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    Hornets in Lin-Now Mode

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    The Charlotte Hornets have made a series of moves this offseason but none hotter than signing free agent point guard Jeremy Lin. He brings a long millions of loyal fans worldwide. Is it a stretch to call Jeremy Lin the most popular Hornets player? Lin was introduced by the Hornets on Monday and had some interesting things to say about his role in Charlotte and how the city is already embracing him (maybe a little too tightly). We'll discuss our rules of celebrity engagement. 

    Listen for more on Lin and the signing of Andrew Harrison. Can the former Kentucky Wildcat make it through training camp and earn a roster spot? Where does that leave Brian Roberts?

    PLUS Summer League offered fans more than just a look at the next generation of Hornets players, it also came with a brand new way to handle overtime. Should the strange new rules make their way to the NBA?

    It's Hornets talk for the hardcore fan, it's Hive Talk Live.

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    Charlotte Hornets Season Preview with Spencer Percy

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    Spencer Percy (@QCHSpencer) joins Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) to preview the Charlotte Hornets season.  Topics include: The effects of the MKG injury, a new pace and space era in Charlotte, expectations for Frank Kaminsky, the Hornets' crunchtime lineup, and a grade for the Hornets' management and ownership.

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    Stinger: Hornets Sign Jeremy Lin

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    The Hornets finally broke out of their free agency slumber with the signing of point guard Jeremy Lin. Lin has a massive fanbase, unique set of skills and a story that captivated the nation only a few years ago. 

    Nick Denning joins Doug to discuss why Charlotte made sense for Jeremy Lin, why Jeremy Lin makes sense for the Hornets and the dollars and cents behind the deal.

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    Hornets Hot Topic: Free Agency

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    (Recorded on Tuesday) Doug and David discuss the options for the Charlotte Hornets in free agency. Will they make Marco their mark? Or will they go with Doug's super-sneak under the radar special? Listen here and get all you need to know about the Hornets' free agent prospects.

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    A Veritable Hornets Nest of Rebellion

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    It began with the wounding of General Cousins of the Sacramento Royal Army. The 2nd regiment of the Charlotte Hornets led by Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin made a legendary comeback in front of a raucous home crowd at the Cable Box. The Hornets didn't give up, they didn't surrender and they get a valuable early season win in a strengthened Eastern Conference. Listen for our analysis of what led to the comeback and what it means for the Hornets as they prepare to face much tougher competition.

    Hive Talk Live


    We celebrate the coming Thanksgiving holiday by putting together our Hornets Holiday Feast.
    Our preview of the Thanksgiving holiday games against the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers. 
    What to watch for in the NBA this week. 

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    Hornets bruised but not battered

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    The Hornets got the shakedown late in San Antonio but still went punch for punch with them for more than a half. How much is the second unit to blame for the Spurs shooting streak? And can the Hornets use some much needed road rest to tackle a much improved Timberwolves team or will they meltdown in Minnesota?


    We discuss the Hornets talk around the web
    Who will be getting that all important PT, playing time, by the time the all star break rolls around? Cody or Spencer? Lin or Lamb? Doug and David put on their prognosticating hats and discuss. 
    Nick's Picks with Nick Denning and a look at the week ahead in Hornets action. 

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    Are the Hornets hapless or hopeless?

    in Basketball

    The Hornets will try to put one in the win column for the first time this season on Tuesday against the Bulls. Should we all be worried about this early gate stumble? News is swirling around this team about who's getting extended and who isn't. Are the coaches and front office officials on the same page about this season?


    An update on Cody Zeller's condition and the impact that it will have on the team.
    We examine the reported Jeremy Lamb extension. Did the Hornets get a bargain or a bust?
    P.J. Hairston continues to get the start at SG for the Hornets. We discuss why and if it should continued.
    The Hornets take on the Bulls tonight but then move on to their first west coast road trip, we preview the week's games.

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    Foothill Cougars at Enterprise Hornets

    in Sports

    Join Tyler Spence and Brad Miller for Enterprise Hornets play-by-play as the Hornets take on the Foothill Cougars at Enterprise Community Stadium.

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    Hornets start their engines

    in Basketball

    Don't be fooled by all of the football on your televisions. NBA basketball is upon us! The Hornets are kicking things into two-a-day gear at training camp preparing to make the playoff run fans expected them to make last season. We'll have analysis of some of the more interesting things said at media day as well, like: 

    Jeremy Lin gets candid about why he chose Charlotte over the Dallas Mavericks

    Nic Batum on why he struggled at Eurobasket

    Big Al on what he did besides ditch chicken to get ready for this season

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    Where Are They Now?Plattsburgh High School Hornets

    in Business

    Where Are They Now?Plattsburgh High School Hornets-

    Since I began working with you back in your junior year, of high school physical fitness has always been a big part of your life. How have you transitioned from being a athlete and training year around for your sport to staying active in regular daily life?

    I’ve tried to be a bit creative lately and have tried to stay active in ways other than weight lifting. I really enjoy mountain biking and hiking. I’ve also spent a lot of the time I used to spend training exploring other activties. I’ve found that in my last 6 months here I’ve seen and done more in the area than I did in my fours years in high school. I’ve also been wine tasting in Napa/Sonoma and skiing in Tahoe, which I never did before either. My main interests now are to start surf fishing and swimming more regularly.

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    Will the MKG injury sink the Hornets season?

    in Basketball

    These are dark times in the Hornets fan kingdom. We're still waiting for a confirmation on how long the Hornets will be without MKG, but if you pray on the altar of WOJ, it's going to be awhile. Adi Joseph, NBA Editor at Sporting News, joins us in studio to discuss the injury, the impacts and who will need to get better very quickly.


    Josh Lloyd from Red Rock Fantasy Basketball discusses the fantasy prospects of Big Al Jefferson and Jeremy Lin.
    And Austin Peters on where the Hornets go from here.


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