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    QTI Power Hour - Dubois Engineering: Civil & Structural

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    Hosts Jason Lofton and Steve Kucharski share the secrets of growing your small business into a dynamic force within your industry. Find out how your business can be the “go-to” business in your professional dealings. 

    On this show, Jason and Steve talk with Ajamu Webster with Dubois Consultants, Inc.  DCI provides specialized services in site development, water supply distribution, urban hydrology, storm management control and structural design.

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    QTI POWER HOUR - Dubois Engineering: Civil & Structural

    in Entrepreneur

    Host – Jason Lofton   and Co-Host Steve Kucharski

    Joining Jason this week will be Ajamu Webster with Dubois Consultants Inc,  DCI provides specialized services in site development, water supply distribution, urban hydrology, storm management control, and structural design.

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    QTI Power Hour

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    Host – Jason Lofton   and Co-Host Steve Kucharski
    Joining Jason this week will be Ajamu Webster with Dubois Consultants Inc,  DCI provides specialized services in site development, water supply distribution, urban hydrology, storm management control, and structural design.

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    ANTOINE GIGAL Interview Developments from Egypt: Research fr

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    OTHER WORLD RADIO Guest: Antoine Gigal
    ANTOINE GIGAL - Researcher and Author in egyptology l is for 20 years working in Egypt, knowing the most remote archaeological sites. She published  hundreds of articles in French, English, Italian, Dutch and did a lot of lectures worldwide as well as international radio shows. Her goal is to reveal the comprehensive, fascinating vision that suddenly comes into focus when one is able to understand Egypt as a whole. She likes to work mainly with geologists and engineers. Ancient Egypt holds in her point of view, the secret of secrets because it has been the depositary of mysteries concerning humankind for a long time and there are quite a lot of things to elucidate. With the help of academic sources, very necessary in order to find the original texts and translations she works again, and with excavation reports, thesis and books in several languages and facing the reality of the fieldwork, the « terrain », because it is necessary to efficiently compare and immerse oneself in the sites, she is trying to discover the true legacy left by the ancient egyptians for the benefit of humanity. She not only use to come back dozen of times in a same site to compare Geology, hydrology, ancient maps and to day satellite views but she also works with an indispensable element that many scientists ignore too often the famous oral tradition that still endures on the African continent. Topics: Developments from Egypt: Research from the Shifting Sands. - How is Egypt situation today? -How is Archaeology today in Egypt? -What is the Future for Egypt? -Gigal's  research in the Emirates: what she is doing? What is her discoveries? What are her goals? -What are / or / what has been her difficulties? -Why Ancient Egypt is so important?  

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    To Frack or Not To Frack?

    in Environment

    Jennifer McIntosh
    Ph.D, University of Arizona, Institute of the Environment

    Jennifer is an Associate Professor of Hydrology & Water Resources at the UA. She and I have spent several hours talking about one of my favorite subjects - fracking. Because we REALLY don't want to tell you what to think, we just want you to, we are taking our conversation and different perspectives to the airwaves. Ready for ONE sentence from Jennifer's bio? "My research focuses on the elemental and isotopic chemistry of surface waters, groundwaters, saline fluids, and natural gas to better constrain the sources of solutes, residence times and flow paths of fluids and gas in the subsurface, and biogeochemical processes." I'd better do my homework. Please plan to join us.

    Thanks to Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona for sponsoring this show.

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    Got Water? YES..MT We DO! For Now

    in Politics

    Thanks to a "small group of thoughtful, committed citizens.." who maybe didn't change the world but did help to keep Montana water Montana's water.  You already met one. Terry Backs, a Lake County resident, within the Confederated Salish & Kooteni Tribe(CSKT) reservation boundaries who with the help of a handful of like minded concerned citizens woke up the 11 Western Montana counties, who would have also been affected by the CSKT Water Rights Compact.  She and one of her partners in a crime of the century AVOIDANCE, Dr. Kate Vandemoer, will  be our guests for this special Sunday nite show. Special nite and time cause this is a special issue that affects all of us. Dr. Kate holds a PhD in hydrology and has 26 years experience with Indian water issues. Dr Kate developed extensive materials that helped the public and the MT legislators to see and understand the fatal flaws of this lop sided "contract". Both will provide an update as to where we stand and to what happens from here. Plus maybe a little bit more info to help open the can of worms that this "contract" may have opened. Read some interesting posts and documents on www.westernmtwaterright.wordpress.com
    Then stay tuned this Sunday 7-9 PM for the rest of the story. The water rights you save just might be in your own neck of the woods.

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    The Arizona Green Plumber talks to U of A WRRC!

    in Environment

    Join host John Smith as he talks with Candice Rupprecht and Aaron Lien of University of Arizona Conserve to Enhance Program at the Water Resources Research Center.

    Aaron is a Research Analyst at The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC). His work focuses on the Conserve to Enhance program and other incentive-based approaches to link human water use with the environment.Prior to joining the WRRC, Aaron managed the development of the Common Waters Fund, a payment for watershed services program designed to protect the forests of the Upper Delaware River Basin, and was a member of the team that developed the Bay Bank ecosystem marketplace for the Chesapeake Bay region

    Candice Rupprecht (B.S. in Geosciences and Science Education, M.S. in Hydrology & Water Resources, both from the University of Arizona) is a program coordinator at the University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center and has extensive experience in stakeholderengagement with groups throughout Arizona. In her five years with University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Candice has directed a statewide watershed education program, managed a K-12 water resources education program with The Nature Conservancy and is helping develop a residential water conservation program that links water savings with envrionmental benefits.

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    Dream Team vs. 2012 Dream Team

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    We talk about in this episode who would win between the original dream team vs todays olympic basketball match up



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    Radio EcoShock-Prepare for Climate, Oil Collapse

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    If you're looking for magical, happy-go-lucky forecasts about the environment, economic recovery, and continued predictability with our resources, keep looking. You won't find it at Eco Shock.
    This weekly syndicated radio broadcast hosted by Alex Smith, features scientists and authors with credentials ranging from economics to climate, from hydrology to agriculture. They talk frankly about a future that is coming at us , bringing with it extreme and violent climate events and disruptions of energy and other resources.
    No magical thinking. Some Cassandras, but no Polyannas. It can be found at:
    Eco Shock originates from Alex's studio in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. It is syndicated to over 50 college & communty stations,podcast & downloaded by thousands,broadcast live by net, Satellite & Cable, and free to any non-profit station.
    In this 32-minute interview, Shift Shapers co-host Daniel Kerbein talks with Alex Smith about how he was drawn to reporting the global situation in an unvarnished way, and what we can do to prepare for an uinpredictable future.
    Alex also gives some advice on how to talk about that future with others, who may not just prefer to hear something happy and magical, but be desperate to hear that everything will be recovering, things will once again be all right, and we will return to the day when there is plenty of everything and no consequences for environmental plunder.
    All in all this is a pleasant, insightful dialogue between two comrades with microphones.

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    Oil & Water: America's Resources

    in Politics

    Join The Dame to welcome CJ of Patriots Heart Network, who has background in Oil and Water resources, two substances without which American cannot survive, and Drkate, Ph.d in Hydrology, who has worked in the field for 30 years..

    A laid back wrap up of current sociopolitical and cultural events with stellar guests from all parts of the playing field, sharing commentary and discussion. Put on your jammies, snuggle up to BTR and join us for a weekend decompression chamber!

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