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    Dr Hew Len - Hooponopono - News for the Soul Broadcasting

    in Spirituality

    Dr Hew Len - Hooponopono - News for the Soul Broadcasting

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    The Ancient Wisdom of Huna with Dr. Matthew B. James

    in Self Help

    Dr. Matthew B. James, international trainer, lecturer, and educator, began studying spiritual disciplines at age 5 and trained in contemporary therapeutic techniques in his teens. As President of The Empowerment Partnership, he serves as a master trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a practical behavioral technology for helping people achieve their desired results in life. He has been chosen to carry on a lineage of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian science of consciousness, energy healing, mental health, and well-being.

    In his most recent book, Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path, Dr. Matt melds the ancient wisdom of Huna with modern psychology to assist us in leading conscious, purpose-driven lives. He contributes regularly to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today blogs, and is dedicated to creating lasting personal transformation by training people to access and use their intrinsic personal power. He is often quoted in the media and has been featured on Fox News, CNN Headline News, and many other TV and radio shows around the world.  To learn more about Dr. Matt visit www.Huna.com, receive his free NLP Fast-Track Video eCourse at www.NLP.com, subscribe and get Huna & Ho'oponopono meditations.

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    Joe Vitale (the secret): hooponopono clearing on the gulf oil spill on news for the soul!

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    JOE VITALE [THE SECRET] Joins host Nicole on News for the Soul to talk about AND DO a unique collective energy clearing directed at the BP oceanic oil spill! Tune in and lets work on cleaning up the mess together! Using Hooponopono clearing techniques brought forward by Dr Hew Len and more, the clearing we will do today will be directed at helping to clean up the most major oil spill in history - at the energetic roots. www.NewsfortheSoul.com

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    Lets clean up the BP oil spill with HOOPONOPONO ENERGY today on the air!

    in Spirituality

    JOE VITALE [THE SECRET] joins host Nicole on News for the Soul to talk about AND DO a unique collective energy clearing directed at the BP oceanic oil spill! Tune in and lets work on cleaning up the mess together… Using Hooponopono clearing techniques brought forward by Dr Hew Len and more, the clearing we will do today will be directed at helping to clean up the most major oil spill in history - at the energetic roots. Go to www.NewsfortheSoul.com .

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    Live 325 A Tribute to Doris Day with Special Guest Dr Joe Vitale

    in Self Help

    Join Ron Ash and Vanessa Hewko as they pay Tribute to Doris Day and her music.  Dr. Joe Vitale will be joining Vanessa and Ron to share his newest book "At Zero".  Learn more about "At Zero" by clicking here.  

    New stories and new processes that outline the fourth stage of awakening of ho'oponopono

    Author Joe Vitale's previous book, Zero Limits, presented a unique self-help breakthrough focused on helping overworked, overstressed individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. It was the first book to explain how a secret Hawaiian method called ho'oponopono can help people experience health, wealth, happiness, and more. It empowered thousands of readers to take control of everything in their lives in order to achieve all they’ve ever dreamed of. At Zero starts where Zero Limits left off. It offers new stories, explains new process, and reveals the fourth stage of awakening.

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    Ho'oponopono and Quantum Techniques

    in Health

    Ho?oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is the "ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness." - Wikipedia.  Dr. Carolee Johnson explains how we heal using Ho'oponopono and the many ways Ho'oponopono coincides with Quantum Techniques.  At the end, Quantum Techniques codes will be given to help bring us into the present in gratitude, with the intention to see the divine within ourselves.

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    DR HEW LEN (Hooponopono) & Joe Vitale (the secret)

    in Spirituality

    A ground breaking interview talking about Ho'oponopono, life without limits, and their new book: Zero Limits. Previously on News for the Soul we discussed Joe Vitale's transformative best seller for the business world - Spiritual Marketing. It's now several years later and he's been featured in The Secret, seen on Oprah and CNN and so now we ask ... what's next? And what is the "missing secret" according to Joe? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT WHY THINGS TURNED "NASTY" AT THE END!

