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    Lewis Hamilton From Pit to Podium Daniel Riccardo Wins in Hungary

    in News

    In what has to be the most spectacular racing comeback of the season, Lewis Hamilton went from pit to podium in a fantastic race, in Budepest Hungary.  The brilliant brit showed the world what a true professional can do out on the track. After being plagued with several mechanical problems with his car this season including, the one during qualifying when his car mystriously caught fire, the 2008 world champion landed on the podium with a 3rd place finish.

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    Part 2 Ministry Highlights of Sister Janice Wells in Ukraine and Hungary

    in Health

    Part 2 Highlights the world ministry of Sister Janice Wells throughout the Ukraine and Hungary.

    This show was broadcast from the College of Biblical Studies in Houston TEXAS. You can book Sister Janice Wells as a speaker, ask questions, or connect with her ministry at: 870.557.1812 or JFW646@yahoo.com.

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    Xiro Xone F1: Formula 1 Hungary Qualifying

    in Sports

    Recap of  Qualifying at the Formula 1 Grand Prix Hungary. 

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    Corn Talk: Hungary Talk

    in Fun

     Meet the whole group that is going to Hungary with me on this episode of Corn Talk! 

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    Metal International EP17

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature international metal by:

    Bathtub Shitter - Holy Song For You (Osaka, Japan)

    Burial at Sea - Display of the Faceless (Feat. Rob Arnold) (Tampa, FL)

    Cradle Of Filth - The Snake Eyed and the Venomous (Ipswitch, Suffolk, UK)

    Epalonium - Avalanche (Bucharest, Romania)

    Gargamel - Language of the Knife(Orlando, FL)

    Mick Sawyer - Cover of Fear Factory's Fear Campaign (Valrico, FL)

    Midhaven - Tales from the Tide (Mumbai, India)

    Blood Covenant - The Blood of the New Covenant (Yerevan, Armenia)

    Die Antwoord - Fatty Boom Boom (Johannesburg, South Africa)

    Blind Myself - Kain (Budapest, Hungary)

    Five Pointe 0 - Double X Minus (Joliet, Illinois)

    Zardonic - Scream (Ft. Gancher and Jae Kennedy) (Barquisimeto, Venezuela)

    CTHONIC - Broken Jade (Taipei, Taiwan)

    Despised Icon - Furtive Monologue (Montreal, QC)

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    Weekend Recap July 27 - NASCAR at Indy, F1 at Hungary

    in Sports

    Weekend recap from the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, F1 in Hungary, and the Nationwide event on Saturday, plus other topics.

    Matt Weaver of Open Wheel Now joins the show to talk about Jeff Gordon and his record 5th Brickyard win in the Sprint Cup Series, and the impact Ty Dillon's win has on the IMS race. Plus, we go indepth with Daniel Ricciardo's 2nd career win at the Hungaroring, beating the Mercedes AMG Petronas duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

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    Corn Talk: 2 Weeks In Hungary

    in Fun

     Get the new scoop on the fantastic four before we all go to our separate placements in Hungary! 

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    Lion of Vienna Suite LOVPod 4

    in Soccer

    This week sees the boys discuss the international break from a Bolton Wanderers point-of-view, followed by a look at Neil Lennon's first 6 months at the club, a preview of the upcoming match with Blackpool, and, finally, a reading of what the fans had to say after Saturday's Twitter question.  Featuring Chris Manning, Dan Murphy, Lee Tennant, and Dennis Chase.

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    Author Jules Czudar stops by Good Deeds W/ Dr. Renee Sunday.

    in Motivation

    Mental illness affects one in four people. 

    Jules was born in Budapest, Hungary. He and his family escaped in 1957, right after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.  Jules attended Calvary Chapel Bible School, Vineyard School of Ministry, and Regent University, where he worked on his Master's in Communication.

        Jules always had a relationship with God, starting early in his childhood. He has lived in California since 1964. Jules served time in the military as a grunt line medic and a paramedic in the Army. He worked in the Mental Health Field in the State of California for over 10 years. It was after this that he got into Business Development and worked for several major corporations including Novell, Merisel and Office Depot.  

        In his earlier years he was principle dancer for The Karpatok Hungarian Folk Ensemble. During the time the story takes place he got involved in the Acting Industry and acted in several TV shows like: The Shield, Unsolved Mysteries, True Blood (Promo), Dirty Soap (Pilot) and Bottom Feeders (Pilot). He also did several commercials including KIA, Sherwin Williams, ESPN and Sprint. Jules had roles in several theater and film productions, most recently “Selling Rosario.”

    “We Have Your Daughter”: Bold & Emotive Memoir Navigates Mental Illness & Courts, as Author Fights to Save Family. 

    Written by Jules Czudar after an eight-year battle to find his daughter, kidnapped by his wife suffering the afflictions of mental illness, “We Have Your Daughter” puts parental rights, mental illness itself and the U.S. court system under the spotlight. While shocking in places yet one-hundred percent true, Czudar’s story opens a vital dialogue into one of society’s most ignored epidemics.

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    Omens: How to Use Them, Recognize Them & Get the Message!

    in Paranormal

    We have always sought ways to predict the future & that includes deciphering spiritual "road" signs along the way.  The idea & use of Omens have been around for centuries. The Universe basically "speaks" to us all the time, however we don't always get it.  We're going to take a look at Omens & how to recognize & work with them. Where do they come from? What use are they? Is there a pattern to it or is it all just guess work? Can they help or heed our progress? Tune in as co-hosts Mimi and Rev. Maria D'Andrea bring some light on this subject.

    Rev. Maria D'Andrea is a Psychic & European Shaman from Budapest, Hungary; a published author of numerous books, Spiritual Life Coach, & Public Speaker on various topics on the Occult, Paranormal & Spirituality. www.Mariadandrea.com

    Mimi Silver is a videographer, writer & avid researcher on Spirituality and the Paranormal. She is host of an internet program called MQuestTV, a show that explores a myriad of topics on Healing, Spirit Communication, the Afterlife, Reincarnation, Angels and many others. Catch all of her programs on www.MQuestMedia.com & on Youtube.   





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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1036

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Jules (and Lisa) Czudar from Long Beach, California. Jules wrote a true story, "We Have Your Daughter," about hope, faith, forgiveness, mental illness and kidnapping. Jules was born in Budapest, Hungary. He and his family escaped right after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. He moved to Southern California in 1964, and worked in the Mental Health Industry for over 10 years. Afterwards he began his career in Business Development. During the time the story takes place he got involved in acting. "We Have Your Daughter" is the first in a series of three books called "A Father's Journey." In an epic eight-year battle the author continually sought to find his daughter. The story weaves through the issues of mental illness, the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, light and darkness, fantasy and reality. Would he be another victim of social injustice and legal labyrinths, with no end in sight? Mental illness affects one in four people. It can be destructive to everyone around him or her, but the truly hidden victim is the affected person himself or herself. What if, due to the illness, your wife kidnapped your child, and there was no one to assist you in finding them? What if others knew where they were, but would not help you? What if you had legal rights to see your child, but those rights were ignored? What if your faith in God was severely tested? What if all of these happened at the same time? As the author continually sought to find his daughter, he was falsely accused, put in jail, prosecuted. But he would not give up, and finally prevailed.