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    Cultural Hybridity, Race, Gender: Research on Gabriel Byrne

    in Culture

    Taking a brief break from Afrofuturism, this episode features an informal discussion between me and my research assistant and former student Adrian Ayers (also a school teacher in the Washington Metro area) regarding ongoing research for one of my book projects,  "Black Irish," cultural hybridity, and the cinematic body: a study on Gabriel Byrne.  Just how did I, as an African American woman whose research and publications has tended to center on gender studies, literary criticism, post-colonialism, and the African Diaspora, end up doing both a book on Afrofuturism and a book on Gabriel Byrne, a White male actor from Ireland?  It's not as far-fetched and unlikely as one might assume when it comes to understanding the politics of cultural production, icon-making, gender, and race.  Tune in and call in with your questions.

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Carl Filipiak & Jazz Education News!

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    One of the most blissful reasons why it's cool to live in Baltimore has to do with Carl Filipiak.  To know that you can see him regularly at The Cat's Eye in Fells Point is more than exciting.  An intuitive MASTER of Guitar, Carl has been able to do what many artists wished they had been capable of doing since the 60's.  And that is to organicially, skillfully and passionately infuse the energy and drive of Rock inspiration with Carl's love of Jazz.  Here's the new favorite word to use to describe this constant evolution: FLUID.  When you hear our guest with his Jimi Jazz Band, you are witnessing fluidity at its best.  Hybridity in every sense.  It's what fuels Carl to keep playing guitar - this creativity to merge his love of genres in such a way as to thrill audiences who might not believe that they'd love BOTH Rock and Jazz.  My friend has been keeping us happy in that regard for YEARS!
    "Live at the Cat's Eye" - with the Jimi Jazz Band (named after you-know-who!)  - has stunned even Carl with the depth of success.  This is a new project - and already it's #1 on TWO Amazon MP3 charts!  
    You'll hear a very excited award-winning guitarist/instructor/author when "Hybrid Jazz" next convenes. it doesn't hurt to tell you that Carl has shared the stage with Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard, Roberta Flack and Chick Corea.  When I say this man is awesome, I MEAN it!
    After our visit with Carl, saxophonist/teacher/mentor Gregory Thompkins drops by with good news.  Which Carl will relish, too, since both men are friends who share a devotion for Jazz Education.  Greg's annual Baltimore Jazz Education Project event is in October - with special guest, Claire Daly - and we'll have a ball talking about it!  
    Get ready for great music and conversation!

  • 02:27

    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Nivo Deux!

    in Music

    What a treat to have Shannon Kennedy and U-Nam with us!  THEY are Nivo Deux - a partnership of powerful "hybridity" :-D  Yes, they re-define a whole NEW Hybrid, combining a cutting-edge 80's rebirth - with Electro-Pop and Contemporary Jazz.  It's energizing and hypnotizing - and blissfully creative!
    U-Nam has been a respected French producer and songwriter in his native country for quite some time.  And he has made an impact in the States.  His take on the Crusaders' "Street Life" took our breath away a few years back - and his latest project under his name jolted us again.  "Weekend in L.A." - from last year - featured A-Listers, including Marcus Miller and the late George Duke.
    Nivo Deux is a whole 'nother story - and builds on the funky and fresh fusion of "Weekend."  Pairing with the beautiful - and beautifully talented saxophonist/vocalist, Shannon Kennedy, the new EP mirrors a bold world...where genres are blurred in the best way.
    Shannon's background is such a fantastic counterpoint to U-Nam's.  They're married and it would give the impression, listening to "Open Beta", that they live and breathe this music!  You've got the amazing guitar wizardry of U - and the alto/bari/tenor chops of Shannon - whew :-O  There's heart and soul in this young woman - she has not only played with 10,000 Maniacs and Peter White - and has been on "America's Got Talent" - but she has also formed a true bond with aspiring artists.  Her secondary website is Teen Jazz - which encourages youthful visionaries to share their networking, expertise and advice.  This mentorship has set Shannon apart  - and earned her understandable respect.
    Something that YOU'LL have when you hear the magic of Nivo Deux!  Three p.m. Eastern on 8/29/2013.  The fun begins at ONE!

  • 02:59

    Hybrid Jazz - with Gerald Clayton & Chelsey Green!