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    Peace United Radio ~ How to Heal with Ho'oponopono

    in Education

    Join host GinA to give thanks the Ho'oponopono way and Heal the World !
    Here's another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qoq75-DQm4
    "Anyone can practise Ho'oponopono--essentially you are seeking a dialogue with the Creator. However, before you proceed further you will need to be comfortable with the following fundamental concepts of Ho'oponopono.
    When faced with any adverse situation, the Ho'oponopono practitioner will immediately ask "What is it in me that is causing this event to take place, this person to behave this way, this sickness to manifest? etc". Ho'oponopono practitioners know that blaming others is a sure way for making sure of the recurrence of a problem."


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    Lynn Pierce Show Guest Author Mabel Katz

    in Self Help

    Mabel Katz instills inspiration that will last a lifetime. With her inspirational approach to success from the inside out, Mabel gives people the tools they need to change their lives and create lasting results. Her approach goes to people’s core, their soul. Many have said she’s changed their lives forever.
    Through an ancient Hawaiian philosophy, Mabel is traveling the world teaching the art of Ho’oponopono. For twelve years she studied intensively with the master Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Ph.D. Mabel is now considered a foremost authority on the art of Ho’oponopono.  Its premise is simple, let go and let God. 
    Mabel’s first platform was her book The Easiest Way. She quickly moved to hosting her own radio and television programs.
    With her unmistakable style and grace, she transcends many languages. Her books have been translated and published into English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew and Romanian. She has authored or co-authored seven books, The Easiest Way, Inspiration to Realization, Thank God I, The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho’oponopono, The Easiest Way to Live, The Easiest Way to Grow, and Zero Frequency.

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    Free Reiki Healing!

    in Spirituality

    Being a servant of Spirit, to me, means that I have made a commitment to helping others before I came into this incarnation. I am a Certified Reik Master, and as promised, I'll be doing a short show tonight that will be strictly to send YOU some free distance Reiki healing energy. 
    Everyone is invited to participate, however, if you have a specific issue you'd like me to work on, please email your full name and 1 issue you'd like me to focus on for you during the show. 
    All that is required is that you turn off all of your electronics (except for the one you're listening to the show with) and relax in a comfortable position. Reiki is a gentle flowing energy and is non-denominational. It comes directly from Source, and is not directed by me, but flows through me.  Therefore, you are working with Divinity through this process.  I do not heal you.  It's all between you and Divinity. 

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    Violet Flame Saturday Ho'oponopono

    in Spirituality

    Today we learn about and then give the Ho’Oponopono - a very powerful spoken word exercise for personal and global healing, transformation, alchemy, awakening, peace, unconditional love and freedom. 
    CLICK HERE FOR TODAY's BOOKLET See our New Website here! : www.anow.org
    The Ho'Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian tool that brings great healing to relationships that may have some energy that is imperfect in them. This can be relationships with friends, family, co-workers, God, our inner child, sibblings, or any part of life. It really works!
    Together, working with our own Higher Selves and the Ascended Hosts of 100% Light as we give the Ho'Opopono with the Violet Flame. 
    As we join hearts we help transform the earth and bring healing and wholeness to life. 
    This is a powerful service to the Light in All and a powerful personal and global healing day ~ please join us ! Every heart that joins in the work multiplies the effects exponentially ~
    I Love You, I Am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank You
    ~  we bring ~ Aloha ~ Peace ~ and Ho'Oponopono ~ ~ ~ 

    For more on the Ho'Oponopono see wikipedia arcticle here.
    Violet Flame Saturday's: 
    Every Saturday we join heart to heart and enter our role as co-creators calling forth the Light of God that never fails ~
    Every Saturday you can join us at:
    10AM Pacific, 11AM Mountain, 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern, 6PM London, 10PM Russia