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    The Weekend Show: December 6, 2014: Lin Rountree, Hugo G, and Lauren Carse

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    The Weekender Show will feature Lauren Carse and Hugo G interviews. Plus parts of the Lin Rountree interview that was aired on Thursday, December 4th. Check Out Each of their official sites:

    Lauren Carse: www.laurencarse.com

    Hugo G: https://soundcloud.com/hugogblues

    Lin Rountree: www.linrountreemusic.com


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    Brazil Bound: Hugo A. Rueda

    in Soccer

    Hugo A Rueda: They call him the "Walking Football (soccer for you American fans) Encyclopedia." Alongside his co-host Andrew Rowlinson from the United Kingdom, his vast knowledge of the sport will bring an exciting new show on the BDSIR Network called "No Foul Play" at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays covering all of your different leagues around the world. Not only will they talk about the different leagues around the world, but the upcoming FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League. Do you have what it takes to challenge the "Walking Encyclopedia of Football?" He accepts your challenge. Join us at 6:00 PM EST on Tuesday evenings for "No Foul Play."

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    "Entrevista al Licenciado en Administración Hugo Zamora"

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    "Entrevista al Licenciado en Administración  Hugo Zamora"

    Hugo Es un catedrático en administración de empresas  que ofrece sus servicios profesionales de consultoría y capacitación formativa.

    Su visión es la Institución orientada a la consultoría y capacitación en temas de administración que contribuyen a la competitividad de personas y organizaciones tanto públicas como privadas. El ha trabajado con emrpesas tales como Avon, Cambells, Grupo industrial MSA. El Gobierno del estado de Mexico y gobiernos federal y municipales. Este mes el cumple 31 años de impartir consultorias y capacitacion tanto a personas como empresas de todos tamaños. 

    Hugo Hugo reside en Guanajuato México con su familia y visita Estados Unidos a impartir talleres en Grand Rapids Michigan.  

    Para mas informaicon sobre el taller: "ENFOCANDO MI VIDA" Cominicate con Valeria Scheid al 616-901-1447 (Cupo limitado) Este evento se impartira en Grand Rapids Michigan el 2 de Septiembre del 2014 de 6:00 pm a 9:00 pm

    O enviale un correo a: valeria_scheid@hotmail.com 





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    Rememberung Hugo Chavez “El Comandante” One year Later

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    Followers of the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez took to the streets on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of his death.A year after Chavez succumbed to cancer at the age of 58, his self-proclaimed "son," President Nicolas Maduro,where are the opposition politicians to condemn these events, to search for peace like we're searching?He called those building the barricades "vandals who hate the people."Los seguidores del fallecido líder venezolano Hugo Chávez salieron a las calles el miércoles para conmemorar el aniversario de su año death.A después de que Chávez murió de cáncer a la edad de 58, su auto-proclamado "hijo", el presidente, Nicolás Maduro, donde se encuentran la políticos de la oposición para condenar estos hechos, para buscar la paz que estamos buscando? Se llaman los que construyen las barricadas "vándalos que odian a la gente."


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    Obama's Tyranny

    in Politics

    An exploration of Obama's philosophy and planned takeover. We will talk about Cloward-Piven, Sal Alinsky and Hugo Chavez and how they play a key role in shaping Obama's strategies.

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    Musician Craig of Suede & Artist Hugo Navarro

    in Comedy

    We have a special show tonight. We are mixing art with music. Carla Navarro, daughter of international artist Hugo Navarro, will call in and talk about her father's work.
    Hugo A Navarro was born in Santiago Chile and emigrated to US in 1977.  He has lived in Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan and California.  Here in California, he works with local artists’ projects and exhibitions. He has also participated in projects and exhibitions in Spain, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.  He has a website at:  www.hanavarro.org.
    Navarro, is a self-taught artist and a creator of nature in its many aspects. As a creator, here are his inner responses to his latest work, titled “For All These Time.”  These paintings were made in a jail cell at the new home of the 555 Nonprofit Gallery and Studios, located at the former Third Precinct of the Detroit Police Department in the South West Detroit, Michigan Welcome Center.
    Musician Craig of Suede will perform live in our studio. He also will talk about his upcoming CD.

  • Live from Hugo, OK

    in Youth

    Live from Oklahoma

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    Trolls, South Carolina, Hugo Schwyzer, and the GOP

    in Politics

    Join @Ali and @NathanMartin, managing editor of ViralRead.com, to discuss the hottest topics.
    Today we'll tackle the following topics:
    Slaying your online troll... South Carolina U.S. Senate race is shaking up Disgraced o Feminist Hugo Schwyzer's epic Twitter meltdow... part 4? Chris Christie v. Rand Paul, what side are Republicans falling on?

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    The future of Venezuela after Hugo Chavez

    in Politics

    We will have a look at what the future may hold for the future of Venezuela now that Hugo Chavez has died.
    We will review his actions against the Venezuelan people and how his actions affected the world.
    Henriquez Capriles, opposition candidate for Venezuelas new president. Can he pull this off? And what happens if he does?
    How does this affect the United States, Investors and Businesses?

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    The Life of Hugo Chavez part 2 - Chris Jay 03-16-2014 Stay Bold Radio

    in Podcasting

    Sunday 03-16-2014 at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST                                        on Stay Bold Radio

    The Life of Hugo Chavez part 2                                                              hosted by Chris Jay

         Hugo Chavez, rebel against the New World Order, was President of Venezuela from 1998- March 5, 2013, when he died of cancer.  This show is in the wake of the 1 year anniversary of his death.  We will talk about Hugo chavez, as well as other "Bolivarian" in South America, the movement in general, and how it may be the biggest roadblock to the Elites' plans.

    Call in to speak with Chris Jay at (347) 205-9576

    **Also Check Out Stay Bold Radio at these links:







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    President Hugo Chavez 1954-2013

    in Current Events

    Guest: Abel Muhammad, Student Minister and Latina Representative of The Nation Of Islam and Hon. Louis Farrakhan. 
    A discussion and look at the death of President Hugo Chavez, Freedom Fighter and Revolutionary figure and president of Venezuela.
    Host: Brian E. Muhammad

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