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    In this show, we will talk about a very serious issue that has been going on since 1960 ... OMG! and it's called "Hydraulic Fracturing".

    Hydraulic Fracturing is a serious issue that poisons the drinking water you and I drink, we need to take action immediately to stop it.

    If you are a NetFlix fan as we are, watch "GASLAND", you are going to be blown away!

    Other movies you should watch on NetFlix - Crude, Bottled Up, ETHOS ... Your eyes will become opened ... Enjoy!

    Millions of American's are affected by it, DO NOT miss this show ... Join Us

    Read this report - Click here

    For more information about what Hydraulic Fracturing is and what it is doing to our country and people ... Click here

    DATE: 7-27-2012 - FRIDAY

    SHOW TIME: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM PST

    CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 359-5188


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    HYDRAULIC FRACTURING - THE PRO'S AND CONS.IN THIS SHOW WE WILL TALK ABOUT ...1) WHAT IS HYDRAULIC FRACTURING? - According to Wikipedia; Hydraulic Fracturing (Known as HF), is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer by a pressurized fluid and began in 1947.2) WHAT DOES "HF" PROVIDE US? - Hydraulic Fracturing is used to increase or restore the rate at which fluids, such as petroleum, water, or natural gas can be produced from subterranean natural reservoirs.3) WHAT ARE THE PRO'S? - Hydraulic Fracturing will account for 70% of all future natural gas needs and has created jobs for over 600,000 in 2010 alone.4) WHAT ARE THE CON'S? - It has been said that Hydraulic Fracturing causes microseismic events, contaminates water, air quality issues, radioactive contamination, aquatic life problems, health issues and the list goes on and on and on.* Hydraulic Fracturing Group on Linkedin refuses to join usDATE: 2-15-2013 - FRIDAYSHOW TIME: 6:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PSTSPECIAL GUEST: - Scott CannonCALL IN NUMBER: 1-(347) 539-5188SOUCES TO REVIEW:1) Watch movie GASLAND on Netflix2) Wikipedia's Indepth Description on "HF"3) Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition4) Black Water - Marcellus Shale RealityJoin us ...

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    Hydraulic Fracturing: The Death of Water!

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    Hydraulic Fracturing is a process used to extract flammable gas from rocks underground.  Pressurized chemical fluids are injected in rock layers located several thousand feet underground.  There have been numerous reports indicating this cocktail of harmful chemicals have seriously polluted many underground fresh water tables.
    We will discuss the mad rush to obtain gas by using methods that arguably pollute are water, and could have numerous long term consequences for our fresh water supply and our health.

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    Fracking - the truth, and why you should care about it!

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    This week, Rock and Spectre are joined by Tabitha, a subject matter expert on the environmental crisis known as fracking, to learn about what fracking is, how it could affect us all, and what we, as everyday citizens, can do to prevent it.

    Tune in to learn how we can help keep our world a cleaner and safer place!

    About this week's guest:

    Tabitha Tripp, a life long Illinois resident, has been a tenacious volunteer and environmental advocate for the last four years. She became engaged in the fracking issue after learning about risks to water supplies and the devastation the industry causes to rural communities. 

    She is a board member with the grassroots fracking organization SAFE, Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing our Environment. She is the founder of Shawnee Sentinels, a group formed with for the distinct need of training  citizens non violent direct action and civil disobedience to protect the communities near and around the Shawnee National Forest from extraction issues. Most recently she was elected as Co-chair of Heartwood Forest Council, a 17 state organization that protects the Eastern Hardwood forest. 

    For fun, she is painter, poet, mom, and loves to cook. She lives in unincorporated Union County, IL with her two children and partner on a fourth generation family farm, where their only source of water is a deep well. 

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    #ThanksGiving - Things Black People Have To Thank White People For

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    #ThanksGiving - Things Black People Have To Thank White People For

    Hey gang. 
    Let's a pre #ThanksGiving episode and get into some news and comment along with things black people have to thank white people for. 

    Phoenix Calaida is going to tell us about how #BlackLivesMatter in Chicago is going to be fracturing. 

    William J Jackson will bring up how Gang Bangers Lives Matter. 

    In The News::::
    CNN law enforcement analyst Jonathan Gilliam asserted on Wednesday that Chicago Officer Jason Van Dyke did nothing wrong when he shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times because the teen continued to move after he was down.

    Walmart Is Working with the FBI and Lockheed Martin to Spy on Striking Workers

    Japan has a pretty cool name for their big SALE. 

    Fox News Coon, Harris Faulkner get's reminded what her place is in the pecking order. 

    Two unidentified students confessed to drawing swastikas and “White Power” on cars at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    According to WoodTV, the incident happened Sunday evening and the words were drawn on six snow-covered cars on campus.

