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    Quiet, Justice, Love - How We Think of Blackness

    in Culture

    Kevin Quashie, Ph.D., was the guest lecturer for Stetson University's Social Justice Lecture Series in fall 2014. The professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at Smith College spoke on “Quiet, Justice, Love."

    In his talk, Quashie discusses African-American culture, often considered expressive, dramatic and even defiant, characterizations which are linked to the idea of resistance. Indeed, these terms come to dominate how we think of blackness. He addresses the topic of reimagining how we think about black culture, about resistance and justice. He questions how the idea of quiet, as a notion different from silence and as a metaphor for one’s inner life, could include insight into how to be alive in ways that are aware of social violence, but that retain the power and grace that is part of being human.

    For more about Dr. Quashie and his lecture, see the Stetson Today story: http://www.stetson.edu/today/2014/10/social-justice-lecture-quiet-justice-love/

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    This is why we have to keep saying "Black Lives Matter".

    in Entertainment

    Every moment of everyday we get to see evidence that culturally black lives don't matter. 

    Let's dig into it in this episode. 



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    Dark Sayings Upon the Harp

    in The Bible

    David's harp is without solution, or parallel.......fitful spirits seem ever to contend for mastery within its strings.......wailings of sorrow; groans of pain; shadows of doubt, despair, wonder, and fear; all show their face within its music.......enemies of the nation; enemies of the soul rage as if grace were driven away by the surges of passion and grief within.......and so these dark sayings upon the harp rise before Heaven, as the fist of rage in the face of chaos.......


    Man himself, is a dark saying on a harp.......are not we who sing, a universe of being within ourselves, in whom life, nature, and grace combine to make the unique music of our own harps? Man's soul is engraved, as it were, with dark sayings.......chamber on chamber of imagery, covered in mists and hues, they are there; and they are within.......it does seem that we are, at times, possessed of a consciousness, that is more than experience.......it is the music, seeking to resolve the discord within, and express itself in a being of inextinguishable sorrow, separated from his only hope.......and when our harp whispers the music of light,the dark saying on its soul flies before the tone.

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    OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre: T.D. Harvey

    in Books

    Previously working as a veterinary nurse, T.D. Harvey started off writing many thrillers and stories about animals only. Although battling Fibromyalgia, Tee now writes a wide-range of science fiction with a writing portfolio that spans more than 18 years. A native of Hampshire, England, T.D. Harvey reads a portion of Harvest on air in this episode. 

    "Harvest follows a family on their farm, sometime in the future. Technology is not a part of their lives. They use horses to work the land. Autumn is the time to bring in the crops. The weather begins to change, the trees seem to glow in hues of orange, brown and red. Autumn brings the end of summer, the hints of the winter to come; and something else… This story is being published in Anything Goes, an unthemed short story anthology from Writers’ Anarchy."


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    HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE GRID 10 TEAM AND THE GUILLOTINE TEAM. We're gonna start 2015 out the right way! For this topic here, We're gonna address the shift of the possible cultural landscape that we made be witnessing going into 2015. Between the focus being on Racial tension, success of J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, D-Angelo and Christian rapper Lecrae, Azalia Banks getting more mention based off her tweets going at Iggy and professing pro blackness There seems to be a shift amongst the horizon.IS CONSCIOUSNESS coming back into society and within the culture? Is it a wrap for "Trap and microwave rappers?

    We're also gonna address YG and DJ Mustard's beef, LL Cool J and Canibus squashing their beef, Bobby Smurda getting caught up and what we want to see happen in 2015 so lets get it!

    We also got new tracks from Dough Dadon, Killer Mike, Nipsey Hussle, A Unreleased gem from Mac and a Unreleased track Rakim did which was produced by Dr Dre which never got released amongst others so lets bring this year in with a bang!


  • What does it mean to be Black or Afr-American and how did you learn to be that?

    in Current Events

    Join us today 5:30 CST as we raise the question:

    What does it mean to be Black or African-American and how did you learn to be that?


