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    Pass the Buck Talking Horses

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    Pass the Buck talking horses Hosted by Buck Grottano and Travis Hemdt 

    Recall your most memorable day at the track? Call in and Share your favorite story on the Live on the Air!


  • Pass the Buck Talking Horses

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    Listen in tomorrow afternoon @ 11:30am et. to a Special Pass the Buck Talking Horses, Breeders Cup Preview Show hosted by Buck Grottano and Special Guest Host Craig Spencer.  When it comes to preparing for the Breeders Cup Craig is the guy! He'll discuss and share some pointers on how to hit the Pick 5 & 6.  

    Call in Live 714-816-4628 to speak to the Hosts

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    Special Guest Hall of Fame Jockey Pat Day and Trainer Doug O'Neill

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    Special Guest Hall of Fame Jockey Pat Day and trainer Doug O

    Horse Racing Talk Radio for the fans by the fans! 

    Pass the Buck Talking Horses Hosted By Buck Grottano, Travis Hembd and Ben Baugh




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    THE 4 HORSES OF REVELATION: The danger with Wifi/Cell tracking, & politics

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    Richard continues his teaching from the Book of Revelation, looking at the Four Horsemen in Chapter 6.  Richard discusses the archetypes of the four horses & the seals, popularity of populist politicians like Trump & Bernie Sanders, the dark side of cellphone tracking technology. Richard examines the mistake the church has made tying their fortunes to various politicians in the last 40 years.

    Support Richard's new film project "Canaan Land" at www.gofundme.com/canaanland   All donations are tax deductible.

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    Providing the Right Supplements for Horses and Dogs | Interview with Kamie Roth

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    Tony and Kamie Roth, along with David and Merre Friend, own a family company called Majesty's.  Majesty's makes and sells supplements for horses and dogs in a wafer form.  The supplements are in the wafer in order to eliminate powders and liquids in the delivery system.  The K9 product is called, Buddy Bites.  In addition, they have a new treat line for horses and dogs, Bridle Bites for horses, and Buddy Pops for dogs.  Their main focus is on educating people about how to choose a supplement and how to keep the delivery system simple in order to provide the best benefits.

    Questions Judy will ask:

    1. How did the company get started?

    2. What separates your products from other products on the market?

    3. Where do you make it?

    4. You are NASC certified, what does that mean?

    5. What should people look for when purchasing a supplement for their horse or dog?

    6. Where is your product available?

    Find out more! www.majestys.com

    Contact Kamie for more information.




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    The Songs, History and Humor of the American West with Chuckaroo the Buckaroo on Calling all Cowboys every Saturday on Equestrian Legacy Radio.
    EQUESTRIA LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer Streaming Live and On Demand 24/7 at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    Horses, Horses, and more Horses - Using EFT/Tapping on Horses

    in Self Help

    If you have horses in your life or would like to work with horses, or would like to know how their gifts can change your life, then this is the show for you.

    Susanne Peach, Animal Energy Behaviorist, Certified EFT Trainer and  Animaleze® founder, will be talking about some of the most moving experiences she’s had in using EFT/Tapping to help horses overcome all sorts of issues.  Issues that include behavioral, emotional and physical problems. 

    Susanne had a recent encounter with horses that changed her life and she wants to share how horses can change your life, whether you are familiar with EFT or not. 

    Horses are some of the most sensitive and intuitive creatures, mirroring our emotions unlike any other species.  They have an incredible gift in reminding us of when we aren’t grounded, reminding us of the importance of being fully present, and also have the ability to heal our own issues.  They are also some of the most abused animals, and are definitely the most re-homed species.  Therefore, they require some extra knowledge and insight if one is going to be tapping for them.

    Whether you’ve been around horses your entire life or you’re curious and don’t have any horses in your life at all, tune in as Susanne will share the incredible healing spirit of horses and how they will change your life as you change theirs

    Call in with your questions about horses to 1-347-215-6833 and chat with Susanne.  Or if you are outside of the U.S., join us in the chatroom here live and post your question.  

    Animaleze® is a registered trademark.  All of the information in these radio shows and on this website are protected and cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means without the expressed written consent of Susanne Peach and Animaleze®.

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    They are setting the World of Blue Grass on Fire...WILLIAMSON BRANCH joins us on the CAMFIRE CAFE'!

    Williamson Branch is a family band and, like most families, they are rich in tradition, ripe with potential, and diverse in taste. This family has a love for each other and music. That love makes each performance special. Williamson Branch plays music that is mostly bluegrass, sometimes country, often times gospel, but always fresh and exciting. Their vocals soar with a closeness that can only be found in blood relatives. Their instrumentation is impressive.Their laughter is contagious. Their clog dancing is exhilarating and their personalities are sparkling! 

    You'll enjoy meeting this talented family and listening to tracks from their new CD "Branchin' Out".

    Trail Tips from everyone's favorite...Robert "TRAILMEISTER" Eversole joins us in the 2nd hour for SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    It will be a fun, entertaining and informative couple of hours this week on EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO...Heard Around the World on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer Online and OnDemand 24/7 at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    100th Pass the Buck talking horses

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    100th Pass the Buck Talking Horses 

     Special Guests Mike Smith, Shane Sellers & Gary Mandella!

    Join Buck & Travis this Thursday Night Sept 10th to talk some Horses with us! Also joining us on the Pass the Buck, some of Buck's favorite guests from past shows. 

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    US Racing Sports Gambling Show

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    US Racing’s Derek Simon discusses Cam Newton’s post-Super Bowl reaction and recaps last Saturday’s Robert B. Lewis Stakes, San Antonio Handicap and Las Virgenes Stakes.

    Derek also explains how to find value in US Racing’s Kentucky Derby trainer betting.

    Lastly, Caroline Sumner stops by to chat about her new Web site, US Horse Racing 101.

    Guest Bio
    US Horse Racing 101 founder and south Alabama-native Caroline Sumner grew up riding horses in a variety of English sports such as eventing and hunter/jumper. She has had a love of horse racing for as long as she can remember. She graduated from Midway College in December of 2012 with a degree in Equine Studies. Throughout college, she worked on a commercial breeding farm and on the racetrack in various positions that include: barn foreman, hotwalker, and groom. Caroline is an avid supporter of off-track thoroughbreds in their second careers.

    Caroline resides in Fairhope, Alabama, where she operates this website full time in addition to freelance grooming at thoroughbred sales and A/AA horse shows around the country. Her other interests include bodybuilding and traveling.