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    EVERYTHING LAKERS w/ STEPHANIE "LG" BEARD -Lakers -Kobe Announces His Retirement

    in Basketball

       Kobe Bryant to retire after this season

    There once was a Laker Gurl who lived in a tree high over the place they played, just so she could see.  And just because the height was high, a top the building up, She could never see the game cause she was just a pup.  She followed them to school one day, and it was really hotter, she thought she had the Lakers, but it was the Globe Trotters.  She called out loud HEY KOBE, cause she thought he was a dream, and someone screamed back her "Child you got the wrong team!)


    Check this LAKER GURL out - Stephff, not to be confused with Steph CURRY of the GSW, can be reached at 347-205-9366.  347-205-9366.

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    Do All The Upgrades Mean A Hotter Seat For Philbin?

    in Football

       So many upgrades to the roster...  A new contract extention for coach Joe...  Is the hot seat even hotter? Do you all remember thats how Sparano's contract was handled before he was fired??   Im sure we can all agree that its playoffs or a new coach on the horizon.  We will talk about this and discuss new rule changes as well for the upcoming 2015 season too...

       Is Stills and Cameron an upgrade from Wallace and Clay??  Who are the winners and losers so far in the AFC east during this time of free agency??

    All this and so much more on Thursdays show (352) 453-9433 at 6:30 est with Dave, Justin, Leatherhead, Josh & Hez



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    Meet Best Selling Author, Producer,Playwright, Publisher and Director: Shani Greene-Dowdell

    in Books

    Do you enjoy a a good steamy romance novel with a breathtaking twist?  Like to read great fictional novels with plots that just keep on getting hotter by the minute?  Or how about those of you who would like to document your journey by writing a memoir, a fictional story, or  enjoy a good sexy read in general?  

    Well, you may want to save the date, and meet  our very special guest, a renowned Author, Playright, Director, Producer and Publisher, who is best known for her Sizzling and Sexy fictional romance novels!  Shani, will join us to talk about her Hot New Releases including the Billionaire Series on Amazons Bestseller list!  There is no wonder why the "Book Diva" keep her followers coming back for more and  has now taken her "pages to the stages"  Real Talk!  

    She will be standing by to answer any questions you may have on how to get started on writing your own memoir, tell all book, or to inspire others by telling your story!  

    Don't miss this opportunity to create something new in your life.  Yep, Let's Make It Happen Guys .:--)!

    ttys..  D'Luv

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    SWTS 613: Pro Talk: NFL Week 11, NHL Week 6, MLB Awards

    in Sports

    Join us for our pro talk segment on Sports With The StatMan on Wednesday night at 11pm ET.

    In the NFL, every team has played at least half of the season, so it is time to hand out first half report cards. The Patriots kept their undefeated season intact by beating the Giants on a last-second 54-yard field goal. We talk about that game, the 1-point Eagles loss to Miami, and the Jets Thursday night loss to the Bills. We will also look at the playoff races around the NFL.  ***

    The Rangers cannot get any hotter, riding a nine-game winning streak into the week. The Islanders return home after a successful West Coast trip, winning two of three. We talk about the hockey locals . ***

    In baseball, it is awards season. I tell you who should win the big awards and we also have our Free Agency Preview, as the Winter Meetings concluded last week. ***

    Listen live this Wednesday night at 11pm ET, or download the podcast here.  "Like" the show on Facebook.  Follow the show on Twitter (@gstatman) for the latest updates.  You can also download the show on iTunes from your PC or mobile device in the iTunes Store, as well as Stitcher. And, visit our new website, StatManSportsOnline.com.

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    A Prophetic Warning For America, False Pastors Have Kept Silent

    in Current Events

    Join Michael-Jay on Blogtalkradio, tonight, 8:00pm EST, 5:00pm PST. Call-in show at 347-826-9733.

    Now, the false gods of this age are made of paper and ink. The artificial person, incorporated and not alive, is made to stand up against the God of heaven. It has neither breath nor soul. It is not required to keep My laws because it is not alive and I did not make it. But the lawyers are tools of subtlety; the corrupt in counsel have make gods of words. Their words are fashioned in clarity but used for confusion. These false persons shield the wicked with illusion. The legal fiction does not live, yet it rules over My people and charges them falsely by the obedience of those that serve it. It conscripts My young men and extorts the property of widows and orphans and makes thieves of the people.

