has extensive experience in all facets with non-profits, specifically in strategic planning, program development and implementation of community-based programs. She is an NYU Certified Life Coach, a Certified Career Coach with The Five O’Clock Club and a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation)

    Boni Oian is a Life Navigator. She is the Author and Instructor of Claim Your Life – Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs into an Exhilarating Source of Power. She also trains teachers to instruct her Claim Your Life process worldwide. She is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist Association and she’s certified as a Catalyst Coach by the Ace Success Center and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Boni’s certifications as an Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant are from Akashic Records Consultants International and Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She has been published and/or featured in many publications including Enjoy Whole Heath, Sassy, Focus on Women as well as business magazines and has her own radio program on Raven International Positive programing network

    Faith McCune - The Pawsitive Change Coach. Author of Duffy's World: Seeing the World through a Dog's Eyes