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    Interop Radio: Data Centers at Hyper Scale

    in Technology

    Whenever you use one of the world's biggest Internet services (Facebook, anyone?) you're also using one of the biggest data center and networking infrastuctures. At this level, the scale is beyond big -- these are hyper-scale implementations.

    What does it take to build and maintain a hyper-scale infrastructure? Our guest today, from InteropNet participant Big Switch, will give us the inside scoop on making it happen.

    Prashant Gandhi leads Product Management, Strategy and Technology Alliances for Big Switch. He joined from Cisco where he was responsible for driving product strategy and management of the Cisco ONE Controller, Nexus 1000V virtual switch, VXLAN-based network virtualization as well as Cisco’s SDN and cloud network services product and go-to-market strategy.  He came to Cisco in 2009 through the acquisition of Rohati Systems where he was CEO and co-founder. At Big Switch, he oversees the company’s complete Open SDN Suite. He holds a PhD. in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

    Interop 2015 will take place from April 27th through May 1st at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. More information and registration details are available online! Register with code RADIO for a $200 discount on Total Access or Conference passes, or get a FREE Expo Pass. In addition, join the Interop mailing list to get the latest news and special offers.

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    How to Be Inspired and Inspire In A Hyper-Stimulated Society

    in Spirituality

    Learn how to disconnect from the overwhelm of hyper-stimulation and find balance in your relationships and intimacy, your health and image, your birthright of abundance.

    When we are inspired we open ourselves to creativity, as we create we are free to receive from universe and share our soul and our "soul purpose" with all life.

    Join us and learn how to create your Scared Space of Inspiration.

    Betty’s work started after she survived the tragic loss of her family. This experience put her on the path to family services ministry. Family ministry led Betty to search for meaning behind the often senseless suffering that seems to strike when we least expect it. Betty’s journey through grief led her to develop Happiness Beyond Grief a guide for families and wellness support groups. This intensive work inspired Betty to live a happy life that would allow her to honor the memory of her children and inspire others. She has healed herself and now she helps others discover their personal blocks to their own success in achieving health, happiness and financial abundance. Betty coaches and mentors by utilizing Hypnosis, Reiki and Feng Shui.  Betty hosts retreats for  coaches, counselors and women in ministry to help them discover their abundance and energy blocks so they can unplug from their work and Create a Sacred Space of Inspiration.

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    Cosmic Awakening Show: Hyper-acceleration with Goz Stone and Lily Earthling

    in Spirituality

    Host Michelle Walling welcomes back Lily Earthling and Goz Stone to expand on more ideas regarding the Earth Organic Timeline. In particular, we have hit a hyper-acceleration point on the planet where humanity is making the possibilities from the futre shift to the now with faster than light speed! There is also information that needs to be shared about the possibility that the Draco leader has "left the building". Tune in to this and SO MUCH MORE as Michelle shares how the pieces of the puzzle that Lily and Goz bring into her awareness unlocks some amazing realizations of how this transformation is unfolding at this time. We will discuss the number one thing you can do at this time in our opinion!

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    Holly Green- Using Your Brain to Win in Today's Hyper-Paced World

    in Business

    Using Your Brain to Win in Today's Hyper-Paced World by Holly Green

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Holly Green. The original live interview was 9/19/14.

    The human brain is an amazing tool. Yet, many of its ways of working do not serve business leaders well. The brain can process large amounts of information. It has a real talent for forming patterns and connections. And it loves to answer questions and solve problems. But it also has a tendency to see what it expects to see, overlook data that contradicts its prevailing view of the world, and have greater confidence in its decision-making abilities than it should. In order to become more effective leaders, we need a much deeper understanding of how our brain works and how it often gets in the way of winning.

    As CEO and Managing Director of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc., Holly helps business leaders and their companies achieve excellence by creating clarity on what winning looks like and determining how to get there.  Her unique approach to strategic agility, alignment and engagement - based on the approach Pause, Think, Focus, Run - provides the tools, techniques, and skills companies need to reach their destinations and achieve their goals.

    To order her book click HERE            Holly's website is http://thehumanfactor.biz/

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com


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    Hyper-local and hyper-temperal beings UNITE for some free energy healing.

    in Politics Progressive

    What generative energy, space and counsciousness would you and your body need to be to transend this timebound and spacebound awareness that has kept you believing the lie that you are confined to a finite body and you are any age but infinite? What if aging was just a program and you can reprogram your molecules to regenerate their youthfulness? 

    Join Tim Janakos as he spins some real time magic on all the HUMP DAY callers who want to break out of the matrix of time and space-bound awareness, into the infinite unbounded, infininte youthing we all and our bodies could truly be.

    Tim Janakos is an infinite being from Time Without Beginning as you all are too.  He knows all difinitions are limitations and he is beyond limitations, and beyond definitions, but for the sake of imagining the possiblities, he is either a best selling author, and grammy award winning singer/song writer or a certified, uncertified, decertified, quasi-certified practitioner of either the Emotion Code, the Body Code, Access Consciousness, Three Dimensional Therapy, Quantum Touch 2.0, Healing Frequencies, and/or some other unknown healing modalites that he has either personally discovered, co-discovered and remembers from one of his previous, Budddha-zillion lifetimes. 