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    Hope y'all are ready to ROCK!  The staggeringly gifted pianist/composer, Gerald Clayton, kicks off the show at one on Thursday, April 18th.  Born in the Netherlands, raised in Southern California and now based in New York, Gerald is used to being scrutinized. Amazing as a child, tutored by Kenny Barron and Billy Childs, it was inevitable that his path would be music. His Dad is bandleader and bassist, John Clayton - with his Uncle Jeff on sax, they are the nucleus of The Clayton Brothers Quintet. There is no reason to believe that Gerald's new project (his third as leader) -   "Life Forum"  - will be anything less than Grammy nominated. He has had three in his very young life. One of the most buzzworthy artists on the Jazz scene or any other.  Ask the internationally known elders who want to play with him!Chelsey Green is another of those wondrous beings who gravitated to her instrument very young - at five. "The Green Violinist" was born into a family of Jazz and Funk musicians, but was classically trained. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, Chelsey interned at a Top 40 radio station. She envisioned a way of communicating contemporary music via her violin - incorporating the roots of her childhood, with the classics - to create a new sound to excite those in her generation. She has shared the stage with diverse artists - Roberta Flack, Tye Tribbett and MC Lyte. Like Gerald, she is not sworn to genre loyalty - but gravitates to those who share her passion for (wait for it) Hybridity :-D "Still Green: The EP" has done smashingly well since it's debut last year (Chelsey's used to being smashing!)One, Gerald. Two, Chelsey. Music from both in the meantime - and a few more tunes (new and old) that you'll love. Trust me. She said, smiling.

  • 02:57

    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Gary Bartz

    in Music

    Philly Girl comes to live in Baltimore for the third time - in 2004 - finds her way back to Radio via the 24/7 Contemporary Jazz station in town - and finds a tie to both cities that she hadn't expected...
    Hearing Gary Bartz's body of work echoes the soundtrack of my life.  He's certainly one of Baltimore's musical heroes, but his spiritual and physical associations have mirrored Philadelphia.  Gary's reverence for John Coltrane has been verbalized and immortalized via CD.  His partnership with my hometown's McCoy Tyner started in 1968.  And the group that Gary created: NTU Troop - had my fellow students talking in tongues on the campus of Temple University in the 70's. 
    Fast forward to that job at WSMJ here in Ravens City...not that a Smooth Jazz station would play the cerebral meat and potatoes "hybridity" that is Gary Bartz - but the questions came at me from two towns.  Back home: "Did you meet Gary yet?"  Adopted: "Is Gary coming back?"  At Cap Jazz: "Ooooh - you're in Baltimore - the home of GARY." 
    It's amazing how this multi-versed saxophonist haunts me.  And now I get to share the "ghost" with you :-D  The teenager who camped out in Birdland in the peanut gallery while attending Julliard - who found work with Max and Abbey in the 60's - filled in for Art Blakey's sax player one night and was asked to join the Jazz Messengers - did serious time with Miles and Mingus and won a Grammy with McCoy  - revered in circles, both local and international - well, he's coming to share his story with us on Thursday, February 7th. 
    Gary Bartz is taking the time out of his schedule as Professor at Oberlin to recall so much...including his Dad's club in Baltimore, where the greats used to play.  And now - greatness visits US via "Hybrid Jazz."

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    Art, Pop Culture, Fansites: Roundtable on Gabriel Byrne

    in Culture

    This episode is part of my ongoing research for my upcoming book on Gabriel Byrne, Irish Cinema, and Cultural Hybridity: it features a roundtable discussion with website owners and frequent commentators who maintain online traffic and interest in their object of admiration, the actor, political activist, and former Cultural Ambassador to Ireland Gabriel Byrne. Roundtable participants are the following: Stella, (MA, Library/Information Science), whose publications include articles on information technology, institutional repositories and discovery tools, and a forthcoming ethnographic study of faculty research practices (Fall 2012)--she is website owner and host of the fansite Byrneholics.com; Scarlett, an event planner who is currently working on a novel under a publishing contract; Linda, an accounts payable manager and website development specialist who teaches computer skills for adult education; and Aragarna, (Ph.D), who works in academia and co-director of The Frenchies fans of George Clooney, and Byrneholics. Linda and Scarlett run In Treatment Fans, a website for the tv show In Treatment: www.intreatmentfans.blogspot.com (a site that's come to include post-show Gabriel Byrne activities since cancellation in March 2011).
    Topics to be covered: role of technology and viral impact on icon-making in popular culture, their contribution to continued popular interest in certain celebrities and other figures of Irish pop culture, as well as discussing erotic agency, gender assumptions/performative, objectification of male bodies, and fandom.

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