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    Overcoming Feelings of Hopelessness

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    April 3, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE: with Tiny Stallings-Clark, Celebrated Poet, Motivational Speaker and Author of “I Choose to Live”

    THIS WEEK’S MESSAGE:  As a result of your hopelessness, you don't see your friends, you isolate yourself, you don't exercise and you don't try anything new. All of this just adds to your depression and hopelessness. You spiral down in a whirlpool of sadness. If you're hopeless, you're bound to have thoughts like: "It's hopeless, so it would be a waste of time to try." Because of such thoughts, you don't do anything and you remain hopeless. Because we are what we think, this further confirms that you're right. Your hopelessness becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. How can we overcome our feelings of hopelessness?

    Tiny Stallings-Clark is a celebrated poet and a spirit oriented motivational speaker She is a graduate of Tennessee State University and works professionally as a Civil Engineer. Tiny has spoken at many venues around the country, including Women For Incarcerated Women, The Women Unlimited Association, Churches and various Writer's Conferences. Tiny has been inducted in the International Society of Poets as a Life member. 

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    Where Can I Find Hopelessness

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    Is it hard for an individual to spot hopelessness on a daily basis? Are we so caught up in ourselves that we can't see the forest for the trees. Let's Talk Truth will examine the ups and downs that occur in a person's life that causes that feeling of hopelessness. Please listen live by dialing 323-580-5712.

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : Acceptance & Hopelessness

    in Religion

    Are you struggling with acceptance and hopelessness in your life. If so you will want to listen to tonight's show and see what God has to say about this.

    The hosts of T.L.O. Ministry break it down so clear that it will minister life to your spirit and health to your soul.

    Pass this on to someone you know may needed in their life.

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    "Breaking the Stranglehold of Hopelessness in Your Thought Life"

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    Public enemy #1 after the person of Satan, is HOPELESSNESS!  We will be addressing this issue on today's program.  Can you recognize hopeleness and how it works in your thought life?  Do you actually know what it is?  Many times when the thoughts of failure, despair or defeat go through our minds, we don't realize that the true issue we are dealing with is the fiery dart of HOPELESSNESS.  HOPELESSNESS is a vision and future destroyer.  That is why God has given these 7 Steps to Freedom to set you free from HOPELESSNESS.

    The vision of where you can go in your battle with depression, bi-polar issues, suicidal tendendencies, PTSD, etc. is set out plainly in the 7 Steps given by the Holy Spirit to bring you out and bring you up into TOTAL VICTORY through the Finished Work of Jesus Christ.  Maybe you have never heard that Jesus provided more than forgiveness for sin through His work on the Cross.  The Redemptive Work ranges far and wide, and covers ALL of you:  spiritual needs, mental/emotional needs, physical needs.  "You are complete in Him (Jesus)", Colossians 2:10

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    ANGER That Comes From HOPELESSNESS: Keeping Hope ALIVE

    in Christianity

    Today on HELP! Relationships 102: Many people have not recognized that they are angry! And those that have, try to do the best they can to manage their anger. But GOD wants to do more than yo just help you to manage your anger! 

    If you let the LORD, He wants to heal you of it!

    Join us as we address this unaddressed issue! 


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    Hopelessness To Happiness - My Story

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    I am The Chip the Builder Refuse!!!

    Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson, Founder and Host of the COMTIVATE SHOW, Author, Certifed Speaker, Teacher and Coach discuss her childhood of pain and poverty in Jamaica, West Indies. Hear how she survived pain and poverty with prayer, from hopelessness to happiness and gain freedom with education and a great attitude.

    Could it be that your challenges are divine? Understand why being determined, goal-oriented and focus are fundamental to longterm success. Is you past determining your future? or will this year have you in a new state of mind?

    Let's connect and talk!




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    The Happy Christian by David Murray

    in Christianity

    Greetings God's people I am blessed that you have decided to join me in the studio for another uplifting broadcast. It is always an honor when I can speak about God's goodness and his love for his people..My guest this evening is David Murray from the best selling book The Happy Christian, David will discuss how hopelessness has invaded much of our culture, even reaching deep into the church.  But while the world is awash in negativity, Christians have resources to live different. In The Happy Christian, professor and pastor David Murray blends the best of modern science and psychology with the timeless truths of Scripture to create a solid, credible guide to positivity.  Murray exposes modern negativity’s insidious roots and presents ten perspective-changing ways to remain optimistic in a world that keeps trying to drag us down. The Happy Christian invites readers to shed negativity and become countercultural missionaries by demonstrating the positive power of the gospel in their lives.


