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  • 01:28

    Basic Husbandry Questions and Other Stuff

    in Current Events

    Scott gives the latest news from the farm and answers some email questions ranging from basic husbandry to politics.

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    Animal Husbandry

    in Comedy

    Nick Vatterott couldn't join the podcast today, there wasn't enough chairs. So Donald McDonald takes charge to discuss the fascinating world of animal husbandry. His guests include comedians Jackie Zebrowski and Julia Johns, also a council that denounces eggs as chicken abortions, as well as a couple of experts on pig mating.?

  • 01:09

    Ever Evolving Exotics with David Deem

    in Education

    Ever Evolving Exotics is a reptile store in Tuscon Arizona that is unlike any other. EEE practices and teaches proper husbandry methods for several species of reptiles and amphibians. This is a store that is for both beginners and professionals alike. EEE also just recently celebrated their two year anniversary of being in business.

    Besides owning EEE, David Deem is an avid field herper so there is a good chance that we will also talk about field herping in Arizona.

    Check out Ever Evolving Exotics:


    And on Facebook:


  • 01:43

    Q & A with John Scarbrough of Gecko Boa Reptiles

    in Pets

    Airing tonight 10/18/15 at 8:00 PM EST

    Q & A with John Scarbrough of Gecko Boa Reptiles

    Call in with your questions and comments. If you have husbandry or morph questions now is your chance to get reliable info froma great breeder. Join us in the chatroom during the live broadcast by following the show link. The call in number is 646-478-5331.

  • 02:01

    Bones To Pick and the paranormal team will join us tonight!!!

    in Spirituality

    Ahmadi Riverwolf (Yayi Nganga Tormenta Kalunguera) has been initiated in Palo Kimbisa since 2007. She has also been involved in Earth-Centered religions since 1989. Ahmadi is a medium and has skills in not only speaking to the Dead, but in fostering relationships between them and those that are now living in the places where they once dwelled. She believes very highly in the ability for the Living and the Dead to be able to coexist in harmony once the needs and the wants of both parties are known. She feels a sacred duty in helping the Dead to have a voice in these conversations. She is a part of the group Bones To Pick and the paranormal team, Northernbound Souls based in Cressona, Pennsylvania and gives readings both over the phone and in person depending on where you are, how far you are willing to travel (or have her travel), makes personal prayer beads, medicine bags, herbal cleansing baths and cleans houses spiritually .Joseph Atreides is a theriomancer, spirit-worker and psychopomp, as well as an initiate in Palo Kimbisa. He is a human services professional, and his hobbies include animal husbandry, hiking, scavenging and bodyboarding.

  • 01:53

    Keeping and Breeding Chondros in the U.K. 9/19/2015 at 9pm EDT

    in Pets

    Please join the co-hosts Bill Stegall and Buddy Buscemi as we welcome the U.K. Chondro keeping crew to discuss husbandry, breeding, the chondro market and their prespective of the U.S. chondro keeping scene.

  • 02:00

    Sand Boas with Warren Treacher

    in Pets

    Airing Sunday 9/20/15 at 8:00 P.M. EST

    Sand Boas with Warren Treacher

    Lying under the sand with only their small eyes protruding, Sand Boas are remarkable ambush predators. Like the giant Sand Worms in the Sci Fi Dune novels but a million times smaller, Sand Boas are fascinating captives in the right enthusiasts hands. In this episode we will speak with Warren Treacher about the captive husbandry, morphs and propagation of Sand Boas. Join us in the chatroom as the live show airs by following the show link on a PC or Tablet.. We welcome your phone calls with questions related to the discussion. Call 646-478-5331. If you'd like to come on the air press #1 once connected. See you there.

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    Green tree pythons with Matthew Morris

    in Pets

    In this episode we will be talking with Matthew Morris about green tree pythons. Have you ever wanted to keep chondros but felt that they were to difficult to keep? Well we will be talking about the misconceptions of the keeping and breeding these faboulous serpents. We will also be talking about were to go if you want to research about the species before making the leap into them. Matthew, along with David Newman has written an extensive how to about chondros and their care over on the MVF. Check it out at the link below.


  • 01:08

    Animal Husbandry with Alice Thomas / Part I

    in Current Events

    The Voice of Change welcomes Alice Thomas to the program. Alice has led a most remarkable life, one with a deep deep connection to animals that live in the wild. Alice has had the joy of being invited into the “inner world” of animals such as squirrels, chickens, foxes, bears, frogs, raccoons and skunks. She’s learned to listen to them, understand the way each species communicates and has been ‘asked’ by various animals at different times, to help with the raising of their young.  Her stories are authentic and show what is possible!

    Alice has been deeply connected to the Earth for decades. Her adventures with the animals began when she was a very young child and continued for many decades.  All the animals that graced her path, taught her many amazing “ways” of the wild.  In her adult years she developed numerous gold mines in California, and it was there, living in remote areas that her connection to animals deepened.  Alice’s stories are delightful in nature, and bring a sense of JOY to all who hear them.

    However, is there a deeper Truth underlying these stories?  Are they showing us the possibilities for a deeper connection with the land and our own local wildlife? Tune in, and see what is true for you.

    BEARS: On today's program, Alice will speak about her amazing connection to three generations of bears over a span of 11 years.  Tune in and hear the story of how Alice learned to communicate with the bears in order to live peacefully with them around her cabin and in the woods. Also, you'll hear a most amazing story of how Samantha, a mother bear asked Alice to care for her cub when she was ill.  Remarkable stories…YES!  And I remarkable lady to tell them! Tune in for this debut of Alice's remarkable experiences!  

  • 02:08

    Retics with Chris Cannarozzi of Mystic Reptiles

    in Pets

    Airing Tuesday 623/15 at 8:00 PM EST

    Finally a show devoted entirely to Reticulated Pythons! Chris Cannarozzi of Mystic Reptiles is on top of his game with breeding and keeping these amazing huge snakes. We will discuss husbandry, breeding and morphs with him during this special broadcast. Join us in the chatroom during the live braodcast by following the show link. The chatroom works best with Google and Firefox browsers. We also welcome your calls with questions and discussion topics. The call in number is 646-478-5331.