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    Give Thanks in All Things/Submissive Wives/Loving Husbands/Ephesians 5

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    On this broadcast, Warren Landis, our SONSHINE USA Bible teacher dives into the 5th chapter of Ephesians. Amoung other things, we as Christians are taught to give Thanks to God for every situation. Wives are counseled to be submissive to their husbands, and Husbands are told to LOVE their wives! As you can see, there is much to take a look at in Ephesians 5.........so tune in and lets get started!

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    Husbands, Love your Wives...

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    Husbands are you loving your.wives biblically? Loving your wife means you love everything that is connected to her. Join me as we read from Ephesians 5:25-28

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    10 Complaints of Unhappy Wives & Husbands

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    We all know that more than half of all marriages end in divorce, but what does it take to get there? We've got the scoop on the 10 most common complaints of unhappy wives and husbands. What causes a rift between couples? We're going to find out today!

    We've also got Headlines, Douche of the Day, Crazy Train, Tweets of the Day, and more! Tune in!

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    The Reasons Why Wives SHOULD Have Sex With Their Husbands

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    Ok. STOP THE PRESSES! We women hear it all the time. We have given EVERY excuse as to why we think we SHOULDNT give the husbands sex. We all have the married girlfriends and male friends who struggle with this issue and I, Essence, have been married myself and have been there.

    This has been a MAJOR issue and sometimes deal breaker in marriages!

    And why is it SOOOO easy to give up sex when you aren't married to the man who hasn't honored you with the legal covenant??? Oh but it's an issue for someonce that ring is on? Yes, we're going to talk about it.

    We are addressing this serious topic Sunday night per listeners request. As always we will be on at 10p cst on Taboo Talks. Get your cocoa, candy, anointing oil and chips and get ready to listen in. Feel free to call in and be sure to share this convo with others! 

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    Real Husbands- Real Men

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    Marriage and/or a successful committed relationship can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in one's life.  There is nothing wrong with the institution of marriage. What is wrong is men and women failing to choose to be a good spouse.  What I find most disturbing is the lack of commitment, by so many,  to the endeavor of striving to be a loving spouse.  In the American culture, in what appears to be the attitude of "its all about me all the time" We have become irresponsible as marriage partners and this neglect is failing our children. We have no one to blame but ourselves.  When it is all said and done it is about choosing to be a great husband, wife, lover, and friend.  I have always held the religious belief that God has placed accountability and the responsibility of Family and Marriage on the man, not because he does not love him but just the opposite.  I was always taught and truly believe that the God I serve does not request anything of us that he knows we cannot do.  He only commands of us what he knows we can do and do it successfully.   With that said the directive to "love one another" CAN- BE- DONE SUCCESSFULLY.  And for the skeptics...do overs are allowed.  

    This discussion will focus on what it takes to be a great husband and more importantly what is required (from a male's perspective) to be a REAL MAN. Join us with my all male panel as we discuss what it takes to be a Real Husband and a Real Man.   This will be a very candid and heated discussion because these men are passionate about being Real Husbands-Real Men.

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    Spiritual Husbands and Wives; Incubus and Succubus; How Can You Know Pt. 2

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    Genesis 6:4..4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

    Just because people don't talk about this it doesn't mean it's not happen. The Church must wake up. This should not be happen to us.

    There are 3 categories of relationship: those who have this relationship on a constant, basis; those who have it on and off, and those who have it but don't know they do because immediately after, it is wiped off their memory by demonic manipulation. The spirit husbands or wives are not human beings, they are demonic entities or agents of darkness sent into lives, homes or households by satan to serve as demons husbands or wives, evil lords, evil governors, demonic manipulators, ancestral curse executor, robbers of glory and blessings of their victims.

