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    Second Times can be Better, Second Timers Try Harder! With Patricia Bubash!

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    Join us on NOT JUST TALK as Patricia Bubash talks about Divorce, the feeling of failure, disappointment, unhappiness, and even anger as common emotions. We are a society that "hypes" on love and romance, and yet, has such difficulty in sustaining commitment. What can we do - in any relationship, whatever the number, to have a successful love?

    About Our Guest: Patricia Bubash: Counselor / Author / Speaker

    Patricia Bubash received her M.Ed. with an emphasis in counseling and assessment from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.  She spent more than thirty years in the school setting working in the role of teacher, counselor, parent advocate, and, as an instructor at the community college.  Mrs. Bubash has served on several boards, as a member of The Olive Branch for Homeless Pregnant Teens, Kids in the Middle, and acting President for St Louis Counseling and Development Association.

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    Email: patriciathecounselor@successfulsecondmarriages.com

    Contact number: 3148425460

    To be a guest on Not Just Talk Radio email cmitchell@pressedoil.org

    Visit our websites! www.shamaracox.com,  www.pressedoil.org,  www.blingsorority.com

    1-317-220-8846 Office

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    Mark Pavelich, Firas Zahabi & Ike Vallie-Flagg Join Alchemist Radio

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    This week Alchemist Radio is on Sunday night, but Bryan & Mitch will still bring you an awesome show featuring four great guests.

    Leading things off will be Maximum Fighting Championships President Mark Pavelich. MFC 39 is just under two weeks away and features two title fights. Pavelich is no stranger to the show as he comes on before every event and hypes the card like no one else can. You can watch MFC 39 on AXS TV, Firday night January 17th.

    Tri-Star head coach Firas Zahabi is also a frequent guest and this time around he will talk about Rory MacDonald who will look to rebound from his loss to Robbie Lawler at UFC 167 when he faces Demian Maia at UFC 170 on February 22nd. We will also talk to Zahabi about GSP's decision to vacate the UFC welterweight title and if and when we can expect to see him return.

    Jackson's MMA lightweight Ike Vallie-Flagg hasn't lost in 12 fights. In that time he is 11-0-1 and defeated veteran Yves Edwards in his UFC debut at UFC 156 last February. He makes his return to the Octagon to face Elias Silverio at UFC Fight Night 35 on January 15. Vallie-Flagg has been battling a back injury, but when he is 100% he an extremely exciting fighter.

    An international model, Tuff N’ Uff ring girl and full-time nursing student, Edwards is quickly making a name for herself in the MMA world. This 21 year old blonde bombshell is catching everyone’s eye and is on the fast track to becoming 2014’s ring girl of the year. We’ll talk to Edwards about her goals for the year and what it’s like being a ring girl for the premier amateur MMA organization in the country.

    Tune in at 7pm EST to catch the action!!

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    The Real War on Women

    in Politics Conservative


    Today in America we hear the democrats accuse the republicans of a war on women because of birth control and abortion. It sickens me to my stomach that anyone could accuse anyone in America of something as atrocious as a war on women, when the truth lies on the other side of the world. Where is the true outrage of the women’s rights movements on this subject? As a woman I find all of them cowards to ever think that you could use a term “war on women” about abortion and a pill when little girls are being killed daily. The media hypes it up to the point where women in America think its happening. What happened to the true values of women in this country? They have gone by the way side and we have become nothing but pons in a scheme between political parties to use as they will against each other. So today we’re going to talk about the Real War on Women.


    We are going to start with the babies.  The rate babies are being born in China, India, Pakistan and other countries, and the genocide of them being killed just because they are girls; they don’t want girls because they feel they are a lower class, they only want to produce boys. The women are forced to take a sex determination test to determine the sex of the baby, if the baby is a female it is aborted, and if they have the child or are too poor to get the test then they kill the child. There is 200 million missing baby girls because of genocide in these countries and yet we don’t hear anything about it. I listened to a woman who murdered 8 of her daughters and showed where she buries them because she wanted boys; and yet here in America you still think the war on women is about birth control and abortion? How sad is that. 

