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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - TBI 'Justice & Independence'

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    America's 4th of July Day, or as fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp called it - Justice and Independence - is before us.  Let's talk about Holiday gatherings, the sparkles, booms and fireworks, the children laughing, people talking while we sit in a stimulied stare.  After a hotdog of course.  Or having a beer with folks over the traditional hot weathered holiday.  Is it ok?  What about lighting the fuses on the works?  Cooking a dish for the picnic?  Just simply avoiding the day, after all, what is more joyous than being alive AND UNDERSTANDING THAT JOY!

    That's a topic.  Me?  I'm simply at a TBI loss, currently.  Too much has 'dumbfounded' my craziness as of late.  Call, straighten ME out.  Just don;t yell, or tell me what else I'm doing wrong.  Enough of that this week.   Personnally, I'm in a droll. My father has been deathly ill, and as his "Caregiver" (and he mine) its just tough to take.  Be aware, my plate is never full enough, pile it, let's have some fun.  But its awful heavy right now, and with this 1/3 of a stomach, I'm full.  Yes, I'm always 'full', at least of myself, but there isn't much to spill over this week.  Let's try.  I don't miss Sunday's; I could use a laugh too....

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    intel outside...outside

    in Fun

    memorial day time to sit back relax and have a nice BBQ hotdog or turkey dog and sit on your ass and listne to our special BBQ memorial day episode we got fun we got games we got booooozzzzeeeee so come on down to the kush house if you are in the neighborhood and have one on the house as well as have one while on the house and by the way this is the over 100th episode so yay us

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    Irony Exists For a Reason, or, "Like a Hotdog Up a Tailpipe"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on a distracted edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we take a brief break from the mad marathon of sociopathy known as GTA V to share some of the sad, weird and shameful, starting off with a bit of irony surrounding the very game we're wasting our lives on this week: A 23-year-old man was hit with a brick, stabbed and robbed after picking up one of the first copies of Grand Theft Auto V at midnight. We'll see what happened, and whether he was able to respawn without going back too far in the game.Next, police in Indiana say a man accidentally shot and killed a child in his care while playing a dangerous "gun game" with the boy, a game that we'll describe in infuriating detail. This is one more instance where #DontBeDumb goes to unspeakable levels, giving one more reason why our obsession with guns will ultimately be our downfall.Later, a North Carolina man and his wife, were arrested Monday morning and charged with multiple counts of crimes against nature involving bestiality, disseminating obscene materials, and conspiracy. Amber Fox was additionally charged with soliciting a crime against nature. Additionaly, the man is serving with the 82 Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. An officer and a gentleman, indeed. And finally, A man with the self-proclaimed and possibly most literal nickname in the history of nicknames "Hotcock" is in hot water after allegedly getting naked and attempting sex with a Land Rover. We'll find out just how much it takes to get his motor runnin'. All this and more tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!

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    Mentoriing our Youth

    in Spirituality

    Anthony Williams, who has a hotdog youth mentoring program for young males. He will be discussing how we can reach back and save our youth one-by-one.

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    DTong Sports Talk AND Music Show - NFL Sunday Week 9

    in Sports

    Brought to you by:
    and new music from:
    Melody w/ "Sensational Touch"
    That Rapper Casa w/ "The Eighty Cure"
    HotDog w/ "Red Dress"
    David M. Lujanac w/ a TriplePlay from the album "Arkansas Ambush"
    Advertise your Website, Business, Organization, Book, and even GUARANTEED SONG PLAY to Thousands of Listeners for just $5 at www.Fiverr.com/DTongSports
    DTong will be previewing all of the day's NFL Week 9 Matchups, going over the finals of yesterdays College Football Matchups, NBA Hoops updates and chat, other sports around the globe, and playing the best independent music on the planet! SPORTS AND MUSIC UNITE!

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    Indy Film Talk: The Hotdog Cycle

    in Movies

    We talk with Morgan Dusatko Director of The HotDog Cycle.

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    Diabetes Roundtable Inspired by Nicki Minaj

    in Nutrition

    Diabetes Roundtable is going PINK for October. We're saluting Breast Cancer survivors living with diabetes with the divalicious help of Nicki Minaj,  a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, and voice actress.
    Nicki Minaj rose to prominence when she released her debut album, Pink Friday, in 2010, peaking at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and being certified Platinum by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) a month after its release. She’s the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100  at the same time. Her seventh single,“Super Bass” has since been certified quadruple-platinum by the RIAA, and has sold more than four million copies, becoming one of the best-selling singles in the United States.  

    Inspired by Nicki Minaj, the happy healthcare host, Mr. Divabetic hosts this thirty minute whirlwind of PINK which includes a 'Breast Cancer & Diabetes' Hot Topics discussion, Bra-Fitting and Shapwear Advice, our popular Dining Out With A Dietitian segment at Pink's Hotdog Stand in LA, a Diabetes Numerology Puzzle with a Titanic twist and a Mother Your Diabetes commentary. We're also raising awareness for Domestic Violence. Guests include the Charlie's Angels of Outreach: Connie Frazier RD, CDE, Kathy Gold RN, CDE, Catherine Schuller, Connie Elder and Mama Rose Marie. The program’s special guest is Leola C., from Grand Rapids, MI living with type 1 diabetes. Don't get down, Get DIVA!
    Get inspired to be happy and healthy at divabeitc.org

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    In The Dawg Haus: Interview with Gregory LaRiviere

    in Writing

    Writing on Demand is a weekly listening party for artists, poets, and writers featuring profiles of the creative life. Mende Smith hosts this 30 minute slice of living voices from around the globe.

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    FCN: Fearcast LIVE - Topless HotDog Wars

    in Movies

    Before the White Crow Monster Birthday Bash

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    HDVR Presents: The Hot Dog Truck Special Guest

    in Education

    On this episode, the famous Rob Merlino of www.thehotdogtruck.com

    Just days after a pretty major surgery, Rob, TheHotDogMan will join us live.  Rob will share with us some tips for newbies, tips for everyone and more. 
    We will discuss the pros and cons of carts and trucks.
    The Hot Dog Tour announcement!

    Host: Ben
    Guest Host: Rob from NC
    Special Guest: Rob Merlino
    Follow him on Twitter
    I told you, I know about 5 differnt people named Rob.

    We will also do another giveaway during the show.  It's a much bigger give away!  This one will be based on the your best recipe or hot dog creation.  For more details click here.  (If we get enough entries prior to the show)

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    The Monday Night Random Show

    in Social Networking

    Did we say the Monday Night Random Show??? With Joseph and Teresa??? Hey how come the guys name is before the ladies name? Why is Teresa talking to herself as she types this? WOOOOOOOO! Monday night! Join us, we know you don't have anything better to do anyway! We are your Monday night date people, so buy us flowers, and a hotdog, yeah and a slurpee!!!!!! 

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