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    Tech Talk on SoftwareONE Radio - Special WIN10 Release Day Show!

    in Technology

    Join SoftwareONE as we discuss how #Win10 will impact our corporate IT Departments. Topics such as why WIN10 now, What's new, end user impact, administrating WIN10, application compatibility, and deployment options for the new operating system. Tune in as we discuss ways to make WIN10 work for your business today. We will also have fun give aways including a $100 Gift Card for Starbucks to the caller that can correctly identify what's behind me in a picture! I will release the picture on Twitter the day of the show @SWORadioNetwork. And as always, a $25 Starbucks Gift Card to the first caller of each segment.  Call in or listen as we discuss the release of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10, aka WIN10! The number to call is 347-637-1009.

    12:00 EDT    Why WIN10 Now?

    12:30 EDT    What’s New in WIN10?

    1:00 EDT      WIN10 End User Impact

    1:30 EDT      Administrating WIN10

    2:00 EDT      WIN10 Application Compatibility

    2:30 EDT      WIN10 Developer Options

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    United States Sec. of Defense Ash Carter has just announced the deployment of Tanks, Heavy Weapons, and 5,000 US Soldiers to 6 Eurpoean Nations along the Russian Border. Also Russia has just deployed Advanced aerial weapon systems to the Arctic near the border of Alaska. Also Tornados tear things up in the Midwest portion of the United States. Also a powerful 6.3 earthquake hits Japan and shakes up Fukushima. Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is turning the Tomb of Jonah the Prophet into a "FUN PARK" in Iraq as they continue to destroy the nations of Iraq and Syria. Also Ebola returns to Sierra Leone capital as the plague continues. Also 18 people have died in South Sudan in the last 3 weeks from Cholera. Also reports are coming out of the Vatican that Pope Francis may have compared the Bible to the Koran as being the same, but we are trying to completly verify that  info. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    FFW #17: Stacy Bare - Army, Sierra Club Outdoors, Veteran Issues, Health

    in Culture

    This week's warrior is Army veteran Stacy Bare. 

    Stacy Bare is a skier, climber, mountaineer, and sometimes surfer who served one tour of duty in Iraq as a Civil Affairs Team Leader after being recalled from the Individual Ready Reserve. He received his commission into the United States Army from the University of Mississippi and is currently Director of Sierra Club's Mission Outdoors program. Through direct programming, public education and advocacy, Mission Outdoors combats the growing divide between America and the outdoors by increasing opportunities for all to improve their overall well-being by exploring and enjoying the natural world.

    The goal of Sierra Club Military Outdoors is to ensure that service members, veterans, and their families have the skills, exposure, knowledge, and confidence to access the great outdoors. Time spent in nature not only promotes mental health, emotional resiliency, and leadership development prior to deployment, it provides invaluable know-how to help returning vets enjoy and engage with nature upon returning from deployments. Many veterans experience difficulty adjusting to civilian life after leaving the service. Time spent outdoors eases the transition and improves both mental health and social skills. Providing service members, veterans, and their families with quality outdoor experiences will help foster the development of a new generation of Sierra Club leaders and supporters from within the military and veteran community, including family members who will work to actively achieve the Sierra Club's mission and become outdoor leaders in their communities.

    Join the conversation on Twitter using #FFW17





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    How Animals Help Our Wounded Warriors - Dan Spangler

    in Self Help

    Animal companions play an important role in the stabilization and emotional well-being of our
    returning veterans.

    “I don’t know where I would be without the companionship that my dog Spanky gave me when I
    came home from Iraq,” says Dan Spangler, who served as a sergeant in the Marine Corps.
    “Spanky saved me.”

    Dan adopted Spanky in 2003 when he returned home from deployment. Dan needed months of
    medical treatment for an injury he sustained jumping from a truck when gunfire broke out at a
    checkpoint. Looking back, he realizes what an important role Spanky played in both his physical
    and emotional recovery.

    Now Dan and Spanky are setting out on a more than 6,000 mile cross country trek from Camp
    Lejeune, NC to Camp Pendleton, CA to raise awareness and funds for “Operation: Keep Your
    Spanky,” a new program that provides resources, in-kind assistance and low-cost veterinary care
    for military families and veteran pet owners during times of financial crisis.

    “I want all veterans to have a Spanky, but it’s a sad fact that military veterans often experience
    financial difficulties where they face the heartbreaking choice of giving up their pets,” says Dan.
    Dan says that keeping pets in their homes not only benefits the veteran owners, but it benefits
    area shelters and rescue organizations who otherwise might end up with the pet.




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    Swim Spas Des Moines, Arnolds Park, Hot Tubs

    in Lifestyle

    Swim Spas Des Moines, Arnolds Park  515-270-8702  New, Used Hot Tubs Sale.  We also sell Swim Spas and Finnleo Saunas at Low Prices. 50317, 50315, 51331

    Hot Tub Therapy and Diabetes

    A study by the New England Journal of Medicine says hot tub therapy resulted in reduced blood sugar levels, improved sleep, even weight loss. Here’s  how a regular dip can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

    Mimic the Effects of Exercise
    Immersion in a hot tub actually mimics the beneficial effects of exercise. A short soak raises heart rate, which simulates cardiovascular conditioning, while elevated heat increases blood flow.

