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    Jozy and Mix to MLS, Iain Macintosh and the Ballon d'Or, Man City-Arsenal, Tattooed Babies

    in Soccer

    (0:00 - 16:54) Daryl and Taylor discuss Jozy Altidore's likely move to Toronto FC and Mix Diskerud official move tp New York City FC. 

    (16:55 - 30:38) Iain Macintosh makes his first appearance on the show to discuss his new site The Set Pieces, as well as his thoughts on why the Ballon d'Or is more akin to a popularity contest than an official award.

    (30:38 - 36:39) Specific predictions for the upcoming clash between Manchester City and Arsenal.

    (36:40 - Finish) Listener emails, guerilla marketing, and tattooed babies.

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    Dinner Specials with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    With almost fifty years of music behind him, composer and rock guitarist Joey Molland joins the ranks of the icons of the 60's and 70's who blazed a musical trail that is unsurpassed.  Though he's known best for his work with the band Badfinger, he continues to create music and is taking a cyber trip with May and Cynthia to chat up his cd Return to Memphis.  He'll be on the air...live...Monday noon eastern.

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    A Conversation with Artist Iain Stewart

    in Art

    Join artist and marketing expert Leslie Saeta as she highlights way to sell your art. Leslie is joined by April co-host Carrie Waller. Today's show features an interview with Iain Stewart. Iain is an award-winning watercolor painter. Join us for a very informative interview!

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    Rundgren Radio with Special Guest Joey Molland of Badfinger

    in Music

    Joey Molland, the guitarist and sole surviving member of the British power-pop band Badfinger.

    BADFINGER became an incredible force of virtuoso musicians churning out hit after hit while being supported by the biggest band in the world. The band’s first album was the soundtrack to the movie The Magic Christian (Magic Christian Music). Their follow-up album, No Dice spawned the Pete Ham penned classic “No Matter What” (#8 U.S. Hot 100 Hit -1970) and an Evans/Ham composition “Without You” which became a #1 Hit in 1971 for Harry Nilsson and a #3 Hit for Mariah Carey in 1994. No Dice reached #28 on Billboard’s Hot 200 albums chart.

    The bands third album Straight Up was regarded by many to be their best. George Harrison had considerable input on the album including playing slide guitar on “Day After Day” (#4 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1971). Leon Russell played piano on the track. The album also generated the hit single "Baby Blue" (#14 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart in 1972). George Harrison left before the album was completed to work on The Concert for Bangladesh and Todd Rundgren was brought in to finish the album. Production credits were shared between Harrison and Rundgren.

    In more recent news, the popular TV show, Breaking Bad, finale ended with the Badfinger song, "Baby Blue".

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    CJ Paranormal talks to David Parry

    in Paranormal

    A brief summary about David:

    David William Parry is a poet, critic, dramaturge, lecturer, actor and a priest of the Goddess Nerthus. Born in Portsmouth, England, in 1958, he moved to London in the early eighties. After graduating in Religious Studies from Kings College KQC, London, he continued his theological research at Heythrop College, London. His doctoral thesis is currently being rewritten due to the inspiration of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.
    By profession, David teaches contemporary English literature, drama, language and semantics. As an established poet and practicing Heathen, he has given poetry readings, delivered lectures, offered sermons and performed public blots across the United Kingdom, as well as Europe, since 1996. Also, he has published a number of reviews, experimental essays, and theological comment pieces, along with two critically acclaimed prose-poetry collections, “Caliban’s Redemption” (Mandrake 2004/ Finatran 2011), and “The Grammar of Witchcraft” (Mandrake 2009). At present, he is in the process of completing two new works, “Deconstructing Mount Athos” (published spring 2015 by Traditions of Moscow) as well as "William Wordsworth and English Wicca".

    The Grammar of Witchcraft (Mandrake Press, 2009) “A haunting conceit” – Iain Sinclair.
    Caliban’s Redemption (Mandrake Press, 2004). Reviewed London Magazine by Richard Rudgley.
    Introductory Essays - The Botanist Monsieur Jordan and The Sorcerer-Dervish Mastali Shsh (Play), The Pyramid Theory of Marriage (Tony Gulvin)
    Articles - Through The Woods (literary journal), Psychic World (periodical newspaper), TEAS Magazine.

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    Swirsky Susses Out Secret Beatles Stories!

    in Pop Culture

    Beatles researcher and film maker, Seth Swirsky, has created something incredible...a film called "Beatles Stories" that was 5 years in the making. In this heartwarming, honest movie he captures the true tales of people who have met The Beatles, worked with them, and been their friends. Tales that have never (for the most part) before been told. It is a film of great historical importance and of great interest. And Jude is thrilled to have him as her special guest on The John Lennon Hour.