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    The Road to Recovery - Hosted by Dan Czuba

    in Business

    Living with an Addiction is like sailing on the ocean without any rudder or the ability to raise or lower the sails. On good days - you have no idea of where you are headed - and you can try an hope that it is the direction you want to go - and you think you are enjoying yourself. However on those days when the wind kicks up or turns into a violent storm - holding on to a vessel that can sink at any moment should be enough to motivate anyone to seek recovery. Ahhh - but once the winds die down and you realize that you are still alive - some weird voice in the back of your brain tells you the worse is over and you once again continue your journey into a potentially torrential future.

    Join me - Dan Czuba and my many various guest Hosts and Callers as we candidly discuss what it takes to get and stay sober in todays world of growing temptations. Despite the fact that I have 19 years, 5 months and 18 days of continuous Sobriety (But who is counting ? - I AM OF COURSE)- I/we ONLY Have today. Learn how I/we make the Best of every day -  while developing habits to grow as individuals - helping others find Serenity for themselves - and possibly those they love. JOIN US!

    If you can't be in front of your computer - join us at 323-580-5755. We'd love to hear from you!



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    Cancerous Stories, Part 3: Cure and Prevention

    in Psychology

    In today's story we will continue with the metaphor of cancerous ideas spreading throughout a society and its body politic. The murder of innocents in France, Denmark and other world capitols supposedly bastions of democracy frighten me. I feel increasingly hopeless with the rise of anti-semitism and religious hated in general, the increasing deradation of women, and the general failure of political leaders and citizens to theorize as to the cause and cure of these cancers as well as suggesting ways of meeting them except by surgery provided by military activity. I despair as authoritarian regimes fail and are replaced by totalitarian demogagues demanding total obedience to their hate filled ideologies. I cringe as science, free inquiry, abstract thought, respect for facts and individual creativity are replaced by concrete thought and destructive fantasies accepted whole and literally. I watch in terror as education is demeaned and scapegoats are sought on who can be blamed for the problems created by poverty, hopelessness, social injustice, rank materialism, and our general fear of facing monumental environmental degradation. I cannot sleep nights as I have come to believe that political democracy (my beloved America in particular) the surest immunity against the spread of cancerous fantasies is in retreat and decline. I do this podcast to give myself hope and to live up to the ideals that I still believe in.    

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    Blessings of Happiness: Releasing Sadness

    in Spirituality


    Welcome to Heal Your World with Heaven Leigh. Call in today for your blessing of HAPPINESS to help you release any sadness you are feeling. You can be free from sadness. It does not own you. You have the power to release those feelings of hopelessness and pain. You can tell a new story with your life, attracting the love you want by recognizing the LOVE that you are in this world. Calm your heart. Release your fears. I am happy to give you a blessing of bliss today. Your spirit has been through so much. I understand. Your guides and angels understand. You are FREE to live a new story.

    Heaven Leigh Website: http://intuitivespiritguide.com/

    Contact me for your personal Angel Guidance Reading: http://intuitivespiritguide.com/angel-guidance-readings/

    Download Song Here: Unbroken Spirit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/heavenleigh

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1035

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is E Diane Champé from Baltimore, a returning NAASCA family member, here to update us about the work she's been doing with her E Diane Champé Institute. She's known as "The Survivors Champion" and has been an active member of the recovery community for many years. Diane's work is devoted to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us. Her program, the SERVE Zone (Safety, Education, Resources, Validation, & Empowerment), provides opportunities for survivors to learn, practice and develop relational, communication, and other life skills in a relaxing, safe environment. Diane is the author of the book "Conguering Incest: My Life as a Trauma Survivor." She writes, "As a survivor of horrendous childhood abuse and neglect, I understand the loneliness and hopelessness of living behind closed doors with a terrible secret. I have also felt the warmth, compassion and acceptance in relationships which have allowed me to feel free and hopeful." She goes on, "We will provide the validation and encouragement survivors deserve to facilitate their healing." She explains the Institute's Centers "will not provide any type of professional therapy or self-help program. Instead, they'll be places to promote community, connection, and wellness, which the experts have stated is vital to promote engagement with the world."

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