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    Cheating Husbands: How To Survive A Cheater with author Margaret Kreps

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    Many women suffer with the knowledge that they ultimately married a cheater. Some women ignore it and others immediately head straight to divorce court. What do you do when you find out your husband is a cheater? Let's ask author Margaret Kreps author of, "My Intimate Journey with Caesar." In her novelette, author M.F. Kreps takes us on a journey when she finds out her husband is cheating. She goes on a journey, not only with life, but with her hair as she gets it cut into a Caesar. For many women, their hair is who defines them, but the author instead defines her hair. The choices, emotions, and decisions that she makes as she goes throughout her discovery, are touching. It's true what they say, that the right hairstyle can change your life. ~www.mfkreps.com "This is told from the woman's viewpoint as the story of how she caught her husband cheating but made her plans first before he knew she knew.  That's a smart woman, get your ducks in a row!" ~Paula Harp's review

    Margaret is an excellent storyteller! If you're a fan of Terry McMillan books, you will definitely enjoy this. No one was perfect in the story, which added to its authenticity and made it all the more refreshing. ~reader review 



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    Brother Husbands Wives and Girlfriends

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    This show will be an amazing one for every reason! We will bring back some old friends from Show #1! Remember M and L? The couple who called in to share thier amazing experience with thier newly formed polyandry realtionship? Well they are back now but this time they habve the full spot light! L is such a lucky lady who is spoiled by her husband and her beloved boyfriend! Her hubby referrs to him as his "best friend". How amazing is that? But something has changed since that show! Hubby now has a lady friend! We will get the full scoop on this weeks show! 

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    SDG 155 Marching Orders for Husbands from God

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    Ephesians 5:21–23

    It's been said that the difference between courtship and marriage is the difference between what you see in the seed catalog and what comes up in the garden and I think that's caused by a failure to cultivate the garden.

    This message deals with God’s Marching orders for husbands and their responsibilities to their wives in the light of a Biblical marriage.

    Now the reason we have so many failed marriages today is that we have ignored the original plan that God gave for successful marriages.

    And since marriage was ordained in heaven as a union between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, we ought to understand what God has to say about marriage.

    Now remember we’re looking at the marriage covenant, not the marriage contract, because if you look at marriage as a contract, you’re going to be standing up for your rights, but if you look at marriage as a covenant, you’re going to be accepting your responsibilities.

    So if you look at marriage as a contract, you'll be looking for loopholes in the contract, but if you look at marriage as a divine covenant, you won't do that.

    According to this passage from Ephesians, man as the husband and the father, has three major responsibilities according to the word of God. 

    So provided the LORD’s willing this message will clearly explain those three Biblical responsibilities of a husband and father. And they are servant leadership, sacrificial love, and steadfast loyalty.

    And this is CRUCIAL to understand before you will ever be able to use the weapons of our warfare in the army of God in these end times!

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    Spiritual Husbands and Wives; Control and Manipulation Part 3

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    The Bible says in John 10:10..that the thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy We have to ask ourselves what are they coming for. They come to pollutes and poison the victim. They come to take something valuable. The Bible clearly states what the devil comes to do. If the devil knows he can't destroy a person in the physical world, he will try to do so bit by bit though the spirit world i.e. through dream manipulations, demonic spiritual initiations and spirit wife or husband attacks.

    The goal is Spiritual Control Manipulation:

    sexual intercourse with an entity either know or unknown in the dream will automatically lead to a evil union and an evil union on the other hand will lead to evil or demonic control and manipulations. During sexual intercourse in the dream a pleasure does take place with eventually establish a covenant. For instance, if you derive sexual pleasure from a demonic being with the image of a man or woman you knows in the dream, it means that the focre behind that being you had sexual intercourse with in the dream has transmitted something into your body which permits you to enjoy such pleasure at that time. As such pleasure is transferred onto your body during such sexual act in the dream some valuable virtues in you will be taking by the force behind that transferred pleasure. So consciously or unconsciously you have share something in common with the evil force which they will ow began to use to control every activities in your life here in the physical world.

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    Husbands Who Don't Lead

    in Women

    Do you have the desire to see your husband lead your home spiritually? Maybe you don't see him as being a leader so you take control and lead instead? God has designed our husbands to lead. However, there is an issue as to why they are not.
    Grab your Bible, notebook and coffee and join my guest Angela Craig and me for a special Friday morning broadcast of Imperfect Wives Radio as we tackle this very important issue, Husbands Who Don't Lead.
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