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    Galactic Peace Focus - Your Role - Sananda and Company

    in Spirituality

    Lightworkers around the globe have been working diligently to bring forth the promised changes on Earth.  They are increasingly coordinating with each other and with Galactic Federation teams to achieve historic leaps forward.

    Kathryn and Christine will talk about the view from the ground, and how our Guides, Masters, Twin Flames and Higher Selves are increasingly able to integrate and add their energies to our own actions.

    Meg is back from Iceland to resume her Co-Host activities, and we are delighted to have her back.  She will fill us in on her adventures and the illuminating lessons she brings home as a result of her travels.

    Join us to connect with the Company of Heaven, and learn what they have to share with us today!

    Love, the Channel Panel Team.




  • Free For All Friday With Sabrina and Company

    in Lifestyle

    Metaphors and analogies come rolling off your host's tongue quicker than snow melts on a hot tin roof!  Sabrina will keep you amazed with her stories and inquiries.  Join her and press a 1 to take over the microphone.  It is your day to play at Blog Talk Radio's Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets show while Jill Reed is away.  Hey Sweet Perfume -- ladies and Leather Jackerts -- men, let's have fun today.


    in Education

    Join us for Prosperity Wednesday with your Hostess Sister El.  We will continue with our platform on Wellness, Current Events, and of course Prosperity Consciousness.  We will continue our reading of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  I will be interviewing our Special Guest Mama Moringa.  Kali Sichen was born in North Carolina in 1945 into a newspaper publishing family. She completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition at California State University in 1977, and completed the program in Traditional Oriental Medicine at the San Francisco College of Acupuncture in 1982. As a student at CSU, she developed the first nutrition program to address hyperactivity in children (now called attention deficit disorder ADHD). This nutrition program was used at the college child care center, and was overseen and approved by the USDA.

    She joined her husband, Dr. A. Kweku Andoh, in developing many businesses, all land and/or plant related, since 1978. During this time, they have together researched and written many publications relating to botany, ethno-botany, nutrition and health, women’s health, traditional religions and African belief systems. She is the editor and publisher of all the books and manuscripts written by Dr. A. Kweku Andoh, and has edited and published other books by traditional African healers and African traditional religious leaders.

    She is the mother of 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren.  She will be sharing information on the 20th Anniversary of The Cosmic Prophecies of San Francisco.  Her website is http://mamamoringa.com/index.html

    Call us on 424-222-5250 press 1





  • The B Company Founder Beth Ann Hilton on The Mompreneur Model Show with Dori

    in Marketing

    Beth Ann Hilton - founder of The B Company - a boutique PR firm that creates customized PR & Marketing campaigns for a select entertainment, fashion and non-profit clientele. As a conscious company, they strive to work with partners, artists and vendors who share their positive vision and values. In this cyber-age of cookie-cutter campaigning, Beth Ann and her team pride themselves on working closely with artists to develop effective campaigns custom tailored to each artist's goals, whether it be a new release, increased name awareness, touring, sponsorships or special products.

    Find out more about Beth Ann Hilton and The B Company Thursday, September 17 at 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive here on #WoMRadio - the show for mompreneurs, the new business woman.

    Thanks to our show sponsors Uncover Your Diamond's Victoria Thornton and The Ignite the New You Retreat host Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace on our website.

    #WoMRadio - for the mom in us all.

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    We The People

    in Politics

    Tonight we take on issues that effect our country. Join us as we meet with our panel of guests to discuss isses that face our country every day.Topics range from Police brutatility and accountability, to the failed drug war. We'll be touching base on the issues that seem to be in the news everyday such as Gun Control.

    We'll also be mixing in a few classic songs to help set the theme for tonights show. Special guests include Stoney Shifflet, JR Roberts, and Jonathan McCoy.

    Special thanks to our sponsors, ComStar Computers, Spot-a-Cop, Wutitdofamradio, and Activists Unchained.

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    Local Talent

    in Music

    Welcome back to the CIMC Music Show. In this episode we will be checking out music from local artists in the area. We are delighted to have with us this week, Ace Harris, Ashley Miller, Therran Dennis, and Skyward.

    Last episode we had David Gilmour (the guitar and voice of Pink Floyd) on the show. As our way of saying thanks to him, we will be featuring another one of his songs from the last Pink Floyd album, Endless River.

    If you would like to be featured on this show, please contact us at NCARDIASAT@YAHOO.COM

    Special Thanks goes out to ComStar Computers & Consulting for sponsoring our show.

    Show's Playlist:

    Skyward - Cold Hearts
    Ace Harris - When the Well Runs Dry
    Therran Dennis - Torture Me
    Pink Floyd - Nervana
    Ashley Miller - Dancing In The Sky

    We hope you enjoy our show. Join us next time when we invite the host of WutItDoFamRadio, The Real McCoy, to the show. He will be co-hosting the show with us and we will be engaging in a discussion about topics that are facing the country currently, and how you can help effect a change. So tune in for that show. Thank you for being a listener and please remember to sign up to BlogTalkRadio and become a follwer of the CIMC Music Show.

