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    RadioFreeRover Presents...DeflateGate or how linking can get your ass raped

    in Current Events

    From delated footballs to linking a data dump....both it seems can get your butt in hot water.


    One will land you a slap on the wrist and a championship the other a million $ out of pocket and 5 years in prison.


    Lets chat!

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    I Knew It All Along

    in Sports

    We will recap the conference championship games and the hoodie is at it again. We will break it all down and I might even cry a little, because Green Bay lost.

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    Who's Sir Paul McCartney? The Question=Oblivion next Afronerd Radio, Wed@7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Well some things you just can't make up.  According to Kanye West supporters, Beatles' frontman, Paul McCartney is a "new" artist and should be "thankful" to Mr. West for "discovering" him (sigh...the smartphone generation strikes AGAIN!).  If you haven't guessed, this is Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review airing Wednesday at 7:30pm (EST).  We will be discussing the aforementioned sustained McCartney brain fart issue and additional subject matter such as: the passings of Senator Edward Brooke and ESPN sports analyst, Stuart Scott;  a pending Oklahoma bill could fine someone for wearing a hoodie; some police brutality protestors are using their White privilege to confront the police without fear of retribution (Black/Brown protestors appear NOT to have that mutant ability); the idiocy #BlackBrunch as it relates to White liberal hipsters; who is Yung Lean? (oh yeah...COMMERCIAL HIP HOP IS DEAD) and according to IFLS.com, NASA scientists are conceiving of humans residing on cloud cities hovering above Earth's twin, Venus (wow!)  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Wut It Do Fam Radio breaks 100 episodes!

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    Welcome to episode 101 of Shootin' The Shit!

    The All New Wut It Do Fam Radio Fundraisers are here were coming into hard times and need yalls help to keep the show going!!

    A full 2 hours of bomb shizznit coming from Tha Real McCoy, D-Evil,Neighborhood Nightmare,The MF'n Dirty,and Boy Blue LIVE in the studio!

    Shootin tha shizznit with the homies taking calls and playing music live listeners dont for get to come back 2 hours after the show for the bonus hour that dosent get aired live only archive listeners get to enjoy the bonus hour Whoop Whoop!!!

    Merch  www.wutitdofamradio.spreadshirt.com

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    like us at www.fb.com/WutItDoFamRadio  and dont forget to donate under the more tab to keep this show paid for so we can stay on the air 5 dollar donation get you to swesome custom friendship bracelets and a raffel ticket for a share in Juggalo Inland ... and join the group at www.fb.com/groups/WutItDoFamRadio ....and whoop us at www.juggalobook.com/wutitdofamradio

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    A hoodie and saggin jeans make you a target? Travon Martin to Mike Brown?

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    A year ago we spoke with a few high school students and ask them about their thoughts about dress and image. How Black youths are perceived by others within the community and outside. A year after Trayvon Martin the nation is discussingMichael Brown & Eric Gardener again we see various media sources attempt to paint a different image of the unarmed young man the same as we saw during the Zimmerman trial. 

    Check out our past show where young people shared their ideas about images of Black youths and how sometimes perceptions of their language, dress and social media images can be misinterpreted. (Link is at the bottom of page).

    How is an unrelated incident of robbery become relevant in discovering if the shooting of an unarmed person (Michael Brown) was justified? 


    What is it that the various policing agencies want the public to think about Mike Brown after releasing the video? 

    A) The nation should not be spending this amount of social capital on a criminal
    B) He was not close to being the gentle giant as friends and family have claimed
    C) The officer was responding to a dangerous individual that posed a real threat to the officer 
    D) The shooting was justified the state did not execute a saint but rather a thug


    Any thoughts?

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    in Entertainment

    There is a major push to destroy the minds, body, and spirits of melanated young people across the country. In the media you see police and vigilantes shooting black teens and children with little- to- no recourse or repercussion. How exactly do impressionable minds react when they see someone in there own likeness unjustly gunned down like a dog repeatedly on tv? They say you can be whatever you want to be- well as long as you don't listen to rap, wear a hoodie, don't jaywalk, and never get perceived as threatening by someone with a gun and willingness to shoot it, then if you survive that, you can be somebody- maybe. Why do we accept this? Why do we blankly stare at the stories headlining the news with no reaction? Why do responsible adults have nothing else to offer the youth but a sad song and a picket sign? When is enough enough? There is emerging resistance to these actions. Some people refuse to be used as law enforcement target practice. Some people are willing to fight by any means necessary to defeat this sort of legalized evil. Some people will not back down. NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER! 2RAW4TV  talks to radio host and revolutionary, King Dominic, and lays out a plan of action against the powers that be.


