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  • How Bemer Works

    in Health

    How Bemer is changing lives in America today

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    Dog Works Radio: Public Access Training

    in Pets

    Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as they present Dog Works Radio. On this episode we talk about public access training for service dogs. 

  • Dog Works Radio: FAQ Service Dogs

    in Pets

    Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as they host Dog Works Radio from Alaska. 

  • How to Get a Gig (Goals)

    in Self Help


    Plan your work and work your plan.  I translate sales techniques to educate the musicians and entertainers on How to Get a Gig.  Most of us have been selling all of our lives and never realize it.  I'll show you how to build the skills needed to put you on top.  

    In this episode I talk about making goals.  Without a plan your wondering about.  With a plan will put you in the 1% group and you'll get the gig.

    Be sure you take advantage of our resources and create your free profile to promote yourself and your business at www.TheSingingFireman.com.  


    See you at the next gig!


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    Bemer And How It works

    in Health

    Daily  Discussion about what is going on in the Bemer Business In America

  • Guiding force in blindness of love: Love Value

    in Relationships


    Relatinoship talk with Psychic Sally Love! Chat about love, desire and energy. 

    In the last episode, I talked about the person with a developed love antenna can manifest a partner of her desire. In this episode, we will explore what makes the antena to be strong and clear, and also we are going to look at how we can "select" and choose YOUR partner using your love values.  Knowing what is important in your relatinoship will help you to attract, choose and communicate with a potentical partner or current partner in the adventure of love.  " Love is Blind", well then we would better to have a flash light, don't you think?

    Call in to ask or chat about your love is welcome.  Call in # is (646)787-1847







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    Global Force Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, and WWE- Oh What Fun!

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we give our opinion on Global Force Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, WWE and so much more. We can't take answer your questions when you call in but email us at wrestlingtracks@gmail.com!

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    The Force Is Strong with the Podvader

    in Sports


    The Sports Gal Pal, Ramona Rice, is joined by her podcasting mentor Jay Soderburg (aka the Podvader) but Jay brought along his wife Benay (Queen Podme) to the show as well. They had a frank conversation about balancing real life with the love of sports and how marriage is work.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    Queen Podme does not share Podvader's obession of the New England Patriots
    She does recognize that Podvader has influenced their kids in sports but mainly positive 
    She uses Sunday football days as days to still spend as a family - despite not wanting to actively watch football

    Podvader and the Sports Gal Pal also discuss some upcoming events on Blog Talk Radio - including her two-a-day series with all of Podvader's Next Fan Up Superfans.

    Also, the Sports Gal Pal talks about why kids growing up is a good and bad thing (the moms will totally get it) and why the Little League World Series is worth watching.

    Next Fan Up Podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nextfanup

    Follow Jay Soderberg @TheRealPodvader 

    Follow Next Fan Up @NFUpodcast

  • How to Get the Gig (Branding)

    in Self Help

    Branding.  It's important to your business and its important to your bottom line.  When you hear the words Jimmy Buffett what do you think of.  A free spirited person on a beach somewhere near the ocean.  His brand is taking me there because thats what his brand is supposed to do.  

    Learn a few tips and techniques in this podcast on how entertainers can brand themselves better to get the gig.  From business cards to flyers and even how to make others help you build your business. 

    Be sure to check out our other resources at www.TheSingingFireman.com where we help entertainers Get the Gig!

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    How to Get the One You Want&Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    How to get th how to get the one you wante one you want and Psychic questions answered today.  This episode is going to help you get the relationship going.  I feel this is  needed as I've seen people I've read for who sabotaged a relationship which should have happened.  So, this might be on a subconsciousl level, or you might be acting differently when you are around the one you want to be with. 

    We are spiritually awakening but at the same time you must realize that the person you want to be with may not be at that level yet.  So, you mmust take this inot account.  They can't read your mind.  Remember you still are in a physical body and there still has to be a physical attraction by the way you dress and the way you act.  Your conversations may be too deep and you have to back off with this. This probably hurts many psychics as we often have problems in relationships. 

    So, we need to be grounded.  We need to be fun and it's okay to be. It's okay to flirt, act charming. It's okay to be attractive.  So, we should still look our best for ourself and for the person you want.  We still live on the physical plane and I will explain indepth. 

    I will take your psychic questions. 

    For a detailed reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.


    Love and Light,





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    Faith without Works is Dead

    in Religion

    The message has not been determined yet

    Preaching Gods word

    Faith without Works is Dead

    James Cp. 2

    Can you really have Faith and have not done anything or can you have Faith and not do or show yourself changed because the Holy Spirit is working in your life?