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    Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Mike Williams - TV and Mass Hypnosis

    in Education

    Sofia Smallstorm interviews hypnotherapist Mike Williams.

    I recently had the opportunity to join Sofia Smallstorm on her podcast to talk about how hypnosis and hypnotic techniques are utilized by the mass media to manipulate the masses.

    This show as well as Sofia’s other podcasts can be found by heading over to Sofia’s web site http://www.aboutthesky.com/podcasts


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    Using Self Hypnosis in your Life!

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Rosie will discuss how to use self hypnosis in your life and a simple way to start learning how to do it.  Self hypnosis is as natural as sleeping. In fact every one of us, including you, enters states of trance throughout every day and using self hypnosis can be life changing if used every day.

    At the bottom of the hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale and her "Astro-Talk" weekly segment of the show.  You can view Leslie's newsletter at www.lesliehale-astrology.com for a review of the latest cosmic events.

    The show will be hosted by Rosalea of Blended Herbal Treasures at www.blendedherbaltreasures.com.

    Rosie will be accepting calls at 1(714)888-7516 during the last hour of the show.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    Unlock your self healing abilities with QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy)

    in Motivation

    Unlock your self healing abilities with QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) one of Terre McCue's six remarkable healing modalities. She employs emotion, body and healing codes with guided meditation, intention infused prayer and years of expertise.

    Explore the panacea-like multi-layered effects of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Terre McCue's specialty mode of healing. This master of six healing modalities tailors each energy healing specifically to the client's needs. With years of experience and intuitive skill she drawn forth the body's self-healing, correcting imbalances on all levels…  body, mind and soul.  

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    Mormonism and Brainwashing, A Conversation with Author Luna Lindsey

    in Science

    This week we'll be discussing Mormonism and Brain Washing with Luna Lindsey, author of Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control. Luna is a former member of the LDS and now outspoken critic who helps others leave the church and discover the truth about its tactics. 


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    HEALTH MEDIA NOW-GUEST KELLEY T. WOODS- Pediatric Hypnosis Therapy

    in Health

    Join us this Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 EST for an informative and thoughtful show.  Our special guest is  Kelley T. Woods, Certified Hypnotherapist.  She has had her own private hypnosis practice since 2002 in Mount Vernon, Washington. Along with having a broad experience set working with adult clients, she is considered a thought leader in the field of pediatric hypnosis. Along with British family therapist, Nath Welch, Kelley co-authored the book, Secrets of the River: Riding the Creative Wave in Pediatric Hypnosis and Family Therapy.  Kelley is also the founder of Hypnotic Women, a private forum of more than 600 female hypnosis practitioners, serves as a moderator on HypnoThoughts.com and is a Field Supervisor for the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute. She is also a co-founder of HOPE Coaching, using mindful hypnosis approaches to bring hope to people with chronic issues. A creative and inspiring presenter, she brings a light-hearted and practical approach to the field of hypnosis.

    Don't miss this thought provoking and informative show!  You asked for it and we deliver!!



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    Uniformed murderers, Media Analysis, Holiday Hypnosis, and Conscious Development

    in News

    Tonight on Crush Radio, Professor Lett and Sirius J will discuss the Prozac chicken being consumed by the population, the recent events in New York City incluidng the murders committed by NYPD officers, and the conspicuous racial warfare happening right now. We are living in the midst of the New Civil Rights Movement. You heard it first here, on Crush Radio. 

    Crush Radio is brought to you by "The Knowledge Network".

    Prozac Chicken - What's in your food? The laws that prevent
    you from knowing, and how to know!
    Police Racism, Brutality, and Murders. - The excuses,
    problems, and solutions.
    Media Analysis - How to see through their illusions.

    Touching topics that you have never heard before.

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    Self-hypnosis with Queen Birth

    in Education

    Join us Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from 9:00 pm EST/8:00pm CST as Rebecca Artis and Afrykayn Moon sits down with Birth Coach Khadijah Brewster-Griffith.

    Born and raised in Canada, Khadijah Brewster-Griffith is the Mother of 4 children. With a background in early childhood education, Khadijah now sharing her time as a birth coach. With 3 Lotus births and 2 births using self-hypnosis, her own life have become a platform for how to birth successfully.

