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    Stephanie Meghan - Tarot Hypnotherapist!

    in Spirituality

    Kosmic Koffee with Kooch! - Stephanie Meghan - Tarot Hypnotherapist! - Dax is Guest Hosting, and will be joined by Tarot Hypnotherapist Stephanie Meghan! ...be sure to "tune in" for this fascinating discussion!

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    Personal Year Numbers ...and Becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist!

    in Spirituality

    A Double Feature!

    IN THE FIRST HOUR: Dax Has Your Number! - Calculating Your Personal Year Number! - Dr Dax Carlisle and Susanne Warnett discuss Personal Year Numbers in Numerology how to calculate them! ..Plus take your Calls for Free Readings – insights into Life, Love, Career & MORE!

    IN THE SECOND HOUR: Energetically Speaking! - Certified Hypnotherapist! - Directly following Dax Has Your Number!, Hosts Ocean Power & Kelly Spina discuss Becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist!

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    W. Dennis Parker, Hypnotherapist, Behavior Modification Expert and Author

    in Health

    What controls your brain? In W. Dennis Parker’s book Spiritual Mind Management, he reveals the observed functioning of the spiritual mind and how to use this information in new hypnotherapy techniques and protocols.

    As the Owner/Operator/Primary Instructor of Certified Hypnotherapy Training School, Dennis believes everyone can benefit by learning these new mental skills to overcome negative self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, eliminate inappropriate habits, and conquer maladaptive behaviors.

    This powerful information teaches individuals personal problem solving of past sensitizing events resolving emotions that inhibit them from moving forward and achieving their goals.

    After 23 years as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Dennis wishes to share with the public what he has discovered and developed as new spiritual mind management techniques. Spiritual Mind Mastery Book

    Detailed in his book, Spiritual Mind Management, these techniques help parents and grandparents obtain the skills and techniques to assist their children, grandchildren, and other family members with unwanted behaviors.

    Dennis’ mind management techniques help people:

    rapidly improve self-confidence,
    eliminate fears,
    end negative habits,
    sleep better,
    improve impulse control,
    release pent up emotions,
    reduce physical weight,
    more easily stop smoking,
    and more.



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    Ask Heather, the Hypnotherapist

    in Self Help

    "Ask Heather the Hypnotherapist"
    Call in to ask Heather about your issue or your opportunity for improvement!
    Are you wondering why you can't lose weight or follow that diet? Can't figure out why it's so hard to quit smoking? Are  you trying to ask for that raise at work but it's never the right time or you feel you don't deserve it or dont have the courage to ask? Do you feel stuck right now and you are not sure how to move forward? "I would love to answer any and all of these questions and more. Please join me at the next scheduled session and please also check my website ArlingtonHypnotherapy.com to find out more!"
    Thank you,
    Heather Marie Wessel, C.Ht.

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    "Life Between Lives" with Hypnotherapist Nancy Canning

    in Spirituality

    On tonight''s radio show Host Pamela Marie Edmunds will be interviewing Hypnotherapist Nancy Canning.  Their subject of conversation will be "Life Between Lives."  What happens? 

    More About Nancy Canning;

    Nancy Canning has her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist for 15 years, is an enthusiastic speaker and teacher, author of the book Past to Present: How Your Past Lives Are Impacting You, and a trained clairvoyant.  In 1982 she began psychic studies in which she learned about being a spirit in a body and that we live on after this life is over, which was the most pivotal learning of her lifetime.  During eight years of study, she learned to read auras and past lives, work with energy and do healings.  This work became a foundation for her life, trusting her intuition and following guidance and using her skills in sessions with clients.                                       

    In 1998 she began using hypnosis to guide clients into past lives where they experienced the lives themselves.  Two years later she began the work that we’ll speak about tonight – taking people through a past life and then into the afterlife.  What happens after you die and before you’re born again? She has guided over 1000 people into the spirit world where they have experienced their soul’s journey in-between lives.  Nancy knows she was born to do this work, as it comes naturally to her. It is her passion and life purpose to help guide people along their Soul’s path so they are able to know why they have been born into this life, what they want to accomplish on a Soul level, and how they are doing.

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    Jennifer Catlin - Master Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Regressionist

    in Education

    Host Mike Williams interviews master hypnotherapist, spiritual regressionist and mindfulness coach Jennifer Catlin.

    Jen is a certified master hypnotherapist, a highly skilled spiritual regressionist, a long time teacher and continued student of yoga and meditation... and a mindfulness coach. She holds a dual B.A in Psychology and Elementary Education and a Masters in School Psychology. Jen also completed the Duke University program for Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness. She is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and a contributing author to the online publication Lightworkers World.

    Her practice is The Mindful Way and it is located in Cary, NC.