    Promote Relaxation and Reduce Stress
    Prolonged, elevated stress is never a healthy attribute and strategies designed to reduce stress are always welcome.  A few minutes is all it takes to breathe new life into tight, stiff muscles and joints, relaxing and loosening the body from within.

    Regular Check-Ups and Hot Tub Soaks
    Using a hot tub to mimic exercise, promote sleep and reduce stress is a smart, practical lifestyle choice for those with Type 2 diabetes, leading to improved health and well-being.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of our free hot tub buyer’s guide… “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub” Just give us a call at 763-450-5310 or visit our website at http://hotspringgreen.com

    10860 Hickman Rd., Clive, IA 50325  515-270-8702
    244 Okoboji Grove Rd N., Arnolds Park, IA 51360  (712)-332-7928

    Swim Spas Des Moines,

    Swim Spas Arnolds Park

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    Susan Jaccbi on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Women of Wisdom today, Best Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Susan Jaccbi.She is the author of How to love yourself:The hope after child abuse. Susan's greatest accomplishment is raising her two children and reclaiming her life after child abuse. She ia proud of her book, radio show, Conversations That Heal, and the business that she is building to support adult survivors of childhood trauma. To learn more about Susan email her at susan@conversationsthatheal.com. And be sure to visit www.wincharles.com to learn more about your host. FOLLOW this program www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp

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    May 2015 Laura Ingalls Wilder Update

    in Travel

    Look ahead at what's happening in Laura Ingalls Wider fandom this month including programs, publications, and Laura events at Independence, Kansas; Burr Oak, Iowa; and Old World Wisconsin.

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    Do We Care?

    in The Bible

    There ia a cause; there is a commission, there is a kingdom to advance and glories to be won.  There is a hell of torment, a lack of fire being filled with over 4,000 souls every hour.  DO WE CARE?  It is not that there is nothing to be done; but whether there is a will to do what we must, THAT is the real issue of our day.

    Join KQC Ministries as we look into the cause and commission of the Christian faith and the role we each have to play in it.

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    Business Strategies That Help CHRO’s Sleep At Night

    in Business

    The TalentCulture #TChat Show is back live on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, at its new time from 1-2 pm ET (10-11 am PT).

    Last week we talked about how improving the candidate experience empowers a better workforce, and this week we’re going to talk about business strategies that help CHRO’s sleep at night.

    Industry experts and the media always talk more about what keeps business leaders up at night and less about actionable strategies that enable positive change and help them sleep.

    Let’s try and change it up a little, particularly for heads of HR state. Change isn’t easy, especially when being applied to solve business problems, but new HR initiatives are important, organization-shifting moments for a company. 

    When CHRO’s and their business leader counterparts consider a change for their organization, those who think beyond the ordinary get a sustainable outcome. 

    Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-founders and co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as we talk about business strategies that help CHRO’s sleep at night with this week’s guest: Mark Stelzner, Founder of IA HR, a consulting firm that helps HR leaders transform their organizations with confidence.

    Thank you to all our TalentCulture sponsors and partners: Dice, Jibe, RecruitiFi, TalentWise, Hootsuite, IBM, CareerBuilder, PeopleFluent, Silkroad, Predictive Analytics World for Workforce and HRmarketer Insight. Plus, we're big CandE supporters!

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    MLM After Hours discussions on Internet sales and trends in MLM

    in Business

    MLM After Hours is the place to go for Information about things most people don't really talk about in the MLM world.

    Are things going well? Are sales and recruits up or down?

    Who's hot ?   Who's not... and why.

    http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com is where you can also listen in live or listen to previous recordings.

    Guest Hosts:  Doris Wood, Rey Pasinli, Carol Leclerc, Mel Atwood, Len Clements, Michael Lindner, Peter Mingils

     Sponsored in part by the MLM IA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association)


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    Vaccine Quackery in Israel with Rabbi Moishe Kahan ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

    in News

    "New Israeli Government to Parents: No Vaccines, No Child Benefits"
    Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/41147/new-israeli-government-to-parents-no-vaccines-no-child-benefits/#yX7p0Hhy7cJMQUsj.99

    Sallie O. Elkordy, host of "The Mary and Sallie Show" ia running for Mayor of the City of New York for a VACCINE FREE NYC.  Find her at tinyurl.com/VaccineFreeNYC and legislation for a Vaccine Free 2015 at tinyurl . com/VaccineFree2015 ~ Sallie's blog is tinyurl.comm/VaccineFreeTV ~ ACTION for Global Solidarity with people targeted for vaccination in Australia & Israel, June 20th (USA) & June 21st (AUS).