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    Premiere episode from 01/02/2013: 2012 review! + AK-REAL

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    Watch the Audio/Visual version of this show on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiVGvPXemQQ This is the premiere show that originally aired on 01/02/2013:  On My Cike Productions Present... #respectdawest Radio with your host Iam DaSmoka 2012 review! + Music from our featured artist AK-REAL      On today's premiere show I want you to sit back with me, roll up one and let get in on 2012!   I have my list of what my head researcher, My lovely wife and I found to be the Top 10 moments of the 2012 year.   For me personally this year was dirty, challenging and self-enlightening all in one!   What about for you? Call in at (646) 716-4212 and share your thoughts.   So whatever you want to bring to the table, lets do it!   Each show will also feature a musical artist that I would like you to look into as I am either a fan of them personally or their music or both. Featured artist for today's show: RUSSIAN AMERICAN RAP ARTIST AK-REAL (http://www.akrealking.com) Thought for reflection for today's show! "THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FALLING AND FAILURE IS WHETHER OR NOT YOU GET BACK UP! - Iam DaSmoka