    Tim Janakos is here twice a week, if you please, to invalidate you reality of limitations. 

    Find out more about his work at www.tjmusic.org/blog.html 

    To donate to the show and get a free healing gift go to  http://www.tjmusic.org/blog.html/tim_launches_his_callin_live_healing_radio_show/


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    Race-baiting or Hyper-culturalism?

    in Entertainment

    Inflammatory Talk: Open Lines Friday! Inflammatory Talk is a late-night show format brought to you by Mr Midnight Movie and Jewish Producer.  Is MMM a race-baiter or is his topic simply "hyper-culturalism"?  Join us for this and much more... The format is simple. For those keeping score, we are seeking real BTR listeners and callers to join us to discuss topics you might otherwise find too difficult to find on other vapid late-night shows like "Goofy Bone," or "Vince in the Bay," or "Schree and Baby," "Prankville," and "Debi Daly."  No subject is off-limits or too taboo.  Come on it, don't be afraid to bloviate - we promise not to laught at you, we can't promise the same from the listeners.

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    Can a Hyper Child Possibly be BiPolar?

    in Family

    All hyper children are not ADHD.  There can be many reasons for hyperactivity and Dr. Judy Cook (psychiatrist) has spent the last couple of weeks discussing multiple causes.
    On today's show... Dr. Judy will discuss the possibility of hyperactivity being caused by BiPolar Disorder.  The treatment is very different if this is the correct diagnosis.
    Listen and learn how testing and evaluation is conducted and what the treatment contains.  If a child is diagnosed with this disorder... correct treatment can change life for the better and give the future a much better outlook.

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    GRACE... God's True Nature

    in Christianity

    ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW... 4/16/15... We explore how the Grace of God, seen through Jesus Christ, is actually the true nature of God from the beginning; and because of His Grace, we are treated by God just as the Father treated Jesus with all the benefits that Jesus earned on our behalf at the cross... Thursday @ 4pm ET / 3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT



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    Bridging The Generational Divide: Part 2

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts Interviews global business adviser and the foremost authority on generational issues and workforce culture strategies Brad Szollose. Please listen to our first episode Bridging the Generational Divide: Part 1 here.

    Author of the award-winning, international bestseller Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia, Brad is a former C-level executive of a publicly traded company that he cofounded that went from entrepreneurial start-up to IPO in three years; the first Dot Com Agency to go public on NASDAQ. His company K2 Design, experienced 425% hyper-growth, due in part to a unique management style that won his company the Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Practices in Fostering Innovation. Brad works with companies like Dell, MasterCard Worldwide and BMW, helping them to Create High-Performance Organizations that include Millennials.

    Have Baby Boomers Been Betrayed?

    Has anyone noticed that there is a generational divide these days? Well last month, our guest Brad Szollose really explained WHY Millennials act the way they do…if you haven’t listened to it, it was such an eye-opening podcast, I decided to bring Brad back for part 2.

    The Millennial tech-savvy generation was raised on toys that interacted with them, a parent relationship that was more of an advisory role, and a school system that taught them there was no right and wrong. And that poses very real issues for business owners who employ them and Baby Boomers who are attempting to work side-by-side with them.



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    Y-CLAD CHAT - Episode 2: Revving it up at the New York City Auto Show

    in Lifestyle

    Listen in April 15th at 7 p.m. to hear about Y-CLAD’s adventure to the New York City Auto Show! From hyper hybrids to good old antique racers, the New York Auto Show featured something for every auto enthusiast. 

    We were blown away by the all-new Porsche Boxster Spyder, the BMW i8 and the Camp Jeep off-road course. Co-host Cailin Burke even had a chance to meet Rueben Randle of the New York Giants.

    DESIGNER FEATURE: Live Laugh Scarf - A beautiful blush and cream chiffon scarf with soft tones of pink and cement grey accented with curvaceous calligraphy inscriptions that reads Live and Laugh in Arabic. 100% Silk Chiffon.

    Y-CLAD offers a diverse collection of jewels and fashion accessories. We curate with a keen eye an international, modern mix of unique handmade jewelry and accessories for the sophisticated shopper. We offer collections with price ranges that vary from high-end to economic pieces. Our assortment of accessories and jewels are unique yet functional and are of quality materials.

    Y-CLAD’s Hidden GEM functions as the Y-CLAD storefront, as well as, a unique event venue. Located in Manhattan’s premier Midtown East neighborhood, the Hidden GEM blends contemporary style and elegance to create a sophisticated venue.

    Visit: Y-CLAD.com or Y-CLADSHIDDENGEM.com.


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    in Christianity

    4/9/15... How the resurrection of Jesus Christ ended the Old Covenant system of Law through Moses, and resurrected the original covenant of Grace that God made with Abraham which raises every born again believer up with Christ into newness of life.... Thursdays @ 4pm ET, 3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT (USA time).


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