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    FC Radio/Top Trends in HVAC

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    Systems that monitor and control heating, ventilation, and  air conditioning (HVAC) are undergoing a transformation, with good reason: Most of the energy used in buildings, hospitals, campuses, and datacenters is consumed by HVAC. Join us Juan Carlos Toro (PE, LEED, AP, HBDP, CPMP, and one of Engineering News Record's latest "Top 20 Under 40")  describes how smart approaches to HVAC can boost sustainable usage in the built environment.
    Tune in to as we talk in-depth with Juan Carlos about the growing importance of HVAC. Listeners will learn:
    How equipment contributes to HVAC efficiency The role of control in improving HVAC performance How commissioning determines HVAC effectiveness  

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    Guest: Sean McDermott, Partner, Precision Mechanical Services, LLC.

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    Sean McDermott, Partner, Precision Mechanical Services, LLC.

    Precision Mechanical Services, LLC is a full service commercial/industrial HVAC, refrigeration, process piping company serving healthcare, institutions, pharmaceutical, government and research sectors. We offer service on -80C freezers, HVAC, steam systems & constant temperature cold rooms. In 2007, we started with 2 mechanics and we now employ 24 people. Our clients include CHOP, University of Penn, JNJ and Bryn Mawr College. Through our expertise, efficiency, integrity & compliant service we identify opportunities because of our extensive training & our skilled employees. We continue to provide cost effective HVAC, refrigeration and process piping services to help save on the bottom line thru our valued preventive maintenance, responsiveness and quality expertise in a dynamic industry. We work hand in hand with current clients to mitigate risk & identify solutions quick to eliminate down time, which is why we continue to be the tri-states preferred solutions provider.


    Precision Mechanical Services, LLC. services healthcare, institutions, pharmaceutical, gov't and research sectors that need the job(s) done right the first time so that we can we help eliminate down time and make sure the facility is compliant with all gov't regulations.



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    HVAC Tips: Make Your Unit Last Longer in Mesa’s Extreme Heat

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    The hvac tips Mesa home owners have been looking for are included in this informative episode focused on maintaining an hvac unit in extreme Arizona temperatures.
    If you have AC or Heating questions or needs, and you live in the greater Mesa area give Air Factor Cooling & Heating a call at 480-706-3333 or visit: http://www.airfactor.net/

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    Success a Reality or a Dream

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    I want to be a Millionaire! Many people including myself, feel this way. We want the nice car, house and business. The freedom of making our own choices without answering to ‘Mr. get my coffee’. Is this just a dream or can I make this a reality?

     Don’t miss understand me people, reaching this goal is no easy task. You need to put in the work to benefit from the perks. Hard work and education is key to any ones success. Unless you hit the Lotto and join the circle of Lucky Louie’s. Funny, how growing up poor in my mind I was wealthy, but ran around partying and working for Mr. Coffee. Took me some time to realize I needed to stop my shenanigans if I wanted to be rich. Hey! Still thinking wealthy! Think I’m being cocky? No! Staying positive on my journey to success.  Going back to my previous statement about working hard; it’s my current situation. Working as a Hvac tech while I go to college at night is my path to success. Staying ambitious and focused is the name of the game. I’m not where I want to be yet, but give me some time and I will become the Mr. Get my coffee.

    In life a dream can be big or small and can always be made a reality. Our dedication is what defines us as a person. My mentality has changed over the years and straight to the top is where I’m going. Join me!


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    LIVE! MyFixitUpLife talk show: What's new in lighting trends and design?

    in Design

    Live inside the LampsPlus booth, watch on YouTube and Google+ as MyFixitUpLife talk show hosts Mark and Theresa take you inside the show.

    You won't want to miss the unveiling of new innovations in lighting, and interviews with experts and celebrities about the hottest trends in kitchens, baths, and lighting.

    Guests include designer Michael Murphy, Laurie March, Lauren Hunter, David Grey and Karl Mutchnik. And you never know who else will stop by.

    Michael Murphy is an interior design and trends expert. He was the Supervising Producer on TV design guru Christopher Lowell's "Work That Room." Recently, he has completed projects with celebrity designer Kenneth Brown and fashion icon Heidi Klum. Follow Michael on Google+

    “Interior Design is about using what you LOVE; COLOR dramatically changes everything; and GREAT STYLE doesn't have to cost a fortune.”

    Laurie March is the on-camera talent for HGTVRemodels, host of "Good to Know' for CookingChanneltv.com, and has worked on more than 50 homes and 100s of projects.

    David Gray from LampsPlus is sharing lighting trends and simple tips that designers and builders can use in projects to make customers delighted.

    "The perfect living room should include seating for a dog too! :) Dogs Make the Best Accessories."

    Karl Mutchnik is the solutions manager for Trane, which offers energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that save homeowners money.

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    Higher Consciousness: The Metaphysical Solution for Police Brutality

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions.All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.Link: www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises

    Tonight's Topic:

    Title: The Metaphysical Solution for Police Brutality

    Guest:Brent Pogue, Engineer and Consultant

    Time:7:00-9:00 p.m.

    Date:Monday, December 8  2014

     Join us as Professor Jamela Franklin and Mr. Brent Pogue discuss the racial tensions attributed  to the recent and ongoing killings of Black males by the police.