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    WMMA with Debo and Mama Beast Sponsored by St Louis Tattoo Company

    in Sports

    Join The Sports Cage sponsored by St Louis Tattoo Company Wednesday October 7th at 9-11pm central. The show is hosted by Debo, Mama Beast Susie Wyatt and Dynamite Dustin Hill. We have another great show planned with Invicta FC Vet Shannon Sinn, Jaymee Ambush Jones and much much more.

    Listen to The Sports Cage with your host Debo and Susie "Mama Beast" Wyatt talking WMMA. Invicta FC Vet Shannon Sinn joins Debo and Dustin Hill on The Sports Cage. A chance to hear about her fight this Friday in Denver, CO on the Glory 24 card. Jaymee Ambush Jones talks about her upcoming flyweight title defense on the XFL card. It all goes down on The Sports Cage sponsored by St Louis Tattoo Company this Wednesday at 9-1030pm central all WMMA w/ Debo and Susie “Mama Beast” Wyatt (Twitter @The_Mama_Beast) & Executive Producer Dustin Hill (@sports_fixx)

    WMMA 9-1030pm The Sports Cage with Debo (Twitter @debo88mma), Executive Producer Dustin Hill (Twitter @sports_fixx) and Producer Cam. To join the show call in on our Xtreme Training guest line 646-721-9822.

    The Sports Cage is sponsored by St Louis Tattoo Company 636-532-2465

    Listen to The Sports Cage weekly. Find The Sports Cage live and archived links at Fight Book MMA and MMA Wreckage listed under podcast. Thanks to both of those great websites.

    The Sports Cage guest line #: The Sports Cage 9-11pm. #TSC  Hotline # 646-721-9822

    The Sports Cage Sponsors: St Louis Tattoo Company and Scrap Soldier Clothing & Fight Gear

    St Louis Tattoo Company: facebook.com/stlouistattoocompany Twitter: @stlouistattoo

  • Coffee Chatter and Hostess Lynne Burnett

    in Entertainment

    Come and join in on all the Coffee Chatter fun each and every Monday morning starting at 7am. Grab your favorite cup of JAVA and sit back and relax with Coffee Chatter hostess Lynne Burnett as she brings you a morning jolt of relaxation, humor, and coffee chatter information. Coffee Chatter a quick morning sip of all the updates on Hollywood fun gossip, Lynne's Doggie Tales, I Was There segement and much more. Only fifteen minutes long just enough to start your week off on a delicious brew. Always remember each Monday its Coffee Chatter time.

  • Two's Company, Three's Allowed w/ Shaun Surplus

    in Politics

    On this edition of Two's Company, Three's Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

    Charles Giuliani joining the Renegade Ranks
    The negro hand in inventing White Western Civilisation (cough cough)
    White girls being palmed off to third world muds by their lazy parents
    Homo's running rampant in the streets like 1940's rabid dogs
    The general degeneracy of Western Civ thanks to your jew handlers

    Shaun was going to be talking about Merkel's deceit but didn't quite get to it just yet.

    Caller John calls in and discusses what a mess we are in and much more here on TCTA as usual...


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    in Education

    Today we will discuss wellness,  prosperity and current events.  Your hostess is Sister El. Our focus will be on The Power of Now by author Eckhart Tolle.  We will have returning guest Amen Osiris.  He will once again break down the real deal of Child Support.  We will discuss what it is and what it is not.  Come get that nagging issue off your chest.  Do you have a Child Support Issue going on now?  Are you being kept from seeing your offspring because of it?  Did you know that Child Support is Voluntary?  Let's get it off your mind and on the line.  Dial 424-222-5250 press 1 to speak.  

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    How a CEO of a Publicly Traded Company Started

    in Entrepreneur

    Genie Gateway [a U.S. registered company, trading on the U.S. OTC stock market under the symbol WWAGD, and filing regular reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)] is redefining its business to integrate Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet into a single Unified Solution.

    Las Vegas, Nevada – September 14, 2015 – WWA Group, Inc. has evolved to its next stage with the closing of its recent acquisition of a new wholly-owned subsidiary- Genie Gateway, a California corporation- and by adopting its subsidiary’s name as part of its companywide rebranding process.  WWAG will now become the new Genie Gateway. 

    As Genie Gateway the company has also applied with FINRA to change its OTC trading symbol as soon as possible, and will publish its new trading symbol on approval.

    “We have been very busy,” said Thomas E. Skala, Genie Gateway CEO

    Listen in as we get a chance to speak with him and see how he started as an entreprenuer at only 10 years old. 

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