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    in Religion

    K. Dwayne Rahman, returns after 6 month break to re-launch is daily online radio podcast...............This time with ONE GOAL & ONE MISSION - A HOSTEL KINGDOM TAKE OVER in EVERY INNER CITY MARKET ACROSS AMERICA.

    Mr. Rahman is a strategist and social responsibility visionary, Mr. Rahman is adept at identifying market opportunities and creating solutions to better serve the multicultural market. At the core of Mr. Rahman’s vision is a strong belief in the unappreciated, and to date, under utilized economic power and resources of the multicultural community.  He firmly believes that this economic power may be harnessed to create a better standard of living and quality of life for multicultural households in general. 

    Mr. Rahman has been a champion for access to top tier services for the multicultural market for several years.  He is both, a Chartered Financial Management Analyst and Certified Financial Manager.  Mr. Rahman received a BS in Finance from Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business, a MS in Investment & Banking from the University Of Massachusetts College Of Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Management from Harvard University Graduate Professional Program. 

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    Reality Check Hosted by: Johnny Nelson

    in Wrestling

    Welcome TCW and BWE Fans, alike. I am first ever and only TCW GrandSlam Champion to date and 2015 BWE Breakout Star of the Year, Johnny Nelson and This is Reality Check where I let you in on my thoughts and predictions in both TCW and BWE.

    This week we talk about what happened in the BWE Rumble and the upcoming event, TCW PowerTrip.

    In BWE's, The Rumble:

    In the Pre-Show: TCW United States Champion Wayne Gracie def. former TCW Superstar, Andrew Gonzalez via Pinfall.
    Johnny Nelson, myself, with, the beautiful, Sammi Mayhem def. Joey Badass via Pinfall to qualify for The Rumble.
    Xero def. "The Don" Dave Matthews via Pinfall.
    BWE Championship Match: OMX def. Jay Cloud (c) via DQ.
    TG1 won the BWE Rumble by last eliminating TPC Abraham.

    In TCW's, Powertrip:

    United States Championship will be on the line as Wayne Gracie defends against Official D. 

    The TCW Tag Team Champions, the Syndicate, is put to the test against the newly formed team of Deadkid and Nicholi White.

    Dean Raddick takes on Johnny Nelson and if Dean Raddick can secure a victory, his tag team partner, DC Brawler, will get his job back in TCW.

    The first time two female competitors go one on one in TCW's 9 year history as Sammi Mayhem takes on Beyonka Brookes-Gracie.

    Bless vs The Equinox's Showtime Wes and if Bless wins he gets to join The Equinox.

    The Equinox (Nicholas Crowley and J Hostel) vs SmashMouth Marcus and Hellsfire, collectively known as Ragefire.

    the first ever Warzone Champion, trys to get the Warzone title back from the current Champion, Jacob Ayers.

    And in the Main Event, Jaymes Tyler defends his TCW Championship against Boondoxx, Jakovski and, former stalemate and fresh off a big win against the champ, BDM.

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    Justice Is Ownership............

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House"  we shall discuss and apply the Unifying Principals of:

    There Is No Justice Until You Own It
    If The Bank Financed It.........They Own It
    You Can Not Have A Voice Until You Have A Vested Interest In The System

    We shall have a breakfast chat about these principals as applied to developing our own "Hostel" network organization. In addition we shall discuss the possiblities of organzing membership based transporation system.

    Feel free to call in and offer any comments or questions and as usual have your pen and paper ready to take plenty of notes.

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    Talking Terror Presents: To The Extreme!

    in Movies

    This Week On Talking Terror, The Crew Dives Into The Extreme Side Of The Pool! Do You Like Dismemberment? How About Bodily Harm? Modification? Also Known As Torture "Pron", We're Going To Explore Some Of The More Violent Films In The Horror Pantheon! We'll Kick It Off With Eli Roth's "Hostel" (2005), Where An Unplanned Trip To Eastern Europe Turns Into More Than These Young American Men Bargained For! From There, We'll Take A Stroll Into French Territory, With "Martyrs" (2008)! Here, A Young Woman's Quest For Revenge Takes Her And A Friend Into Places No Person Wants To Go! Get Ready For A Nasty, Messy And Bloodsoaked Episode! We'll Also Discuss This Past Sunday's "The Walking Dead" Premiere That Kicked Off Season 5 Of AMC's Hit Show! Bring Your Ball Gags People! Stay Scared!

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    TCH Ep. 38: Andrea Albin & Joanna Shirley of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment

    in Film

    Andrea Amanda Albin (Owner and President) and Joanna Shirley (VP) of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment are our guests this week. Operating as a full-scale film production and live event company BBE, Andrea and Joanna Shirley focus on horror, grindhouse, action, crime, dark comedy and taboo filmmaking. There’s no other company out there that offers an intense combination of talent, sex and violence. Bloody Bombshell Entertainment is also the parent company of Fatality Films, a production entity focusing on high concept, low budget horror. The company is co-owned and operated by horror veteran Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead 2, Hostel franchise).

    As successful professional in the entertainment industry, the ladies (and gent) of Bloody Bombshell Entertainment now travel the country focusing on filmmaking education and event hosting!

    We will also be reviewing Scream Factory’s Blu-Ray release of Motel Hell as well as Entertainment One’s Stitches!