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    Hydraulic Fracturing Poisoning Blackfeet Reservation Protest

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    Blackfeet Tribal Council Faces Whether to Sacrifice the Beauty and Health of their Montana Lands for the promised Moneys of Oil Companies Who Wish to Hydraulically Fracture – Destroy – the Blackfeet Reservations in Montana.
    Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show interviews a prime peaceful activist Woman, Pauline Matt, who on August 5-12, 2012 will Walk a Peaceful Protest Against Hydraulic Fracturing the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.
    Fracking, Hydraulic Fracturing, kills the land, animals, plants by poisoning the waters.
    Every country must face that raping any land or fresh water source for money is wrong. Yet money buys blindness. Money buys mindless cooperation.
    Can money buy Blackfeet Tribal Councils?  Will temporary poverty or the promise of money allow permanent damage of the land, Dr. Carol Francis asks?
    Will the Blackfeet Tribal Council allow their amazingly rich soil be destroyed by Fracking? The Blackfeet Reservation in Northern Montana is filled with medicinal plants, endangered animals, and fresh underground rivers. The loss of that land would be tradgic. 
    Pauline Matt 's next clear statement to the USA will occur as she walks to Chief Mountain. She will walk from August 5-12, 2012 with these alert and aware citizens. Join her by donating to Glacier Two Medicine Alliance, P.O. Box 181 East Glacier, MT 59434 or call 406-338-3016. You can vote your support on Facebook at Chief Mountain Water Walk or Blackfeet Women Against Fracking. You can contact Pauline Matt als at realpeopleh@gmail.com.

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    ETR 76 Hydraulic Fracturing

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    Jane Van Ryan speaks with Ron Hyden, strategic business manager for production enhancement at Halliburtion, about hydraulic fracturing, the process that helps produce natural gas from the Marcellus Shale and other formations

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk Past Favorites with Kevin Potter

    in Art

    This Thursday, September 17th at 3 p.m. PDT, we'll be going back into the MetalSmith BenchTalk archives. We'll be re-airing one of our favoite chats from 2013 with Kevin Potter of Potter USA, a manufacturer of artistic metalworking tools including hydraulic presses, metalsmithing stakes, and dies.
    Bio: Kevin Potter began as fine jeweler in Tucson, Arizona. He specialized in carving custom waxes and casting but also drew the designs and set stones, essentially designing pieces from start to finish. He eventually worked into having his own line of jewelry that was sold in stores throughout the US. Kevin gained experience using machine tools while attending the University of Arizona, where he received a BFA in drawing/painting.
    He worked in the machine shops on campus and eventually started his own machine shop where he used his tools for the production of stainless steel jewelry. He quickly decided to make silversmithing stakes. He always enjoyed using them in college, but could never afford to purchase them. After he made his first few sets, he advertised them on Craig's list in several cities known as artist communities: Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, etc.
    Kevin always liked Otto Frei jewelry supply and contacted them about his stakes. They liked them and decided to carry his line of stakes. Gradually he began to make other tools and started the Potter USA website with the help of a friend who was a retired computer programer.
    For more about Kevin and Potter USA, visit http://www.potterusa.com.

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    Healing Osteoporosis

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    It's been said that the body is a reflection of the mind. The memories stored in our subconscious mind directly influence the health and healing of our bodies. This week's Heart of the Matter Show will focus in on osteoporosis. Do you struggle and suffer with osteoporosis? Are you fearful of slipping and fracturing a hip? Millions of people are facing this degenerative disease process and searching for alternative ways to enhance the strength of their bones. Listen in as Dr. Darren shares with you the role that the subconscious mind plays in the degernative disease process of osteoporosis and how you can enhance your body's natural ability to heal through activating the fullest potential of your subconscious mind. Kim Harding is ready to get to the Heart of the Matter of Osteoporosis. Are you?

    Infinite Love & Gratitude!


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    Hydraulic fracturing is sthe sujbect of this weeks show

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    Our guest this SAturday, Arpil 16, 2011 at 10:30 AM EASTERN time is Jeannette Brennan, a person of ONeida County NY who is spearheading a protest against hydraulic fracturing, a practice to cox oil and natural gas from hard rock formations. It involves forcng large amounts of pressurized water to create tiny fissures in the rock so that oil and gas can flow to the surface  It has beenused for 60 years but now the practice is meeting resistance.  It is a lively discussion. Tune in a find out what's happening.  You won't be disappointed.  Your phone calls invited.

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    Meet Alex and Natascha Dube from Pietermaritzburg South Africa

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    Our intention to always branch out to where ever the road leads, this show leads us to KwaZula Natal (KZN). It’s where we will meet the husband and wife team of Alex and Natascha Dube. Alex is a University of Zimbabwe Graduate in Civil Engineering with post-graduate studies at the Delft Institute of Hydraulic Engineering in the Netherlands. He went on to diversify his investment holdings to include residential Real Estate in the Pietermaritzburg area along with office and retail RE spreading beyond the KZN capital.

    Pietermaritzburg is where he met, wine, dined and married his sweetheart, Natascha. She is a Communication graduate with English and Organizational Psychology majors to her credit. We will tell the story how they are championing their “Afro & Twist Comb” that meets the need of the current “Twist” in Afro Hair Styling across the motherland and this country.

    Sam Ennon of BOBSA will stop by since he is instrumental in working with the Dube’s in introducing the comb to his BOBSA Members. You want to hear this info.

    This show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host’s third book, entitled, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478746232