    Married to her King Jabar for 5 years these two beautiful people parent 4 children. Khadijah describes her family as Love & Compassion with Structure.

    Singer/songwriter/entertainer of conscious healing music Jabar is taking a 6 month paternity leave. Working as an family animator/child trainer of a strengthening families program based in Montreal.

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    Hypnosis Session-- Using your natural Cycles

    in Self Help

    This episode will contain a hypnosis session you can use to manage negative thoughts, worry and depression. This is a follow up on last week's topic. See below:


    People sometimes hope that, as a Hypnotherapist, I can help them to be upbeat, positive, energetic or happy ALL THE TIME.

    I beelive this is am impossible endeavour. All things in nature go through cycles and we, too, as human beings have cycles. There are times we are down, lack energy or motivation or have a bad day or two.

    In this podcast I discuss how we can work with our natural cycles so that the low days are not as frequent or as low and the highs are higher and longer lasting.

    This is a great topic for anyone who deals with depression, negative thoughts, worry, obsessive compulsive disorder or lack of energy from time to time.


    For more information about my Hypnotherapy training (in Victoria BC and online) go to http://www.horizoncenterhypnotherapy.com/

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    In Touch Interviews with The Clinical Hypnosis Institute

    in Spirituality

    In Touch Interviews 10-11 a.m. The Clinical Hypnosis Institute will be joining us to discuss their upcoming courses, the variety of hypnosis they offer, what is hypnosis, medical to metaphysical hypnosis, how it can help you and more wonderful topics. Call in with questions. 646-378-0378.


    in Religion

    The evangelical secular humanists constantly proclaim that Christians are anti-science. They stupidly believe in ancient myths  and  an invisible man in the sky. The atheistic zealots even rant that Christians should be arrested and imprisoned for child abuse for teaching their own children creation instead of the humanist dogma of evolution. I've heard and read some of the militant atheists triads that Christians should be killed. No surprise here,there fellow brethren,the Nazi's and communists have done a bang up job of their "cleansing of the human weeds" that don't blindly follow their evolutionist based religion of humanism. Even many self proclaiming Christians believe many of the events in the bible are allegories or myths and that there is no science in the bible. Over 90% of so called believers have never even read the bible,let alone studied it. Not to mention the total ignorance,if not out right lies and idiocy of non believers blathering's such as the bible teaches the earth is flat for one example. So, today i will present documented,scientifically proven, [in some cases by non-believing scientists] facts that prove the bible is true. Also archeological discoveries that corroborate many of the events listed in the bible. Feel free to take notes and look up the scriptures and sources of extra biblical evidence i will present today. Much of what i will cover today is never taught in the christian churches, and you will never hear this in the government indoctrination centers,aka,public schools,or the institutions of higher brainwashing,the temples of atheistic humanism known as universities. Enjoy the show.



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    Life in the Universe with the Holographic Gypsies and Trisha Gelder numerologis

    in Spirituality

    The Holographic Gypsies presents Trisha Gelder Spiritual Numerologist , Trisha will be on the show every Tuesday morning, come join us

    and let's have some fun.

    Trisha Gelder is a born Healer, Intuitive, Clairvoyant/Clairesentient. Numerologist, Neimologist & Life Coach.....
    Trisha has been through her fair share of life's ups and downs, so Trisha can empathise with others on many levels. Trisha is non judgemental and a great listner.

    Trisha Gelder's mission is to help raise the vibrations of her clients and empower them to lead happier abundant lives, which she believes we all deserve. All of Trisha's wonderful clients are part of her journey. As seen on Psychic Today Sky Channel 886 in the UK

    Trisha Gelder is currently offering Telephone/Skype Readings which can be tailored to your needs 

    Contact her at· 0 01444 390 946 trishagnumerologist@hotmail.com


    Trisha is the best at numerology, call in and fine out about your numbers . You might want to get her numerologist report for a friend or loved one for Christmas so contact her about her specials for the holidays .

    Don't forget to like the Holographic Gyspies on Face Book http://www.facebook.com/Holograhicgyspys

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