    We will also be featuring several bands in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    Watching Eli Roth get set on fire is pretty gratifying.

    in Movies

    This week on Death By Dvd Hank and Nash will be discussing the refreshing 2012 disaster movie "Aftershock", a film brought to us by writer, producer and actor Eli Roth. Jeez, someones an over achiever.. Directed by Nicolás López, you know, that guy that did some other things, the boys will be sure to get massively off topic and rattle off some alarmingly insane things! If ya don't listen and send this link to ten friends in one month you'll recieve a horrible credit rating! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

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    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Matty Beckerman

    in Spirituality

    Awake in the DREAM Radio with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and Dr. DREAM, this week's guest is Matty Beckerman.

    Matty Beckerman is making his directorial debut with "ALIEN ABDUCTION" a Sci-Fi thriller based on the legend of the Brown Mountain Lights. It is being released by IFC Midnight in Theaters on April 4, 2014. Lawrence Bender (Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction) and Mike Fleiss (Hostel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Bachelor) produced, along with Beckerman himself and his wife Cathy under their production shingle, BIG PICTURE. Written by Robert Lewis and based on a story by Beckerman, and Executive Produced by Exclusive Media's Guy East and Alex Brunner (The Woman In Black, Rush, The Quiet Ones) , the film is about a family who goes on a camping trip in the Brown Mountains of North Carolina, gets lost, and is abducted by aliens.  

    Previously, Beckerman was the Founder and CEO of Natural Selection, a privately-held, equity-backed motion picture company based in Los Angeles, which was in the business of developing, financing, producing and distributing branded, high- concept genre pictures for theatrical distribution. Run by Beckerman, Natural Selection worked with acclaimed writers, directors and producers to produce and develop independent films and quickly became one of the top equity financiers in Hollywood. 

    He has Executive Produced Paul Scheuring’s The Experiment starring Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker and Produced Stephen T. Kay’s thriller Isolation starring David Harbour and Eva Amurri. 

    Beckerman currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA and is a member of the Directors Guild of America.


    See www.AwakeInTheDREAMRadio.com for the Archive of past shows and information on future broadcasts.

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    Charred Remains Spring Break 2014

    in Entertainment

    Spring Break is upon us and the hordes of collegiates will be unleashed upon the sandy beaches with girls gone wild and boys with big boats on crystal lakes soaking up the sun. Cabins in the woods, cruise ships and hostels of the world will be flooded with horny co-eds in search of adventure, excitement, sex, alcohol and the next party.

    Join Char Hardin and her horror loving friend John "Horrordude" Ginder as they discuss the good, the bad and the fugly of Spring Break horror/comedy films. The Charred Remains Chat-Room will be available and the Phone lines open (347) 324-5036 to call in and join the chat by sharing your favorite and the one Spring Break film you love to hate.

    Let the orgy begin Thursday April 24th 6:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Central/9:30pm Eastern

    John Ginder's Links: Blog & Facebook page

    This show is sponsored by author Donna Emerich. 

    Read Donna's newest book "It's a Family Tradition" available on Amazon.com. Look for the first in the trilogy "The Mountain" also available on Amazon.



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    KiraStar, Sacred Scrolls & Peru. Oh My!!

    in Education

    ExpandingU RADIO: Special Edition

    Today we get to sit down and catch up with Cary Ellis (aka KiraStar) and her dear friend Caroline who are in Lima, Peru at a GORGEOUS & very cosy hostel there. 

    Cary has done a lot since leaving Florida on her journey back to the future. She has met with Angel, the keeper of the set of sacred scrolls from Ancient Times. We will learn the details of this meeting and the EXTRAORDINARY REVELATIONS this collaboration with Angel has brought forth!

    What does this mean for us...and what shall we do with this information?

    Listen to hear this amazing tale that is constantly unfolding and becoming more and more clear--for all of us. 

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    David Rowinski, author

    in Writing

    David will be with me to discuss his latest work, The Book of Complements, and how Youtube has helped him promote his work. David is splitting time between Amherst and East Africa. He has taught English in Cairo, worked in a youth hostel in Athens, been a PCA in Zurich, a security guard in Boston and is currently painting houses to pay the bills. The Book of Complements is about to be released in print. The Open Pillow is already available and was featured for a Special storytime at The Eric Carle Museum last year.

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    Actiavting Compassion In The Midnight Hour - Release What No Longer Serves You

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Darcy Cleome – owner of the Amethyst Healing Center, spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional healer, channel and writer.  She has a background in transformational technologies, massage therapy, aromatherapy and planetary healing.  A near-death-out-of-body experience awakened an ability to see energy and communicate with Spiritual Beings.  Darcy has had her own private practice for 12 years as a massage therapist, bodyworker, and energy healer; and has owned and operated Amythest Healing Center for 7 years.  She has collaborated with and “consciously” channels the Ascended Masters and the angelic realm.  Darcy provides intuitive readings, chakra and aura clearing or soul level spiritual healing.  Her courses include Setting up a Spiritual Practice, Communicate with Your Guides, Angels and Master Teachers, Manifestation and Creation Techniques, Activate Your Divine Blueprint, Chakra, Aura, Karma and DNA Clearing, Contracts and Akashic Records and Soul Retrieval.  She also does 2 day intensives at Cambria Holistic Retreat and Spiritual Hostel.  Darcy seeks to empower others to help them release belief patterns that no longer serve them and to provide spiritual tools to help others access their own unique abilities.  Darcy has recorded her own meditation CD and has authored “The Way of The awakened”.  We look at the different work that she does.  You can learn more about her work at:  www.amethysthealingcenter.com


    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

    Show Sponsor - Holly Hallowell with Healing Joules:  www.healingjoules.com