    Mr. Brent D. Pogue

    Nuclear Engineering, Licensing / Regulatory Affairs

    Brings over 20 years of experience in engineering and regulatory affairs expertise in the electric power industry. He has worked for Bechtel Power Corporation on various engineering projects, Pacific Gas and Electric Company in nuclear regulatory affairs and as a system engineer in nuclear HVAC. Mr. Pogue earned his Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) and a Master of Engineering (Mechanical) from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.


    Host's Bio

    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.



      (770)  882-7347



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    Air Conditioning Problems and Trouble Shooting for Homeowners & Small Business

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    HVAC Services Contractor Richard (Rick) McCarter, joins us today to offer helpful tips and education about the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. While we are nearing the close of the summer, Rick always has timely tips to offer the public on how to best care for and maintain your units. Safety is also another area. The time it takes to learn, create and follow an HVAC preventive maintenance checklist can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

    Indoor and Outdoor Unit Operation and Maintenance

    Your equipment will run more effectively, effeciently and safely if some very simple no-cost and low cost procedures are followed. Rick can share information on the inside unit and outside unit maintenance and operation.

    inspecting your blower motor
    checking for refrigerant and natural gas leaks
    electrical and thermostat problems
    inspecting the coil and cabinent

    Rick has years of experience as an HVAC serviceman, is dedicated to quality service and works hard to ensure every customer is satisfied. He represents the best equipment in quality air conditioning with Trane equipment and services many other top brands. Listen to learn how to save money, maintain safe operation and ensure your unit is serviced properly for peak performance. 

    Rick serves the Memphis, Collierville and Northern Mississippi area. His website is AirProMemphis.com. He can be reached at 901-381-0099.

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    Managing Hidden Allergens in Your Home

    in Self Help

    Discussion about Allergens in the home, including the ones that get trapped in our hair and noses and get brought inside with us.  Tools and tips for reducing our exposure and lowering histamine load.

    Air filtration - HEPA, ionic devices. Keeping dust outside.  Humidity, Insulation, HVAC, and keeping air in the right condition inside.  Discwasher vs. wick or ultrasonic humidifiers. Laundry and beauty products as allergenic sources.  Irritants in bathing and drinking water.  Irritants in food.  Liners for pillows, comforters and mattresses.  Offgassing and sealed interior air. No VOC paint, natural products.

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    Lee Swanson DLS Services w/ Kevin Hunter TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Join guest Lee Swanson, owner of DLS Services, with host Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show. Lee has 19 years of experience in the heating/ac field. For more information, please visit: http://www.heatingacrepair4u.com/

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    Local Law 87 New York City 516-672-8277 Energy Consulting NYC

    in Energy

    Local Law 87 New York City - http://www.CarletonEC.com  -  What You Should Know by Carleton Energy Consulting

    Local Law 87: The Basics
    A Local Law 87 audit covers HVAC, lighting, pipe insulation, hot water, conveying systems, building envelope and electrical systems. In order to keep such a widespread collection of industry and commercial property owners on track, the New York City Department of Building handles Local Law 87 enforcement

    Who Does Local Law 87 Apply to? 
    Currently, Local Law 87 applies to all buildings over 50,000 square feet. If there is more than one structure on a tax lot property, then the minimum square footage is 100,000 square feet. Any two buildings in excess of that 100,000 square feet on a single ownership property and owners are required to comply.

    How Can A Professional Consulting Company Help?
    Hiring a professional consulting company may be the best option when it comes to auditing and retro-commissioning your building. Since 2012, Carleton Energy Consulting has been specializing in Local Law 87 auditing, retro-commissioning, energy auditing, consulting, solutions, procurement and online boiler management and can help make an often-confusing process easy and convenient. Remember, there is no way to short step the process. 

    Not only are energy audits required, but the Department of Buildings will conduct random audits to ensure business owners stay in compliance at all times.

    To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on www.CarletonEC.com or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277. 

    Local Law 87 New York City

    Energy Consulting NYC

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Long week; Longer Weekend!

    in Social Networking

    "Oh the weather outside is delightful;

    Inside, I'm froze, and fr-fr-fr-frightful.

    And there's really NO PLACE to go.

    AC off, AC off - It is COLD!

    I met up again with death this week, Raced FOR Time (if not my life), sweated in the yard and ice cycled off dripped off those beads - once back in the charming abode operated by the talented AC system I own.  Real talented!  And again, I own said equiptment, but the HVAC seems to control me.   It feels like Feb inside the studio!  

    The week - started off sad, ended sad.  Wonder if there is a theme there?  Months worth of hopes and preparations, goals to achieve.  Well, I achieved them, sorta kinda, but the path along the venture took a low road looking up.  Why?  I never did pull my chin up - even with a future at hand.  If so, maybe the smile would of been brighter?  Dunno.  You tell me.  How do you feel with a TBI, when 'stuff' seems at hand, the 'finale' in sight of a driven goal then BOOM.  Will make a wondering mind stay focused - on the sad.  Death, part of life.  Or in our cases, part of life again and again.  Stroke you wings, adore them but certainly share them.  An Angel did for you...

    Race4Time was a great, fun day of racing for those who don't race that often, or ever.   The good Doctor, Mr. Kevin Butterfield promises made smiles.  I met John Mills, Susan Hancock, and Race4Time Media Champion Ric Dee of our local G-101.3 FM station and, well, lets just say my 'weather reports' from FOX59 in Indy will provide a different "insight".

    Let's just talk.  No plans, but excitement a goal (and a more 'unfriendly' AC).  Deborah Berry sits at my desk next week, filling in as I'm starting my vacation at the Time Clock; 2:00 A.M. sharp!    

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