    Are we taught to be Black or is Black the experience the is shared by all Black people?


    As we exit this year 2014 what new chapters would you like read about in the book of Blackness and what chapters are you tired of revisiting and hearing about??

    To have your thoughts views and opinions heard 718-508-9533 or click below to listen in…..





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    in Spirituality

    Discussion will be about empowering our black people. How current events take away and destroy our culture and what we can do as an individual and as a people to gain it back. We will be discussing false teachings that has been handed down in our culture, and how the government has helped with spreading lies amongst and about our people. We will sharing knowledge of our culture and ancestoral background. We encourge to KNOW THYSELF. " A PEOPLE WITHOUT A CULTURE MUST DIE."

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    Ms. Ann Nesby on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    2x Grammy winner as former lead vocalist w/Sounds of Blackness, nominated 6x as a solo artist. As an actress, I've worked w/Tyler Perry, David E. Talbert & most notably starred alongside Beyonce & Cuba Gooding JR in The Fighting Temptations. House music, Gospel Music, R&B, Pop you name it, Ms. Ann can claim it! Power house vocalist, amazing actress, and songwriter, we are so pleased that Ms Ann Nesby is joining Nathan James and Meka Rae for Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne and YOU! So go tell somebody!

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    Joshua Generation Network: Feat. Gary Dennis Hines of The Sounds of Blackness

    in Self Help

    Join us tonight as we talk to veteran Band Leader of the Number One historic and world famous group "The Sounds of Blackness", Gary Dennis Hines.

    Hines, who has led the famous Band for more than 40 years, since its inception, has a musical history that encompasses and expresses every single struggle that Black America has experienced from the beginning of time to now; and in his 40+ year history with TSoB, he has captured those struggles, as well as our pain and passions, in the sound of music.

    Winners of three Grammy Awards, three Stellar Awards, the International Time for Peace Award, an Emmy, two Gold records, one Platinum, the Soul Train Award, the International Dance Music Award, and three NAACP Image Awards, Mr. Hines has written and coordinated commercial music for the NBA, Northwest Airlines, Walt Disney, Sony, Universal Studios, and worked with corporations IBM, 3M, General Motors, the NFL, General Mills, Phillip-Morris, Thomson-West, TARGET, and Anderson Windows.

    They have also done charitable benefit work for the NAACP, the Children's Heart Fund, National Urban League, United Negro College Fund, the Lupus Foundation, Scholarship America, Race for the Cure, and Hale House.


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    Moments In New Blackness

    in Comedy

    This week, the full squad is back together to discuss Pharrell’s concept of “The New Black”, two white lesbian mothers suing a sperm bank over the birth of their biracial baby, and a heated conversation about what it takes to create a moment. This one gets intense. You don’t want to miss it.

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    Disaporan Truth Ferguson Reaction| Open Forum

    in News

    The ruling by the grand jury in Clayton MO, over the Ferguson case involving Officer Wilson shooting Mike Brown, was not to indict Wilson. The result of this ruling has led to protests in Ferguson and several other cities across America. Outrage, mixed emotions and lots of questions, How does affect young generation today? Ayaan Natala, a first year student at Macalester College in Minneapolis MN gives us her perspective. She currently is a youth adviser for the N.A.A.C.P.and has been following the case closely. Join us on Saturday Nov 29 at 9 am EST - Call 347-237-4270 to listen or participate or follow the link.

    Following Diasporan Truth is Open Forum with Rodger Chali.

    Brief bio on Ayaan Natala: First year student at Macalester, with intentions to major in American studies and Political science with a minor in Chinese. In high school, she was a nationally competitive debater. After college, she hopes to get her doctorate to educate more Americans about anti-blackness in a national and global context. Ayaan is the daughter to Titus Natala, one of the co-founders of Zambia Blog Talk Radio.

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