    The song "Truth" is copyright 2012 M. Williams - All Rights Reserved

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    Dr. Gary Penn Interviews Renown Hypnotherapist Cynthia Morgan

    in Psychology

    Cynthia Morgan is a board-certified hypnotherapist and the author of You’re Already

    Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up. Her essays have been published on numerous 

    websites and blogs, and she has been featured in articles in international magazines, 

    such as Natural Health, Russh and Well-Being. Cynthia has a weekly podcast based 

    on her 28 years experience with A Course in Miracles called “A Course in What?!” 

    She has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since the age of seven, and 

    brings a lifetime of seeking and teaching to her writing, her clients, and her podcast. 

    Dr. Penn has an insightful discussion about hypnotherapy, life, depth, and her work.

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    Ignite Your Dreams With an Exciting Career Change - Become a Hypnotherapist

    in Parents

    Mindy Ash can help you become a hypnotherapist and begin your own multi-million dollar business! She is the former owner and Founder of Hawaii Hypnosis Center. We know she can help you because Mindy launched Hawaii Hypnosis Center in 2006 and built it into one of the most successful hypnotherapy practices in United States.

    After helping thousands of people end negative self-talk, stop smoking, end bad habits, create good ones and much more, Mindy sold Hawaii Hypnosis Center in 2014. 

    Mindy has been featured on the television program America News Now , KHON Channel 2 Fox News, KITV Channel 4 ABC affiliate, as well as in Hawaii Business Magazine and many more. She has lectured on hypnotherapy and taught sales classes, and hypnosis classes at hospitals and universities in Georgia, California and Hawaii. 

    Find Mindy: http://www.masteringpositivethinking.com
    Follow Mindy with the CCFL Global Academy: https://www.facebook.com/creatingchampionsforlife
    Follow Mindy with the CCFL Global Academy on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CCFLAcademy 

    Learn more about the CCFL Global Academy by visiting: http://www.CCFLGlobalAcademy.com 


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    Natural, Healthy Weight Loss - Ask Heather the Hypnotherapist

    in Self Help

    Ask Heather, the Hypnotherapist how to lose weight! Ask Heather your questions for positive and healthy weight loss for you! Heather explains what she has discovered through her hypnotherapy practice and her own experiences with emotional eating!

    "Please know that there is always hope! Do not give up on yourself, EVER! You have the power for any change that you desire. Although it may seem difficult right now, it's possible there are some simple factors that is causing the resistance to your desired change. You have the power to create your beautiful body and see the positive and healthy results that you desire!" -Heather, C.Ht.


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    Part 2: Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights hypnotherapist Laureen Dunne

    in Psychology

    Absecon, NJ – Mark Twain once said, “Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a thousand times.” Research shows people who try to quit smoking will need between five to seven attempts before they succeed. In fact, the symptoms of withdrawal are so severe only 30 percent of smokers who try to quit can remain tobacco-free for even two days.

    But if you are truly ready to be a non-smoker, studies have shown the most effective method to quit smoking once and for all is hypnotherapy. Only hypnotherapy addresses both the physical need as well as the subconscious desire behind it.

    For almost 20 years, hypnotherapist Laureen Dunne has helped thousands of clients quit smoking by using hypnosis to identify and address the fundamental causations of their habit.

    “People call me out of a desire to change,” says Dunne. “It’s about finding the cause of whatever issue it is you want to work on. I just provide the format for achieving what they want to change.”

    Using “non-directive hypnosis,” Dunne places a client in a state of deep relaxation and regresses the client to the childhood experience of their first cigarette. After just one 4-hour intensive session, a client will leave Dunne’s office as a non-smoker.

    “The non-directive technique is so deeply personal that the impression it makes has a ripple effect and you are catapulted into motivation,” explains Dunne. “Once you understand the source you can reprogram it.”

    Today, in addition to smoking cessation, Dunne offers hypnotherapy for behavior modification, stress reduction and even pain management.

    “I believe every individual has the answers for what is best for them,” says Dunne. “Clients are often amazed at how instrumental they were in the solution to their problem. I merely guide them there.”

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    Debbie Williams NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist on KingJordan Radio!!

    in Self Help

    Debbie Williams NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist on KingJordan Radio!! Special Time 6pmest /3pmpstTime

    Work's with helping people over come addictions !!Food addictions, binge eating and eating disorders

    Cocaine,Anxiety, depression  Negative thoughts (OCD)PTSD

    Jealousy ,post useful videos that can support clients and others who couldn’t come to Her

    Here are some testimonials from actual clients Nathan suffered with dizziness 10 years http://youtu.be/NQaYM6URieINikki lost 5 1/2 stone with Debbie’s help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNHNXMmURi4Dee Jealousy for 25 years http://youtu.be/5GzYACHW5IcCocaine addictions gone http://youtu.be/fTfaVwDqwb0 and http://youtu.be/oMqyu9PUOyk  Alf 60 year needle phobia http://youtu.be/UH-7yc4qZC8PTSD Craig suffered for 10 years http://youtu.be/qURI5MVJJ9IAnxiety, depression and a load more stuff Jackie is OK now http://youtu.be/yrS5ZE8pRhQ 



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