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    Hydra Radio - Donald Boyer

    in Hobbies

    join us as we are joined by Donald Boyer the founder of The Hydra Forum

    Topics to be covered tonight include but are not limited to;

    Upcoming Shows
    Don's amazing paldarium
    Whats going on around the country
    Product reviews
    Listener Give away!!!!!!

    Now this is your final warning to join The Hydra Forum and make 1 post in the introduction section to get ready for this give away!

    During our live on air broadcast we will be giving away some 100% free items to listeners. These products can only be claimed with a private message being sent to me StrangerSource on The Hydra Forum

    These items will be won during the live broadcast and the winners announced while we are still on the air live!

    One Other contest will be for phone in so make sure that you keep you phone handy and be ready to call in to get it!      (347) 945-7180 is the number to set your speed dial up to!


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    Hydra Radio - Wet Spot Tropical

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    Hydra Radio! Wet Spot Tropical! Friday 10/31/14 @ 6pm CST. With Steven Lundblad and Cameo Konfrst.

    Join us Friday, Halloween night! Listen to fish talk, if you dare!!!!

    Steve Lundblad has been in the aquarium industry for over three decades. He is widely known as an Aulonocara expert and has maintained more than thirty species of Aulonocara for well over twenty years. He is one of the few that can easily tell the young female species apart. He has given many presentations to aquarium clubs across the nation and internationally and has received numerous awards for his breeding and conservation efforts. Recently, on his latest trip to Lake Malawi he assisted in the reintroduction of Pseudotropheus Saulosi to the Taiwan reef where the species is nearly gone due to the popularity in the aquarium hobby and overfishing.


    To call in with questions: 347-945-7180


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    The Hydra Radio - Episode 3

    in Hobbies

    This next broadcast of Hydra Radio will feature saltwater topics. I get to meet over the air with our moderator Marko, and Naomi Skinner, co-owner of Gulf Coast Reef and Aquaculture.


    Marko, a pre-veterinary student, has a variety of tanks. Marko has been in the hobby for over a decade, half of the time being involved with reef aquaria. His primary focus with his saltwater tank is in keeping SPS corals, though he also has soft corals and has kept LPS corals as well. In addition to these, he also keeps a freshwater planted community tank as well as a variety of smaller freshwater tanks and his 2 leopard geckos.


    Naomi has her bachelors in Marine Science and she tries to use her degree to help promote a more sustainable way of reef keeping. Naomi has been in the hobby for a number of years and has a passion for educating the public about making responsible choices. In her store, they do coral propagation and some onsite breeding as well. Naomi is joined in ownership of the store by our fellow admin Chelsea, AKA Urbanelements09.


  • 01:25

    Slaying The Hydra with Timothy Millage

    in Politics

    On this inaugural edition of Slaying The Hydra, Tim discusses Plasma Cosmology compared to Gravitational Cosmology, Sophianic Gnosticism, Christianity, its relationship to Communism, and the good ol' Jews. Be sure to call in!

  • 00:34

    Graham Stull on The Hydra

    in Blogcritics

    The author of The Hydra reads from and talks about his new novel and where his ideas for it came from, about his biologist turned Frankenstein protagonist Brian Matterosi, on viral engineering, genre fiction, indie publishing, distopias, population and ecology, the relationship between economics and fiction, on multi-nationality, the shifting sands of 'truth' (and how that makes good fodder for fiction, a preview of his next novel The Fortune Teller, and lots more.

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    Hydra Radio - Rachel O'Leary

    in Hobbies

    I am pleased to announce that I will have the opportunity to speak with Rachel O'Leary, many of us also know her as Msjinkzd, on a special night next week. Of course, I am super excited about this, as I have been hoping that we could nail down Rachel before her schedule gets too busy. Our topics will include inverts and nano fish, and a few other passions that Rachel has in the hobby, her love of primitive fish and fish conservation efforts, and hear about her new article she has written for Amazonas. There will be much to discuss, but we will also get to know the Rachel that loves being a parent above all things, work on old cars with her husband and garden.

     As always, we will have the chat up for any questions our listeners would like to ask throughout the show.

