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    Honoring the Ancestors this Memorial day and the entire month of May

    in Spirituality

    Since the beginning  of civilization  all cultures have created ceremonies to honor their family members, national heroes, community leaders in fact anyone who have passed from this plain of existence but  are still alive in the memories of their descendants. In this Month's show I will share with you 3 things  people struggle with when trying to honor their deceased loved ones or community leaders,heroes and sheroes 

    This is a good time of the year to  remember the sacrifices, hard work, dedication and commitment of the people who made it possible for us to be here today. I will share valuable  info about the step by step method of who, when, where, to honor your  ancestors and loved ones.

    Join me and my special guess Medium, Priest of Oshun, father, Babalorisa Rivelinho Bolivar.

    Rive, as he is called by his friends was born in 1978 in Panama City, Panama and grew up in the countryside along the Caribbean coastline in the small town of Salud, in a Catholic family

     He was an altar/choir boy and continued my involvement with church service after moving to the US until the age of 16. I've always had a sensitivity to the spiritual world – seeing shadows, hearing voices, able to tune into the vibrations of the homes of others as a child, never being bothered by my ability to sense things. Working with the church also exposed him to the Lucumí pantheon, that also plays an important role in my life in hand with my spiritualist practice, as I observed the holy days of saints which had been syncretized with the Yoruba orishas.



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    Chief Langley Lectures on Beyond the realm of Death, Dreams and your Ancestors

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    It is always possible for deceased loved ones to visit us in our dreams.  It’s actually an ideal place for them to make contact.  For one, you are in a relaxed state so it’s easier for them to get your attention.  For another, you are disconnected from the physical and more connected to your subconscious and/or superconscious if you are a lucid dreamer.  And lastly, dreams are sort of the mid-ground between here and there so it’s like meeting in the middle.


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    Chief Langley Speaks Healing lies within you- "Honoring The Ancestors"

    in Education

    Spiritual connection with your ancestors. and honoring them. 

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    The Medicine in Your Kitchen / Ancestors

    in Culture

    We're going to start this morning with checking the herbs and seasonings in our kitchen cabinets and the medicinal powers they possess.  What spice in your kitchen can stop a heart attack?  

    Melanated Woman not only addresses the issues of food for the body, but for the mind and spirit as well.  We will begin on the path of our Ancestors, and understand just how important they are to our everyday life and survival.


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    Knowledge of your Ancient Ancestors is the Key to Civilized Intelligence

    in Music

    Knowledge of your Ancient Ancestors serves as the first religion--and it is the Key to self salvation.  Realization slowly  bringing enlightenment about our African first ancestry and what natural life is. We have an overwhelming  mental dysfunction in the human world today, because Italy and Europe have used brainwashing techniques to suppressed the origin of intelligent perception. In the first five centuries; people especially women, were killed to help in the diminishing of human intuition and brilliance. The vile effect from loss of good moral, will continue to erode world society, until people restore cognitive reliance on mental luminosity--with that people will become wise wise Homo sapiens sapiens again. But first God and Jesus must be removed from public recognition. 

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    Honoring Your Angels and Spirit Guides

    in Spirituality

    Each of us have the ability to work closely with our Angels and Spirit Guides.

    How do we acknowledge each of these Beings?

    How do we establish a working relationships wth our Guides & Angels?

    How do we honor the Beings?

    What is Shamanic Journey?


    Through the practice of Shamanic Journey exercises, we come to undrestand each of these marvelous Angels and Spirit Guides are here to help us and support us in our daily life.

    Join us in today's call, as we talk with past participants of the Connecting To Your Shamanic ROOTS program.



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    Chief Langley Returns Vacationing with your Ancestors

    in History

    Tonite Lecture details experiences with your ancestors. Understanding that spiritul life continues after death. Balancing the relationship one had with them while on Earth. That relationship and rememberance of them needs to be continued. Your Ancestors are the keys to your genealogy and many times searching for tr ancestry we need to turn to them. Tonite show deals directly with this. If you ever find yourself missing your ancestors this lecture is for you. its spiritual and inspiring,

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    Rhymes & Resistance Honoring Our Ancestors Zalute

    in Family

    Join uis to celebrate the victories and contributions that Our Ancestors gave to the world.

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    What Is The Importance of Connecting With Your Ancestors?

    in Spirituality

    We welcome you to join IFAGlobalSite.com blog talk radio.  This is a Global humanitarian healing, educational vehicle. The purpose is to bring awareness teaching the wisdom & cultural science oracle system of IFA a originating from West Africa Nigeria.  The System of IFA is a cultural based tradition for all nationalities for those who want to learn how to spiritually and physically achieve there highest potential in life. 

    Please join Founders of IFA Global Inc Professor Babalawo Ifategunse Osadele & Apetebi Omirelekun Ifadunmade- Ifalase

    Thursdays 8.00pm-10.00pm EST.   

    We welcome all questions please dial into the show @ (347) 637-2232

    "IFA Is The Solution to Solving Our Problems"


    Visit  http://www.ifaglobalsite.com

    Email info@ifaglobalsite.com   

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    Genealogy Your Ancestors and You

    in History

    Tonite Chief Langley talks about  Southeastern American Indian Genealogy.  Those Native that remain in the southeast. Chief Langley Gives a grassroots approach to understanding  History, Timelines  Customs and Traditions. This lecture will bring many into the understanding of getting beyond brick walls.  This is a spiritual walk of understanding who your ancestors were and who you are.  Remember your old stories  reflect, Remember the daily habits of your ancestors. Remember the herbs and medicines they made,  All these are precious memories that will aid in your research.

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    Blessings From Your Ancestors

    in Spirituality

    Sometimes the most amazing gifts we carry come from the family that we never met....our ancestor when. If you could go back in time and meet them, what would you say? Tune in tonight and find out through this guided meditation.  

    This will be my last show at this time slot. If you are an archived listener, please let me know when you listen. Message me here thanks.