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    Effects of hormones on HPV and abnormal pap smears.

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    Learn why its important to keep hormones in balance to prevent problems with HPV.

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    HPV vaccines

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    This call will discuss HPV and how to prevent abnormal pap smears, or how to treat them once you have them.  Discussion will center around nutrition, mind-body connetion, herbs, and more.

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    "HPV: The Silent Killer and Method of Depopulation"

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    Tom Gambill will share information on "HPV: The Silent Killer and Method of Depopulation" 


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    HPV, not the Hanky Panky Virus

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    Our apologies for the upload error July 30, thank you for listening to Cross Link Radio.

    Debra Z. Sabatini, known in the industry, as Debbie “Z” is a Cause Driven Educator, passionate speaker and pioneer health crusader with a wealth of cutting edge information used to ignite total health and wellness and ‘What can be’ to the world.

    As a keynote speaker Debra specializes in marketing progressive informational, motivational and implementable programs for small business, sales professionals industry leaders, as well as the medical community she is dedicated to. Debra’s programs ‘HPV, NOT the Hanky Panky Virus the media portrays it to be, Oral Cancer for the health professional and the community we serve’, ‘What’s In Your Pocket: Oral Biofilm as it relates to systemic illness’, and  ‘Acknowledge Greatness in a Profession full of Pandemonium’ have garnered traction on the lecture and educational stage. Her humble, relatable and inspiring style has made her a crowd favorite and an easy decision for meeting planners and organizations nationally and internationally.

    Produced by Ann Hansen

    Please contact me with questions or to be a guest:  annkind@hotmail.com

    Debra’s speaking experience has taken her around the country and provided her the privilege of presenting to Medical and Dental organizations, this year an opportunity to present in Dubai. In addition, Debra has produced nearly 25 of her own events with hundreds of attendees with the OralEd Institute, ™ a collaborative educational resource institute which she founded in 2012. Debra also writes and has been published within several industry publications. Her goal is to finish her book.  Welcome to the show Debbie Z.



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    Arielle Loren on HPV

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    Join me, Mai Vu as I discuss the big scare of HPV among all the STDs with my colleague Ariele Loren of Corset Magazine "CORSET is the go-to magazine for all things sexuality. We embrace human curiosity. We honor sensuality. We celebrate sex." Their movement and Sex Lies and Consciousness movement is very much in alignment. for more information, please go to MaiVuCoach.com or SexLiesandConsciousness.com Every week I give away ONE complimentary Discovery session to my listeners. Book your session here

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    Thank You For HPV, Zeina Smidi

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    Today's show I bring on guest Zeina Smidi, author of Thank You For HPV. A guide for healing HPV naturally. Somewhat of a misunderstood plague, HPV lurks as one of the most prevelant Sexually Transmitted Diseases in America. Its almost everywhere and manifests in different ways. Long known for just being a womans disease, that's far from the truth. Join the convo. After our talk, I'm talking more about my upcoming veggie burger and veggie meats event. Thanks guys!

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    Healing with Dr Daniels - Human Papilomavirus (HPV) Is It A Scurge?

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    Please join Dr Jennifer Daniels on September 2nd at 6pm EDT for the Healing with Dr Daniels Show. The show's title is  Human Papiloavirus (HPV): Is It the Scurge of the Century?

    Human papillomavirus causes warts on feet and hands but in my 19 years of taking pap smears no case of cervical cancer was never detected.

    Tune in to Healing with Dr Daniels on September 2n at 6pm EDT. Listen by phone  (914-338-0695 or online click this link or copy this on your browser:


    Ask questions during the show, by phone call: 914-338-0695 or online go to http://healingwithdrdaniels.chatango.com/

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    HPV-The other Oral Cancer

    in Current Events

    Shirley Gutkowski is out of the studio today and Diana Corbin is leading a discussion on her passion, HPV oral cancer, the fastest growing oral cancer. Listen in for a real education on how to stay cancer free.
    This is a discussion we need to have with our patient's!
    Comment at America's Dental Hygienist on Facebook. 
    Michael Douglas interview on his sexually transmitted oral cancer on the link below from an article posted June 2, 2013
    Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer HPV infographic from Mount Sini Hospital

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    HPV Gardasil Vaccine "Mysteries" ~ Tamara & Haleigh Brown ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

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    Tamara & Haleigh Brown ~ Guests on "Public Advocate" Radio

    Sallie O. Elkordy, Host https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sallie-O-Elkordy-for-NYC-Public-Advocate/587347554614900

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    Ask Herbal health Expert Susun Weed & 'Daring: My Passages' Gail Sheehy

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Gail Sheehy. Gail Sheehy is the author of sixteen books, including the classic New York Times bestseller Passages, named one of the ten most influential books of our times by the Library of Congress. A multiple award-winning literary journalist, she was one of the original contributors to New York magazine and has been a contributing editor to Vanity Fair since 1984. She returns with her inspiring memoir — a chronicle of her trials and triumphs as a groundbreaking “girl” journalist in the 1960s, to iconic guide for women and men seeking to have it all, to one of the premier political profilers of modern times. A popular lecturer, Sheehy was named AARP's Ambassador of Caregiving in 2009. She lives in New York City.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • chickweed and comfrey for opening up oil glands in eyes..

    • removing skin cancer with Mohs and calendula oil around stiched area...

    • PCOS and wanting to conceive..

    • praise for violet infusions and eczema..

    • HPV- 90% of cases clear up on their own without any treatment..

    • lingering nerve pain and tingling from viral meningitis- hypericum perforatum..

    • preparation of seeds and meats..

    • marijuana is the specific herb for glaucoma..

    • reacurring vaginal yeast infection- check out Down There Sexual and Reproductive Health The Wise Woman Way

    • and much more...

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    Interviews by Freda Birrell of Sanevax.org ~ HPV Vaccine & Yellow Fever Vaccine

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    Guest Host today is Freda Birrell of http://sanevax.org (and interviewed previously with Norma Erickson on Public Advocate with breaking news:  http://tobtr.com/s/6325415 .)

    Interviewees:  Caron Ryalls (HPV Vaccine) and Trine Villemann (Yellow Fever Vaccine) will post to the comment area beneath (scroll down to the bottom of this page) the links they refer to in this interview and other supporting materials.

    Sallie O. Elkordy, host of "Public Advocate" referenced two informative links.  They are: Interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries about the Polio Vaccine and "Dissolving Illusions":  http://tobtr.com/s/5679335 and Legislation for a VACCINE FREE WORLD (formerly "Ban Vaccines 2013"): https://www.facebook.com/notes/sallie-o-elkordy-for-nyc-public-advocate/legislation-for-a-vaccine-free-world-challenge-which-city-state-or-nation-will-b/853555831327403 ~ Sallie's BLOG:  http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com 

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