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    The More You Shut Up, The More Ass You Get

    in Comedy

    Jared is joined by author Tucker Max on this week’s episode of The TFM Podcast to read your emails and answer questions about being called “cute” as a guy, hooking up with a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, work hookups, how often to visit home once you’re away at college, how to bang your hookup’s hotter roommate, managing a hookup you’re not proud of, and whether to cheat or not. Plus, Hypotheticals and news from http://totalfratmove.com with ManSamp. Check it out.

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/JTrain56 ... twitter.com/TuckerMax ... twitter.com/ManSamp ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on YouTube, Mondays at 3:00pm:

    Subscribe to TFM on iTunes itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-t…id672249013?mt=2

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at http://standupnylabs.com!

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    SWTS 609: Pro Talk: MLB World Series Recap - Mets-Royals, NFL Week 9, NHL Wk 4

    in Sports

    Join us for our pro talk segment on Sports With The StatMan, World Series permitting, on Thursday night.

    The Mets are National League Champions, but they still have one more hill to climb. The Royals will meet the Mets to see who will get their first title since the mid-'80s. We will recap the Series and the Mets entire postseason. ***

    The Giants were involved in a barnburner in New Orleans, as both quarterbacks combined for 13 touchdown passes. The Jets were surprised by their long-time rivals in Oakland. And, the Patriots are in the familiar role of front-runner in the AFC East. ***

    In hockey, the Devils are getting hotter while the Islanders are hitting some tough times against beatable teams. We will look at the past week and preview the next week of games around the NHL. ***

    Listen live this Thursday night at 11pm ET, or download the podcast here.  "Like" the show on Facebook.  Follow the show on Twitter (@gstatman) for the latest updates.  You can also download the show on iTunes from your PC or mobile device in the iTunes Store, as well as Stitcher. And, visit our new website, StatManSportsOnline.com.

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    Episode 151: NLCS Game 4: So this happened

    in Baseball



    (so that happened, Jeffrey, Greg, and Steve try to talk about it coherently. They mostly succeed we think. On the agenda: The 2015 National League Champion New York Mets are your 2015 National League Champions. They don't have great merchandise, but they do have Daniel Murphy, who is hotter than the rapidly expanding universe after the Big Bang which also resembles the speed and trajectory of all his crazy dingers.)

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    Twitter Talk - Blue Jays force game 6 while Manziel making noise off the field

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    We have five unbeaten teams in the NFL but off the field, Johnny Manziel has made headlines once again. After spending time in rehab during the offseason, he was pulled over for a domestic dispute. Apparently, Manziel and his girlfriend were having a dispute and she tossed his wallet out of the car because she wanted to get out of the car. She stated that he hit her a few times, and Manziel does not deny that he grabbed her arm.  What is Johnny Manziel thinking? He admitted that he was drinking earlier in the day, but was not charged with driving under the influence. Should Manziel be punished by the NFL? What is his future in this league?

    On a hotter note, the Tornoto Blue Jays erupted today to force a game six.  The ALCS moves back to Kansas City after the Blue Jays downed the Royals 7-1. Marco Estrada pitched a masterpiece allowing one run on three hits, while striking out five. The Royals own a 3-2 series advantage.  Can the Blue Jays win two in a row? LIsten in and call the show with your thoughts.

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    The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 10: The man with the plan

    in Sports

    It's MLB playoffs time, and that means one thing! Well, unfortunately, this year it means no more Detroit Tigers baseball, and no more podcasts as your fearless hosts have been enjoying the postseason festivities.

    While no baseball is being played, there has been plenty of note in Tigers land lately. Daniel Norris was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, while Jeff Jones announced his retirement from baseball, all within the span of a few hours on Monday afternoon. Rob and HookSlide also rehash some old news in discussing general manager Al Avila's plan for the offseason, take some listener questions, and finish off the show with a debate on takeout slides, one of the hotter topics of this year's postseason.

    Topics in this week's episode include:

    The worst Saturday ever (for Rob, at least)
    Playoffs! They're fun! And not stressful!
    The best bat flips ever, and whether they're actually bat flips
    Tigers postseason awards, including an unlikely Cy Young candidate
    Daniel Norris is diagnosed with thyroid cancer
    The Tigers need a new pitching coach
    Al Avila: the man with the plan
    Who should the Tigers not sign?
    Listener questions!
    The future of Miguel Cabrera's hair
    Takeout slides, and when enough is enough


    4:20 - Rounding the Bases: really good postseason, or best postseason ever?
    29:57 - Warming in the Pen: Daniel Norris was diagnosed with what?
    48:48 - High and Tight: Al Avila's got a plan!
    1:08:09 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: insane sports radio callers
    1:33:15 - The 7th Inning Kvetch: play the game hard, just not that hard