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    This is a comedic look at the vagaeries of producing, writing, directing a show for TV and or the internet. With John Lehr and Nancy Hower.

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    EPISODE #147


    In this week’s episode we’re chatting about:


    Why some people seem to make habits that last and others struggle – and how to become someone who wins with habits

    How to overcome your past, self-imposed mental limitations and to start changing the outcomes of your future through your thinking

    A solution to help you ensure that you follow through on what you said you are going to do this year and on how to stop getting in your own way in the process



    Just a quick hello to all of my Keep the Faith listeners out there – thanks for being part of the community of contagious encouragement.








    This podcast is proudly brought to you by the company I am proud to partner with – and the company whose products I now exclusively use for my family and me: Beautycounter. Be in the know about better and safer beauty – be part of the beauty of Beautycounter. You can check out our product line at www.beautycounter.com/trishblackwell






    How are your New Years Resolutions going? You’re one month in, have they stuck?

    Believing in who you are now instead of believing the limitations of who you used to be.

    Are you moving through the motions of life or are you maximizing the moments of the day? (at 4pm do you wait for it to finally be 5 or 6pm? Are you going through your day wishing it away and wanting it to hurry along?)






    “Your beliefs become your thoughts,

    Your thoughts become your words,

    Your words become your actions,

    Your actions become your habits,

    Your habits become your values,

    Your values become your destiny.”

    ? Mahatma Gandhi


    “We become what we repeatedly do.”

    ? Sean Cov

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    "Beef" Within The Culture....

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    Tonight on DotMobRadio we're chopping it up about "Beef" within the culture BattleRap/ Rap....it's been alot going on lately 50 cent vs Meek ,RickRoss vs Baby,Game vs Stitches,Kodak Black vs Soulja Boy,DotMob vs NWX ect....we don't no what's real or fake these days so let's chop it up and see what the streets think about it ya dig! #Dotlove #DotLoyalty #DotMfMob

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    How to love make love to a woman without having sex By Matthew

    in Romance

    How to love  make love to a woman without having sex By  Matthew call in Tonight and join the talk 347-327-9117 

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    How to Make Psychic Predictions, Telekenesis & PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

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    Another Blogtalk host emailed me after listening to my episode on, "Death Warnings" and asked me if I could teach them how to make Psychic Predictions.  So, in this episode I will explain the best way to make Psychic Predictions for the New Year 2016.  There are many ways as a Psychic to perform a reading and it's the same way when you are going to make a Psychic Prediction video for 2016.  If you use Tarot cards or Crystal Balls for your regular readings than you should do the same for the yearly predictions.  I use a combination of techniques as a Psychic but I am Clairvoyant so this is how I connect the best.  Clairvoyant is a, "Seer" and I am able to see future events this way. However, some of my predictions do come from dreams and these are psychic dreams which are detailed.  They can be called Time Travel dreams, Lucid Dreams, or Spiritual Discernment dreams.  What is your main focus for your New Year Prediction?  Is it Celebrities?  Is it World Affairs?  So, first you need to identify what you are going to predict. I will explain in detail.

    Second part of show will be on Telekenesis.  Kinetic meaning moving.  Moving an object with your mind.  I will explain how you can practice telekenesis.  I have made a Youtube video using Telekenesis to move an eraser on a pin using just my mind.  As this was my first real attempt I used my fingers as a visualization tool.  I visualized my fingers connected to the object and as I moved my fingers from quite a distance from the object I was able to literally move the object.  Now, this worked for me as a beginner but I will tell you all techniques.

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON  2 HOUR SHOW TODAY!!!  Private readings at mia0899cs@gmail.com. 2016-Price changes $30.00/30 minute reading and $60.00/1 hour.  Email readings $50.00. 




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    Tonight beef

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    Time yo go in beef

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    Have you ever found yourself in a situation that's so lousy, but you have to make a decision, and all you want to do is start running to anything, anyone, or anyplace.

    If you haven’t then you are the lucky one, because I know many of us have found ourselves in that predicament.

    It does not matter what the decision is about, it may take a minute to decide or years to decide.

    Then you make the decision and then the pondering starts, some days, your mind is completely made up, and you get excited about the decision, other days, you feel like an emotional wreck, terrified that you are making the wrong decision.

    But seriously, why are decisions often such a source of conflict? Usually, there are three options: making the safe choice, maintaining the status quo, or taking a risk.

    Sure, sometimes it may be okay to shoot and then declare what you hit as your target—but not when we're talking about your marriage, your career, or your life goals. That's why every time you're looking at a major decision, your first test should be to make certain you're running toward something instead of running from something. This is time when you ask yourself, "Is this an escape-based decision or a target-based decision?" If it's an escape based decision, just be careful, because you may be jumping from the frying pan right into the fire.

    Join me Janice Clarke Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant and Reiki  Practitioner as we discuss the matters that make our decisions difficult, and how to be confident and stick to  our decisions when we make them,.


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    2016 Goals - How to Make Them, Track Them, and Achieve Them

    in Business

    When you are a busy growing company, it is tough to sit down and make plans for the future - you are too busy dealing with all of the work in the present.  But creating marketing and sales goals that you can track are not only worth the time, they will over deliver in terms of success.

    On today's episode, host Christopher Tompkins is going to share his tips to creating, tracking and achieving your marketing and sales goals in 2016!

    To learn more about Christopher Tompkins, visit him online by clicking here and receive his brand new book for FREE!

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    Need Money? Here's How to Make Money in the Sharing Economy

    in Business

    Want to make money now? Here's how (without the infomercial baloney). Follow the commercial trend...and in this case, it's the share economy. Glenn from The CasualCapitalist.com joins us to share his top tips for making money off of the hottest trend with millennials and others.

    Plus, headlines, Doug's trivia, and much more.

    Thanks to SoFi and MagnifyMoney.com for sponsoring our podcast!

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    How Small Daily Habits Can Make A Big Impact

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    With a brand new, shiny year ahead of us it is tempting to want to make some major changes to our health & fitness so we can have our best year yet! Changing everything all at once will often create feelings of stress and anxiety and can cause you to be overwhelmed and experience defeat. By incorporating small daily healthy habits that make a big impact on your overall health and fitness into your lifestyle, you’ll be more likely to sustain these habits over the long-term, enabling you to reach your goals and experience success. When you consider a goal as a long term project that you then break down into little manageable steps, you can expect long lasting results. Follow these simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine and start improving your overall well-being one small step at time! 

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    5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Meditating

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    I have been asked a lot of questions about meditation over the past few years. As people are feeling the urge to raise their vibration and get in touch with a higher self, they turn to medititation. However, there is so much information on the subject of meditation and so many things that tend to contridict one another, that they are left with a lot of confusion. Not to mention those who have been mediating for years who are not seeing the results they desire. So I decided to do a show and help clear up a lot of this confusion. Today I am going to be discussing the 5 biggest mistakes and misconceptions people make when meditating. Whether you are new to meditation or you've been doing it for years, this is a show you don't want to miss!