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    New Age Paranormal Radio

    in Paranormal

    Join Tammie for another amazing episode!!  This weeks special guest will be.... Corinna M. Hypes!
    I am currently a student at UoP, studying for my Associates of Art Degree in Criminal Justice to coincide with my desire to be a Crime Scene Photographer in the near future, as well as possibly private investigating.
    My interests include investigating (criminal, as well as paranormal. I love solving a mystery!), a wide variety of music, art, history, genealogy, old architecture, nature & cooking/baking.

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    Oleg the Usurper Interview

    in Wrestling

    The 99 edition of the Hardway Podcast online! Join Jon Harder as he interviews Oleg the Usurper! Oleg, a Viking warrior and adventurer turned pro wrestler, hypes his big match this Saturday night for Wrestling is Fun! as he faces Amasis for the Banana, WiF's championship. Also Oleg discusses his match at Beyond Wrestling on September 15 against Tremendous Investigations. Furthermore, how does a Viking truly know how to use Twitter? And lastly, why did Oleg decapitate Dragon Dragon? The Usurper stops by for the damnedest interview in Hardway Podcast history. 

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    The new kid on the block

    in Music

    Sourmouth went from, an un-known artist to a voice to be
    reckoned with on the underground hip-hop scene in portland oregon almost over nite.
    After droping his experimental mixtape "menace 2 sobriety" he has been rising fast.  Some reviews of the mixtape even go as far as to call it an album rather than a mixtape with mainstream production.
    After just recently signing a song writing contract, and gaining a fan-base that spreads from coast to coast, he still does not see himself as an artist.  "I see myself as more of a fan of hip-hop than an artist, i mean there are millions of rappers that are just as good, or better than me, so im just happy to be acknowlleged for something other than some dum-shit."
    We will be be previewing a couple of tracks off his new mixtape, as well as an unrealeased never been heard song off his up-coming mixtape
    Website: www.Reverbnation.com/Sourmouth
    Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Sourmouth

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    Passing The Torch W/ "The Prince Of Passion" Kenny Casanova

    in Entertainment

    Join Passing The Torch Radio as we welcome the very diverse,flashy and flamboyant "Prince Of Passion" Kenny Casanova to the show!!!
    Topics Included........From his early days of training,..To working up and down the highways of the Indy Wrestling Scene,...Ring Announcing for the WWF,...Training some of the brightest stars we watch today as well as managing some of the biggest stars of wrestlings past,.....Being an actor as well as a DJ,...Hypes up the upcoming WOH Wrestling Show on Oct.19th......Kenny also discusses his wrestling memorabilia business at WrestleToy.com

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    Real Fans Stand Radio - Post-Mortem Holy War Edition

    in Sports

    With the Utes going into a bye week I will be recapping the Holy War and touching a bit on what I covered in the 3rd and 3 article. Addressing a bit of Jake Heaps, Mendenhall, and Doman. Both teams lacking a run game when trying to go pro-style. I, once again, will NOT be talking about conference expansion for more than 1 minute.

    The time of RFS radio has now been moved! This show will be at 9:00 PM MST.

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    Making Love and Missing You

    in Music

    Born in  Jamaica, W.I., Ky-enie decided as a teenager that he would pursue his passion for music. He stepped out on faith and began entering competitions and talent showcases. ?I guess I?ve always loved to perform, whether it was singing or dancing, I was always on stage. The energy from the audience just hypes me up.? He used that time to hone his skills and cultivate his own voice. Soon he found himself moving in a different direction from the many performers who simply followed the popular trends. Ky-enie has since remained true to his talent and stayed the course, never sacrificing his lyrical integrity.

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    Training Camp w/Hypes...groin massages for everyone!

    in Sports

    we discuss relevant athletic news, how far we've traveled to get ass, hot bitch Becky calls in, and J Dubs talks about how he only likes asian girls..

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