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    Election Day is Coming! Infighting at the White House! No-Hoodies Allowed!

    in Politics

    As-Salaam-Alaikum & God's Peace be upon You,

    This Saturday on Critical Discourse, there’s much to go over, and we'll try to cover it all:

    1) Update on the Muslim Women's Shelter, run by Sister Khadijah Dawa

    2) Election Day, November 2014 - Issues, predictions, directions?

    3) The Harlem "No-Hoodie-Rule"

    4) Infighting at the White House over Syria

    5) Update on Ferguson, Missouri


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    Walking In Silence DV Solidarity Walk, Talking to Marvin "Alex" Harris

    in Women

    "And Noone Cried For NeeNee"


    In 2001, he got his gun, he drew it back and then the attack,  and noone cried for NeeNee.

    Went through her heart, it ended her start; she layed there dying, while they stood there lying,

    Getting their stories straight,  till it was too late, and noone cried for NeeNee. 

    She laid on the floor, they closed the door.  She tried to breathe,  she took her last heave.  It was an accident, and that's how it went.  And noone cried for NeeNee.

    Each day l think, given my every blink, my baby girl, she was my world.

    No hands in the air, no hoodie was worn, and noone is crying for NeeNee.

    I know how it goes, black on black crime still flows.  Noone marches for her still, as l am held hostage against my will.  It ain't OK, there has got to be a better way.

    And noone cried for NeeNee.

    I am getting it out. I cry, I shout.  But noone hears, they don't see my tears.  She is still my baby girl, still my world.  And noone  cried for NeeNee.

    (Written by Loretta Green-Williams)

    Join me and Marvin "Alex" Harris, Campus Director for Strayer University.  He will talk about his personal experience to domestic violence and why he will be Walking in Silence for the Silenced, Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk, November 1,  2014, at 7 am.

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    Can a hoodie and saggin jeans make you a target?

    in Current Events

    Should young people be singled out and viewed as threating due to  their style of dress and language or should this expression be seen simply as youth culture?

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    Windows to Your Spirit ~ All Hallows Eve

    in Spirituality

    It's that time of year again! already!!! Pull up your hoodie, snuggle in by the fire and join your hostess, psychic Kathleen Avino for a paranormal exploration of spirit contact, what it really means and what it really could be. As always your questions will be answered as time allows. Please be respectful and limit yourself to one specific question so that as many people can connect in as possible. To schedule a full reading visit www.kathleenavino.com

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    Michael Baisden Live, The Hoodie Awards & Gabby Douglas

    in Radio

    Join Angela Thomas & Rodney Smith for an episode of Our Own Voices Live!
    Today's show: "Michael Baisden Live, The Hoodie Awards & Gabby Douglas!" 
    Michael Baisden Live aired in Las Vegas and he had a Town hall right in the community at the Santa-Fe Hotel & Casino
    The town hall was almost packed with many thanking the popular radio talk show host and author of The Maintenance Man, for not forgetting where he came from. 
    The Hoodie Awards with Steve Harvey is also in town.
    The popular author who is retiring from standup comedy this year brought a weekend of recognition for locals and plenty of partying.  Angela & I have attended the weekend events and will broadcast live from one of the venues.
    Gabby Douglas! 
    Gabby as she is called by friends and teammates wasn’t really known until she was invited to the Olympic trials where she stunned the crowd and beat the reigning champ, Jordyn Wieber.  She didn’t stop there, she went on to help Team USA Gymnastics win the Olympic Gold Medal and later to win the individual all around Gold! 
    As her back story has unfolded there was a slight Tweet stir about her hair but we want to talk about the first African American to win the Olympic All Around Gold Medal.  We have seen her mom and siblings in the stands but many have asked about her dad.  What a great American story!  Click here, here & here to read more.

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