    Tonight YOU can call in and chat with Seth about his encounters with Sir Ben Kingsley, the beloved May Pang, Denny Laine, Joey Molland (Badfinger), Mark Hudson, Henry Winkler (the Fonz), Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, Norman "Hurricane" Smith, Art Garfunkel, Luci Baines Johnson, Nancy Lee Andrews, Fred Seaman, Jon Voight, and so many more. Or you can sit back and listen to the rare and gripping stories he uncovered during his exciting days collecting Beatles Stories. Call 646-668-2641 to visit with Seth live and in person!

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    Meir Schneider - Natural Vision Improvement

    in Self Help

    Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT, used the Bates Method to cure himself of congenital blindness and went on to develop The Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing through Bodywork and Movement.  His techniques have been medically documented to help people with a wide variety of degenerative conditions; for example:  improve vision, help increase mobility, improve function of body systems, relieve pain and increase productivity.  Meir will address general eye pathologies and visual disorders; inclusive of computer related eye strain.  Also you will learn about the connection between the body and the eyes, how to expand plasticity of the visual system.  Meir Schneider gives one day seminars and has also been interviewed for British Television by Iain McNay.

    Follow link to to listen to the conclusion of Meir's book, VIsion for Life

    Please join Meir at the CST Center in San Jose on November 8th for a day-long seminar on how to start your eye exercises and improve your vision.  Please contact the CST Center to sign up.



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    in Entertainment

    Wednesday, July 23, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show airs a 90 minute special INSIDE THE IVORY TRADE: IS IT TOO LATE TO SAVE THE ELEPHANT? Joining in the conversation are some of the top voices of the subject: Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Grace Ge Gabriel, Andrea Turkalo, Dr. Ron Orenstein,  

    In 1993, Iain Douglas-Hamilton founded the organization Save the Elephants. A zoologist, he is the recipient of the 2010 Indianapolis Prize for his work on elephant conservation. His chief research interest is to understand elephant choices by studying their movements. He is a frequent keynote speaker at the annual Wildlife Conservation Network expo.

    Dr. Ron Orenstein is the author of Ivory, Horn and Blood: Behind the Elephant and Rhinoceros Poaching Crisis. Since 1987, Dr. Orenstein has been an observer at meetings of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). He was one of the engineers of the compromise amendment that led to an international ivory ban.

    Field biologist Andrea Turkalo of The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has been called “The Elephant Whisperer.” She is the world's leading expert on forest elephants, working tirelessly to map the sometimes inaudible, language of elephants, in an effort to put to together the world's first elephant dictionary.

    A native of China, Grace Ge Gabriel is a driving force behind the International Fund for Animal Welfare China (IFAW) and has worked tirelessly to alleviate human-elephant conflicts and raise conservation awareness in the country that stands at the heart of the “blood ivory” illicit trade.

    An important conversation you won’t want to miss “Blood Ivory and the Fate of the World’s Elephants” on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, July 23, 3 pm ET. Tune in live online at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Maximize the Network You Already Have- Iain Whyte

    in Marketing

    If you have a large network and are unsure how to maximize those relationships, then this is the show for you!  Many people have large databases, their lists on social sites are great and when they walk into an event, they know almost everyone. However, they may feel as though their relationships could be more productive when it comes to referring business.
    What can a person do to maximize the network and relationships they already have?  
    Join The Once Timid Networker, Tara Schmakel as she visits with Iain Whyte of Big Man Talking expert networker!  Iain will share with us how we can cultivate the relationships we have and start getting results today! 

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    Stop Responding to Requests for Proposals

    in Business

    How do you go about responding to Requests for Proposals?  Listen to Sales Trainer and Coach Iain Swanston from the United Kingdom.  He's our first international guest and has practical information that will help you recognize that Requests for Proposals are the prospects "Path of Least Resistance."  You lose your entire sales process. 






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    John Ginty, Port City Prophets, Charles Burton, Bare Bones

    in Music

    Organist John Ginty was an original member of Robert Randolph & the Family Band, garnering two Grammy Nominations, as well as a Gospel Music Award. He also appeared on the Blind Boys of Alabama's Grammy Award winner Higher Ground.He has a new album entitled Bad News Travels, but there is no Bad News about it. John and I will explore his history as we listen to tunes from the album.From the South Carolina Low-Country, come the Port City Prophets. A blues trio which embodies the honest , gritty way of life from which the music rises.Between them they bring almost 100 years of stage experience to each performance. Great Band. I will chat with Troy, Tim and Henry about their careers and listen to music from MuleCharles Burton has been playing Blues, Country, Rock, and Roots music for over forty years.He headlined the Fresno Blues Festival with the late great Hosea Leavy in 1995. In 2009 he won San Diego's International Blues Challenge and the San Diego's King of the Blues competition.Charles and I will explore his history while listening to Sweet Potato Pie nominated for Best Blues Album by the San Diego Music Awards.Finally, 'Couch Kids' Helen & Iain from Bare Bones Boogie Band will wake up early over in England and chat with me about their new album, Tattered & Torn...