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    How to Overcome Obstacles--Guest: Svetlana Kim

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    How do you run radio shows and make profit?  Today, we have Svetlana Kim as a guest.  She is a Radio Show expert, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine, Yahoo! Contributors Network, entrepreneur, and  Community Advocate.  Svetlana is a host of the Radio Show called "To The Stars Trough Adversity." http://www.blogtalkradio.com/svetlanakim.

    She has all we want to listen to, how to build confidence, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing passion.  

    Training for Radio Shows 1st episode: http://bit.ly/1iJbJMa

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    How To Overcome Obstacles In Your Life

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    We have all had obstacles in our lives, that have stopped us from moving forward.   I am here to tell you that most obstacles are self created. But, there are some that are really not. Just because you were born with an Obstacle or you created, it doesn’t mean you have to be held from enjoying a prosperous life. Our special guest for this Sunday, Stephen J. Hopson was born deaf but quickly learned to speak and began attending public school. At five years old, he told his parents he would be a pilot and was dismissed as foolish, but as an adult he made an aviation history by becoming world first deaf instrument-rate pilot. He also became an award-winning wall street Stockbroker. He is now a transformational speaker, inspiring thousands of people worldwide to believe in themselves and to achieve the impossible.

  • Aggie Villanueva

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    Media specialist, photographer and author, Aggie Villanueva, will discuss her recent publication, "The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the Genre”. She is also the founder of Promotions A La Carte.

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    How to Overcome Betrayal

    in Christianity

    Do you know how to overcome betrayal? While growing up, many of us had problems with friends betraying us, or turning against us to go be with a new friend. Some of us, continue struggling with feeling isolated and many are betrayed by fellow employers and employees. I’ve seen married couples who are madly in love fall apart because of infidelity. But what happens when we’re betrayed by members from the same church? We try leaving the world behind, but the world seems to follow us no matter where we go.  On this episode of Faith Time, learn three steps that will help you overcome betrayal.

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    How To Overcome Satan Daily

    in Christianity

    The truth is we have already overcome Satan and the only power he has is lies and deception. So to us we gain from the truth and application by faith the truth of Gods word.

    The devil is a liar and the father of lies and He is relentless in lying to you and keeping you in the dark. If he is able to keep you in the dark you miss out of the truth that sets you free and the oppression of Satan can keep you bound in a very dark and depressing place if you are not careful to obey the truth.

    The truth thats sets us free is the word of God and even if we dont FEEL change God's word never can fail nor will it. God cannot lie nor does He, It's the greatest truth the world has ever known or will know and I pray tonight you will discern and gain lasting freedom over the lies and deceit of the evil one.

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    How to Overcome Your Fears and Reach Out For Success with Sharon Mathis

    in Health

    Overcoming fear can be one of the greatest challenges we face in our lives. Fear can take many shapes and forms, and sometimes we need more than a pep talk in the mirror to let go of our fears and grasp opportunities as they come our way. In this week's episode, we chat with Sharon Mathis, a nurse entrepreneur who will answer some of your questions about how to overcome your fears and the challenges that fear represents as well as how to take advantage of opportunities.

    A Registered Nurse specializing in geriatrics, Sharon is currently a consultant for Sandwichcare, a health care professional provider that reaches out to support individuals, families and communities who are seeking support while dealing with difficult times. The organization offers various services including one-on-one consultations. Sharon is also the author of various articles including How I Became a Nurse Entrepreneur, Tales from Fifty Nurses in Business, New Opportunities Require New Attitudes and Don’t Let Fear Block Your Road to Success. Her research interests include elder care, effective communication, problem resolution and bullying- just to name a few.

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    Life Strategies: How to Overcome Self Sabotage

    in Self Help

    On this episode, host Kelly Galea is talking with Cris Baker to discover his little known secret to improving your life.

    Some of what we'll cover:

    What self-sabotage really is & why we do it
    How to overcome your self sabotage
    How to be more effective
    The difference between improving your context versus your content
    What inner power is & how you can increase yours


    Cris Baker has much practice in adversity, he's been screwing things up for years! So he knows how to answer your question: What will improve your current situation? Discover why your actions have resulted in your circumstances, and you'll also know how to make things better.

    Never one just accept to someone's beliefs, he knows that life is rational, and authentic knowing along with experience have way more power than just understanding. 

    The context in which you do what you do is crucial to your success. As Henry Ford famously said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right. Either way!"

    Published works include: Self-Sabotage? What it is, Why we do it, When we do it, How to Overcome It! and What you Resist, Persists! For more information, see www.LifeStrategies.net/cris.

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    Overcome Obstacles to Become #1 - Michael Wenniger

    in Business

    Michael Wenniger, Co-Founder and CEO of Essante Organics, is a highy successful entrepreneur, who knows what it takes to be #1. The road to success was paved with obstacles and Michael overcame them, one by one.  Today you will hear how to overcome your obstacles and reach new levels of success.
    Michael Wenniger is internationally known for formulating and deilvering unique, patented,100% chemical free products and a superior home based business model.
    Hear the Breaking News from Michael Wenniger-- news that supports a healthy lifestyle.  You will also be introduced to a lucrative opportunity.  We want you to get your chance to be #1.

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    Overcoming The Obstacles In Your Life with Host Kiler Davenport

    in Motivation

    I implore all of you to give this show a chance. It will change your life forever. So many are struggling with personal issues - lack of employment, unable to pay bills, loose friendships, bad relationships, faultering businesses, government red tape, mean and overbearing bosses, and a hoard of seemingly impossible obstacles.

    Tonight I will go indepth. I will dig the deepest well into these issues. This may be one of the most important two hours of your life. Bring your pen and paper. I ask all of you critics, nay sayers, spammers, hackers and party poopers to join us. You might even learn something too. See ya on air.

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    Do It NOW: How To Overcome Procrastination

    in Entrepreneur

    Procrastination is the killer of dreams, and the thief of self-confidence. The antidote? ACTION, of course. Action is pretty simple, yet so few slip the surly bonds of procrastination and fly to their highest potential without action...inspired, yet imperfect action.

    Join JT today at 10:30am EST and learn 5 techniques to taking better action...NOW. Your business and life depend on it.

    Fly HIgh. Fly Fast. Fly Far!


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    How to Overcome Fear and Build a Successful Holistic Practice

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    Are you ready to overcome the fears that are holding you back and keeping you from having the successful holistic practice you know in your heart you should be experiencing? On today's show Holistic Business Coach Bob Crawford reveals the truth about your fears and what they are really about. Plus you'll learn how to break through those fear barriers and step into your brilliant self so you can shine your light far and wide. You can learn more about growing your holistic business in an authentic and heart-centered way, and also receive access to a special free audio just for holistic practitioners, by going to www.GrowingYourHolisticBusiness.com right now.

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