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    How to Discover Your True Potential

    in Lifestyle

    Jennifer "Joy" Mualin is the Founder of Discovery of Your Potential, an extremely passionate national speaker and author.  Often times we are searching for a place to belong in this world, and have no idea how to get started. Jennifer will give practical information to help you get started by using 5 principles she's used to help individuals get their breakthrough. Discovery of Your Potential is a synopsis of a 30,000 hours study of at least 86 bestsellers of hundreds of works and inner insight to give you the most leading edge practical information from the best sources to help you live your potential now!  It’s your time to live in abundance of life right now!   

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    How To Discover Your Purpose in Life While Single

    in Christianity

    Join national author/minister, Kim Brooks, as she unlocks the key to your own unique purpose and destiny by sharing how you can discover your purpose and find fulfillment walking in God's plan for your life right now.  Don't miss this eye-opening, inspiring show http://www.KimOnTheWeb.com

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    How to Gather Data to Discover Your Target Audience

    in Internet

    How to discover the target audience of your business, and why that is important. Be sure to tune in, and if you like the episode, like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie.

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    How to Discover the Best You and Change Your Life Forever

    in Self Help

    March, 19, 2015 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: How to Discover the Best You and Change Your Life Forever

    INTERVIEW GUEST: Jessica Blalock, Ph.D.

    Dr. Jessica Blalock is a Consultant, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus in Organizational Psychology, from the University of Tennessee. She has more than 15 years of experience and has worked nationally and internationally with a variety of clients including government, non-profit, private, education, utilities, and financial. Dr. Blalock is the Director of the Center of Discovery based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Center of Discovery offers unique tools, resources and certification programs to empower individuals experiencing a personal or career transition. She is the author of several workbooks and manuals that address personal, professional and developmental needs. Her new book is titled, Discovery: Raise Your Personal Power in a Changing World.


    According to Dr. Jessica Blalock, Director of the Center of Discovery, "Discovery empowers you to live life to your highest potential by positioning you to see, be and surround yourself with the loving energies that are in the universe. It helps you become committed to an enduring life with patience, while enjoying the good and the chronicles of life." Each of us has a purpose for being here and we are uniquely designed to fulfill that purpose. In order to do that, however, we must continually strive to discover the best version of ourselves. This is the version of you that recognizes your gifts, talents and skills. The version of you that takes the personal and professional action required to be committed to an enduring and fulfilling life. How can you discover the best you?

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    Discover how you are emotionally tied to people who don’t serve you

    in Entrepreneur

    You are uniquely brilliant created for a purpose!  The world NEEDS YOU!

    Do you find you still have some doubts about that.  We want to help you breakthrough that old thinking about yourself into the freed, released, empowered you!  Host Steve Kidd is joined on Thriving Entrepreneur by eWN Radio Host newest host Leslie Green.

    Together they are going to help you discover that often the people that are in lives are not helping us get where we are going. 

    We find in life that we become most like the 5 people we spend the most time with.  The old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” is not only true but it effects the direction of your life.  What we need to learn is how to identify these negative influences in our life.  We need to understand that emotionally we are literally tied to these people.

    Once we discover the influence other people in our life are having on our life, we need courage to make a bold and daring change that will result in a better us.  A change that will allow is to make the greatest impact on our world.

    The world needs you!  Don’t let the others determine the course of your life.  Learn how to empower yourself to release those who do not serve you and embrace people who want to help you impact the world and be a Thriving Entrepreneur

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    Discover How to Eliminate Stress By Using More of Your Untapped Higher Brain

    in Business

    They say we use only 10% of our brains and two recent movies "Lucy" and "I Origins" posed intriguing questions about what happens if we can access more.

    If you are tired of living your life dictated by your primitive survival or lower brain, the one that keeps you in the grip of stress, fear, anxiety, reactive impulse, addiction, frustration and resistance to change-then you shouldn't miss this timely interview.

    What if you were able to live from your largely untapped higher brain: the creative, expansive, confident, connected, intellectually stimulated, healthy, problem-solving and change-adapting part of your physiology? Wouldn't life be far better? And can't we do more?

    Indeed so!  And now there is a new breakthrough that releases a surge of energy into your largely untapped higher brain. It breaks the hold that the survival brain has on us - the destructive patterns that keep us mired in our stress-driven, often addictive lives - and shifts the operational mode to the higher brain. It's like going from low gear to high. The process is called Higher Brain Living®(HBL) and it is being introduced to individuals by trained facilitators globally.

