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    No Exist: The Social and Political Assault on Christianity

    in Politics

    Hot Button Family,

    Without question, the most intolerant group of people I have ever encountered, are those who profess that there is no God!

    Atheists in America have been politically and socially assaulting Christianity since the turn of the 20th Century. From the Scopes Monkey Trial, to cutting the microphone of valedictorians who give praise to a creator, Atheists target of intolerance has overwhelmingly been the Christian faith. 

    By doing the following, atheists attempt to legitimize their assault for the social persecution of Christians in America:

    1. Presenting half-truths and false information about Christianity....Hitler was not a Christian 

    2. Pitting the study of Science against the belief in God...One does not overwrite the other

    3. Interfering with the rights of how we raise our children as believers, and the influence Christian parents should have in their children's school

    We are going to touch the following topics:

    Why a person cannot claim Christianity and stand with a party that boo's God
    Why Science and Christianity compliment, not conflict on another 
    'Why Atheists are intolerant to Christians
    Why America is a Christian nation

    In addition, I will spend the last 15 minutes debating an secularists, or anti-Christian, in the middle of the segment. 


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    Political Suicide Ep. 1 Obama Veto, Obamacare woes

    in Politics Conservative

    Cutting through the political clutter to bring you the lattest news in an intelligent and funny way.

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    Political Suicide Ep.2

    in Politics Conservative

    Bringing you the best news delivered in an intelligent and humorous way.

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    Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics

    in Politics

    Kimberley Irvin and Julie Driscoll are the Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics - a politically liberal show with no holds barred and all callers welcome.

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    Hot Hitz Radio

    in Music

    Playing some of the hottest hip hop and R&B music from up and coming artists. We also inteview artists from all around the world. Tune in and show some love to artists out there putting in hard work to get on top.

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    Hot Pink YOUniversity: 7 Steps to Reignite Passion, Purpose and Play

    in Motivation

    Ann and Christie have personally worked with hundreds of women in their psychotherapy practice and in their work with Hot Pink YOUniversity to increase their personal potential.  Through their expertise and loving support, you too will create the life you always dreamed of having.  Plug back into your life and turn up the volume to Live Out Loud!

  • I Wish I Were in Dixie? The Confederate Flag in 2014 and its Democratic History

    in Politics

    Greetings Hot Button Family,

    We are honored to have as a guest for our show this Sunday, Karen Cooper, a support and advocate for the Confederate history of our nation. 

    I look forward to discussion the history of the Confederate Flag, as it relates to the issues of 2014, and the conversation is not one you will want to miss.


    I will continue busting the white liberal myth about the political parties switching, and the myth that Dixiecrats became Republican

    Tune in @ 7:30pm Est

    Call in @ 917-932-1767


  • Sunday Night Special: When The Messenger Matters More Than the Message

    in Politics

    Hot Button Challenge:

    I make no secret in stating that the Black Liberal, or Black Democrat, directly or indirectly desires to monopolize the discussion of uplift in the black community.

    Whether by condition, or by design, the Black Liberal, or Black Democrat has conditioned themselves to oppose any observation of black America from Conservatives; all the while, embracing the same rhetoric expressed from liberal talking heads. For example, when Bill Cosby talks about "black accountability," they pull up everybody and their momma to make a rape accusation invalidate his point; however, they hum along and dance when Obama says the same damn thing

    I Will Be Discussing the Following:

    1. The Experiment to Make My Point of the Hot Button Six 

    2. The Real Reason Cosby is Under Liberal Assault

    3. Why Neil Tyson is Revered for Achieving Nothing, and Ben Carson is Despised Despite Achieving Neurological Breakthroughs

    4. Why Black America can never Succeed, as Long as Liberalism Dictates the Discussions

    Oh yeah....we will be taking calls! 

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    Southern California Political Round-Up

    in Lifestyle

    Show: Southern California Political Round-Up

    Hosted by: John Stammreich

    Co-Host: Matt Kauble


    Special Guest:

    Air Date: Sunday, March 1, 2015 7pm

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