    - See more at: http://hydraforum.com/blog/hydra-radio-wednesday-416-special-guest-special-night-9-pm-est#sthash.aXnX5xsp.dpuf

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    Hydra Radio - Amy Andrychowicz on Gardening

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    Friday 6/13, join us as we welcome Amy Andrychowicz from getbusygardening.com 9pm CST

    Not sure who Amy is? This is a perfect opportunity to get to know her and what she is doing with her site, getbusygardening.com.  

    Her smart, money-saving gardening techniques have earned her a place on Troy-Bilt's prestigious Saturday6 team of garden bloggers where she offers advice on all aspects of gardening - including frugality, of course! Amy has spent most of her life with a pair of pruners in her back pocket, growing vegetables, herbs, annuals, and perennials in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

     As always, we encourage your participation by either chatting with us live using the hydra radio chat room, or by calling in live during the show! Chelsea will let you know at the beginning of the broadcast when to call in. The number to call in live is 347-945-7180

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    The Hydra Radio episode 3

    in Hobbies

    Friday March 21st, Hydra Radio will be speaking with The Frog Princess, Heather about her collection of Amphibians, her fantastic tanks and plant collection, as well as her participation in her local orginization, Frog Watch USA. We will also hear about how Heather is becoming a certified local frog species educator and how she is teaming up with the Erie Zoo to help educate the public about local frogs during Earth Day week!

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    Hydra M Star and David Lipscomb

    in Books

    A native of North Carolina, Hydra M. Star is a Southern Belle straight from Hell. At a very early age she developed a deep interest in demonology, the paranormal, and the occult. A long time member of the Church of Satan, wherein she holds the rank and title of Witch, Hydra has never lost her passion for things that go bump in the night. Instead she has used this passion to fuel her many creative endeavors.

    Hydra is a writer of dark fiction and erotica, a former columnist, and editor. She also owns and publishes, along with her artistic partner Dave Lipscomb, Infernal Ink Magazine, a literary magazine focused on bringing readers stories that embody evil in all it’s gory, humorous, and carnal glory.


    Dave Lipscomb is the artist, a columnist, and the co-owner (along with Hydra M. Star), of INFERNAL INK MAGAZINE. Past collaborations have included BELIALIAN WOMAN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, NO ONE MAKES IT OUT ALIVE: AN END OF THE WORLD ANTHOLOGY, and the story "Candy, Blood, and Sex" for THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF HORROR ANTHOLOGY (which is presently being expanded into a fully-illustrated novella). He recently provided the cover for author Rick Powell's MY SOUL STAINED, MY SEED SOUR.


    We will be premiering two poems written by Robert Leuthold and performed by Viktor Aurelius, "The Beast Unveiled" and "The Maiden of the Black Earth". But be warned... These poems and this show are for Adults only!

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    Hydra Radio - Tyler Termini and Sandy Moore

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    Join Chelsea as she is joined by 2 great guests in this episode of Hydra Radio.

    First hour will bring you Mr Tyler Termini talking all about photography. Tyler is an accomplished photographer both above and below water.

    Second hour brings you Ms Sandy Moore Vice President of Segrest Farms and Babes In The Cichlid Hobby member to tell us all about Segrest Farms and the recent ACA show in Louisville.

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    Hydra Radio - Algagen and Aquatic Gardeners Association

    in Hobbies

    Hey Everyone! Join in and listen to our Friday night show, Hydra Radio, and listen in on Chelsea as she and her guests battle it out! Just kidding, there aren't any battles, but what we will have for the first hour will be Erik Stenn, the founder of Algagen, featuring a "feed your reef" topic. Algagen specializes in aquaculturing live reef foods. For the second hour, we will be hearing from Cheryl, with the AGA (Aquatic Gardners Association) International Aquascaping Contest and the Aquatic Experience coming this November to Chicago.

    Have something to add? That is AWESOME! Call in during the show at (347) 945-7180, OR just ask questions via the Hydra Radio chat room we have here on the site.  Questions will be answered live during the show!

    Thank you for making our Hydra Radio a success! Tell your friends about our shows too, like when to listen in, or better yet, bring them on as members by using our instant Facebook login button!