    In this interview with Zach Polsfuss, you will discover:

    How our survival brains have locked us into nearly unbreakable patterns
    How shifting into living from the higher brain can drastically and dramatically alter the way we experience life
    How HBL came to be and the impact it is having for those who have experienced it
    What scientists are learning about increasing energy and oxygen in the higher brain
    How HBL can end the stressful way of life so common to Americans  that shows up as depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight fluctuation, money drama, arguments, headaches, stomach pain...and more

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    Have You Been Called Into The Great Work? Discover Your Psychic Gifts.

    in Spirituality

    This show will discuss ways to develop your psychic abilities. Join host, Ordained Esoteric, Interfaith and Psychic Minister, The Priestess.  With over 28 years experience, The Priestess has done readings for people from every walk of life. She has been featured on VH1 and Bravo and will be answering your questions live, using the amazingly accurare talking board to tell you directly if you are called into the Great Work. If you are, you will be given spiritual direction on  what steps you need to take to grow your gift and what lifestyle practices keep you from growing your gift. You will be given personal techniques, prayer, meditation, diet and exercise instruction, all by way of Spirit, for developing your gifts and the path you should take in using your gifts for helping others. If you feel you have a gift but not sure of your abilities, or maybe you have been studying, doing spiritual work and have not made the progress you feel you should have, this is the show for you. Call in, see what advice is given, see how Spirit guides you on your psychic journey, see if you have been called into the Great Work, and see if you have what it takes to be successful at it. Please visit www.thepriestess.net

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    Discover the World of Dowsing

    in Spirituality

    Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson, hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, will be joined by Annette Rugolo, an international Master Inner Diamond and Dowsing Instructor. She has been teaching Diamond Dowsing since 2006 and helping people understand the impact their environment has on their sleep, health, relationships and success.

    Ancient civilizations have used dowsing to create ‘Heaven on Earth’. Places such as Stonehenge, Avebury and the cathedrals of Europe were built using this knowledge. Find out why learning this ancient wisdom is important to you now!

    Annette will share how you can recognize if your environment is supporting you. She will also share how the technique of dowsing can find and cure negative energy in your environment.

    Special offers for listeners:

    1.  Half Price on the dowsing of bedroom or office. Regular price: $250 Half price: $125

    2.  Half Price on the dowsing of a home up to 2500 sq. ft. Regular price: $800 Half price: $400

    This episode is brought to you by:

    Conscious Life Resources

    We offer products and seminars to help you seek out the proper balance of energies in your home and your life





    Contact info:  divinegoddessradio@gmail.com

    Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136

    Marie Langlie 651-303-0555





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    IWA How it was (Fallout)

    in Entertainment

    Part 3 with Al hammer

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    Discover Your Inner Voice and How Recognizing That Voice Determines Your Success

    in Business

    There is an outer and inner side of life and success. The outer side of success is most obvious with accomplishments we see in ourselves and other. Recognizing the inner side is the golden key to the foundation to continued success.  So what in the world is that supposed to mean??

    Join Chinello Haney, spiritual teacher, former commodities broker, and entrepreneur and me on Now&Next Radio as we explore the ancient teachings and tools that lay the foundation for inner and outer success. 

    This segment applies to everyone who wants greater success, entreprenuers and employees and volunteers. The answers are within!


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    Meet Mike Hambright the Founder of FlipNerd.com - Discover Investment Tips

    in Real Estate

    Tune in LIVE Today to Learn Directly from the Mastermind behind FlipNerd.com

    FlipNerd.com is The Most Powerful Master Mind in Real Estate Investing. FlipNerd.com hosts multiple new video and podcast interviews each week with VIPs in the real estate investing and real estate world. We interview powerful new guests often, in a format where others can learn and grow in a casual setting. They also host other entrepreneurs and interesting people.

    His shows can be found at: www.flipnerd.com/shows

    Join us as have a conversation with Mike Hambright and discover how and why he began FlipNerd.

    Some of the questions he will answer, include:

    1. How did Mike come up with the idea of FlipNerd?

    2. What is his Ultimate Mission with FlipNerd?

    3. How many shows have you produced thus far?

    4. What are the Biggest Lessons you have personally learned from interviewing other Real Estate Rock Stars?

    5. Plus, general background of how you started your investing career.


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