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    No Exist: The Social and Political Assault on Christianity

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    Hot Button Family,

    Without question, the most intolerant group of people I have ever encountered, are those who profess that there is no God!

    Atheists in America have been politically and socially assaulting Christianity since the turn of the 20th Century. From the Scopes Monkey Trial, to cutting the microphone of valedictorians who give praise to a creator, Atheists target of intolerance has overwhelmingly been the Christian faith. 

    By doing the following, atheists attempt to legitimize their assault for the social persecution of Christians in America:

    1. Presenting half-truths and false information about Christianity....Hitler was not a Christian 

    2. Pitting the study of Science against the belief in God...One does not overwrite the other

    3. Interfering with the rights of how we raise our children as believers, and the influence Christian parents should have in their children's school

    We are going to touch the following topics:

    Why a person cannot claim Christianity and stand with a party that boo's God
    Why Science and Christianity compliment, not conflict on another 
    'Why Atheists are intolerant to Christians
    Why America is a Christian nation

    In addition, I will spend the last 15 minutes debating an secularists, or anti-Christian, in the middle of the segment. 


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    Happy Black Friday: The Holy-Day Battle Between Personal and Corporate Greed

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    Hot Button Family,

    In light of Black Friday madness, we will be discussing the demands of corporate America, and whether or not there is justification for stores to either open, or close, their businesses on recognized holidays. In addition, we will discuss the "career protester" and the infection these people use to manipulate the emotions of others for their own selfish anarchy. 

    We will discuss the following:

    1. My Wal Mart Experience (The Expectation of Working in the Largest Retail Chain in America)

    2. Why Corporate America should not be blamed for Black Friday madness

    3. No, America does not believe you deserve $15.00 an hour if you can't count my change back correctly

    4. Are these Protesters justified, and if so, what should be done?

    5. What was your first job? Was it ever supposed to be a career?

    This discussion is going to be Hottttttttttt!!!!!!!

    Join us 

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    Hot Talent Radio Is Back Live

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    Check Out HOT TALENT RADIO as we chop it up Live with Hip -Hop Artist "JIZZA MAN" FROM The Rap Group "DEM FRANCHIZE BOYS"

    You Dont Wanna Miss It!

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    Hot Tubs Longview - 903-238-8021 - Used Portable Spas

    in Health

    Hot Tubs Longview, TX  - http://www.ILoveMySpa.com  903-238-8021 Used Portable Spas, Hottub Sale, Best Service, Lowest Prices on Hot Tubs, Portable Spas, Swim Spas and Saunas in Texas. 75604, 75605, 75602

    Easy and Convenient Relaxation With An In-Home Hot Tub

    Complete relaxation at home can be as easy and convenient as a backyard hot tub. Here’s what you can expect from a few days a week in the bubbly.

    Ease Stress Pain - Effortlessly
    Imagine slipping into the warm, massaging water of your hot tub. With intense heat, targeted massage and a completely relaxed environment, stress, anxiety and pain disappear.

    Recharge In Twenty Minutes or Less
    A quick, but powerful soak in the tub is all it takes to ease muscle stiffness and relieve stress.

    Enjoy Free Time More
    A hot tub is perfect for unwinding and easing into that relaxed, fun loving person you long to be after a highly stressful day.

    To encourage local residents to check out the benefits of using a hot tub or swim spa to help improve their overall health and well-being, East Texas Spa is providing free test soaks at both of their showrooms. People wanting to schedule their free 30-minute soak call us ahead of time to reserve their spot.

    If you would like to learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed” Just visit the company website at http://www.ILoveMySpa.com or call at 903-238-8021

    Hot Tubs Longview, Used Portable Spas Longview

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    Illegal Alien Nation: Common Sense Thought on Amnesty for the Illegal Alien

    in Politics

    Apparently the "tough talking" President didn't take long to break out of his promise of compromise with the new congress coming in January of 2015. 

    One of the most talked about, but least corrected, problems in America for the past three decades, is the issue surrounding Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in the United States. 

