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    Business Problems And Solutions HQ; "Don't Manage By Maybes"

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    Today's show - Business Problems And Solutions HQ - is hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online.  Scott Davis, the Founder of Business Problems And Solutions HQ, LLC, will join Philip in a discussion about the phrase "Don't Manage By Maybes." and why business people need to understand it.

    Scott Davis is an accomplished businessman with success across multiple industries.  He owns several Pizza Ranch Restaurants in Iowa, is the President of Driving Loyalty - a database marketing platform with a proprietary software application currently serving the auto industry - and he recently founded Business Problems And Solutions HQ, LLC - a technology based incubator company focused on finding and solving common business problems based on his own experiences.

    Today's discussion will focus on the phrase, "Don't Manage By Maybes" which reflects a wisdom that Scott has found to be the cornerstone of most successful businesses.  The fact that decision makers set the stage for everyone's shared success puts an extra burden on their need to pick a course and stick with it!

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    Problem Solution HQ; Customer Satisfaction Best Practices At Basic Honey of SD

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    Today’s Problem Solution HQ blog talk radio show features an interview with Eric Low, the Co-Founder of Basic Honey, LLC based out of South Dakota.

    Philip Zelinger, the host of the show, will share his personal experience with his order of Raw Clover Honey that prompted him to invite Eric to join him on air.  Philip was impressed with the product but it was how Eric handled a potential problem with his order that warranted the invitation to discuss the importance of customer satisfaction in today’s consumer driven market.

    About Eric Low

    Eric Low is the owner and active CEO for Basic Honey LLC. He is one of just three beekeepers in charge of the production of all honey. Eric's great grandfather was the first beekeeper in the family, and the founder of the family business. Despite being born into it, Eric has come to love the bees and the beekeeping lifestyle just as his father and grandfather before him. He is extremely dedicated to the tradition of beekeeping and the protection of our environment. Eric's primary focus is, and always will be, sharing honey and all else that is good with others.

    About Basic Honey, LLC

    Basic Honey was founded atop the foundations of a growing demand for products that are untampered by big business.  It was built on the success of the family’s established company,  Skipper Honey Co.

    Eric explained that he wanted to spread awareness about the decline in bee health in America by comparing it to the canary in the coal mine; "We are a small family business that has no affiliation with those who tamper with honey for profit - what the hive produces is exactly what you get. When you purchase Basic Honey you have guaranteed yourself and your loved ones honey that truly is from the comb to your home."

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    Business Problems and Solutions HQ Features My Time To Work

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    Today's show - Business Problems And Solutions HQ - is hosted by Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online.  

    Scott Davis, the President and Founder of a new software solution company titled - Business Problems And Solutions, LLC (BP&S) - will join Philip to introduce their latest project "My Time To Work."

    BP&S is an incubator for technology based applications that surface and solve universal problems for small businesses. My Time To Work provides a proven process and communication platform that allows busness owners to monitor and manage their work force to maximize efficiency and profitability using their centralized mobile application.

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    in Sports

    The Soldiers Family TV & Radio and Host Steve Tomaszewski presents:

    USAF General John Borling "LIVE" @ Sears International Headquarters in Hoffman Estates .

    The Association Military Sears Network proudly present a "Talk" with General John Borling.

    This show is dedicated to our men and women in Afghanistan and around the world protecting our


    General Borling Military Career &  United States Air Force Academy

    Borling was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, where he was shot down by ground fire. Seriously injured in his crash, Captain Borling still attempted to commandeer a Vietnamese supply truck for his escape. He was able to gain control of a supply truck, but the truck was carrying Vietnamese regulars.[2] Captain Borling was soon overpowered by the soldiers and would spend the next 6½ years as a POW in Hanoi.[3] John Borling was released on February 12, 1973. Subsequent to his return, he was an F-15 Eagle fighter pilot and commander MORE...

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    Dear HQ

    in Health

    Every now and then loyal listeners go to our website and submit a question for topic of discussion. These shows are about helping the person who asked the question, and sharing that advice with others. Since we are all in this together, asking questions is a great way to get help and help others in this world. And who doesn't like to know that they have made a difference! Got a question, ask us by going to hummingbirdqi.com.

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    RADIO HATE LIVE with kilgoar & hatesec looks at the CIA torture report!

    in Politics

    Waterboarded to Miley Cyrus? Sounds like a nice little Saturday at chronicle.su HQ

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    trapmarfia hq

    in Comedy

    group mebers frm diffrent groups trappin highly nd so qaulified

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    Meet Dr. Jerry Williamson & GTN World HQ

    in Culture

    Meet GTN President Dr. Jerry Williamson, and get to know the work and ministry of the World Headquarters based in Jacksonville, FL. You can see more at http://GoToNations.org!

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    Karl S. Williams

    in Pop Culture

    BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes welcomes Australian singer / songwriter Karl S. Williams. Recorded live at Cyber PR HQ on October 26, 2014. 

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    The Cabana Kids

    in Pop Culture

    BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes welcomes Kiki & Joseph from NYC indie-pop surf-rock group The Cabana Kids. Recorded live at Cyber PR HQ in Brooklyn on October 26, 2014. 

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    Direct from eBay HQ The Team Behind the Guides and Reviews Platform

    in Marketing

    We are joined by the eBay team behind the scenes of the Guides and Reviews platform.  Learn how this free tool eBay has to offer can bring sellers business while helping others at the same time.

    We will be joined by Marc Siegel and his team, direct from eBay Headquarters. They will be sharing with us some SEO tips and formating tips for creating a powerful marketing guide on eBay.

    Also we will touch on what is new with eBay's Review section as well.

    Tune in and learn how Guides and Reviews can benefit both the buyer and seller on eBay.

    Visit the site direct at: http://www.ebay.com/gds




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