    Look, I don't care about the politics on this matter; however, I do recognize the need for politicians to keep pointing the political finger at one another for failing to act on a "common sense" issue.

    The Democrat machine has ginned up the push by President Obama to issue an Executive Order to reward Illegal Aliens for breaking Federal Law. Democrat machines like MSNBC, has encouraged its 'mouth pieces' to compare Obama's action to the one of Reagan's in the 1980s, as well as to President George W. Bush's in the early Guest Worker plan in 2004. 

    On the show we will discuss the following:

    1. Obama's Plan, and how the media has mislead the American people on Obama's position regarding amnesty. 

    2. Why the redefined term "Undocumented Worker" has replaced the accurate term "Illegal Alien"

    3. Common Sense....Aiding and Abetting Border Jumpers and Green Card Expirees is not Common Sense

    4. The Conservative Position on Amnesty, the Liberal Position on Amnesty, the Common Sense Position on Amnesty

    5. Taking Calls from the Hot Button Family

    "Let's Roll"

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    NASCAR: Sprint Leaves, Brian Vickers Health F1: Button Stays at McLaren

    in News

    Join Michele Rahal, Bill Marlowe, Gene Boyer and special guest Tyler Sewell for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. Unfiltered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is. 

    Sprint has decided to end it's sponsorship of the NASCAR Cup series. Where do they go now and with whom? Also...Brian Vickers has heart surgery to repair a hole that was present. Can he continue as a Cup driver?

    In Formula One Jenson Button was finally named to be Fernando Alonso's teammate at McLaren. The story has overshadowed World Champion Lewsi Hamilton's 2014 title. Will Honda be able to produce a powerplant to compete with Mercedes? Mercedes throws out bait to the F1 teams...If they will keep the present engine formula, Mercedes says it will supply all the teams with their hybrid unit. Is this just a Red Herring?

    In IMSA more teams are putting in orders for LMP2 cars in preparartion for the standard formula in 2017. Are they getting in too early or are they being smart seeing the writing on the wall?

    All this and more at Motorsports Unplugged Radio!


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    Hot Talent Radio Is Back Live

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    Check Out HOT TALENT RADIO as we chop it up Live with Hip -Hop Artist "JIZZA MAN" FROM The Rap Group "DEM FRANCHIZE BOYS"

    You Dont Wanna Miss It!

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    Hot Talent Radio Is Back Live

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    Check Out HOT TALENT RADIO as we chop it up Live with Hip -Hop Artist "JIZZA MAN" FROM The Rap Group "DEM FRANCHIZE BOYS"

    You Dont Wanna Miss It!

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    The Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics

    in Politics

    Kimberley Irvin and Julie Driscoll are the Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics - a politically liberal show with no holds barred and all callers welcome.

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    Government Spending Irregularities Shaping America's Political Landscape

    in Politics Conservative

    Join our Guest Quinlan Texas Mayor Donny Brock , host and panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, with Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Call in and you stay on the line. You too can Join our Round Table Discussion.

    Bards Logic welcomes Quinlan Texas Mayor Donny Brock to discuss government spending irregularites.

    He an outspoken, yet well spoken, defender of all those who cannot or will not defend themselves.As a Mayor, he has openly and diligently attacked the sale and use of meth-amphetamines, theft, and other crimes against persons and property that have plagued many of our nations cities. Administrative controls, written policy, both financial and governmental responsibilities and governmental transparencies are already being put in place. He is striving to reinstate legal transparency, governmental responsibility, and integrity into the community that has been unavailable for quite some time. While I am responsible for the safety and leadership of anywhere between 1,900 and 8,000 civilians on any given time of the day. The attention of his focus is not to just fix the immediate problems or grievances that he may be faced with at any particular moment, but to ensure that each and every concern, complaint or issue is addressed by City Hall, the Administrative Staff or the applicable Municipal Department in a timely manner that ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state, county and local laws.

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.

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    Episode 932: Contemporary Issues in the Fire Service

    in Training

    Chief Dennis Rubin is a rescue consultant, writer and teacher.  In this series, he and his guests  address the latest hot button issues in the fire service.

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