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    Haterz Welcome

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    The perks of being a gay/out rapper

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    Haterz Welcome

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    Bloggers And Bull

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    Queer Hip-Hop Artist Reina Williams on SistersTalk Radio

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    Reina Williams is a rising star in the hip-hop community.

    She's The Queen of Musical Intrigue and has been primed for stage success since a very young age. The daughter of an opera singer, her hereditary gift for creating music has come effortlessly. With a contradictory style that directly corresponds with her ever-changing mood, Reina keeps her audience guessing and amazed by her unexpected yet dynamic performances.

    Called "[A] uniquely refreshing and intriguing artist" by Baltimore Out Loud Magazine, her combination of revolutionary lyricism over harmonious acoustic chords is the refreshing change music fans have been so desperately searching for. Mixing her classic, rock, and alternative influences with her original hip hop beats, Reina is poised to take the industry by storm with her timeless music.
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    Bisexual Musician and Activist Juba Kalamka on SistersTalk Radio

    in Culture

    Juba Kalamka is an African American bisexual artist and activist recognized for his work and founding member of homohop group Deep Dickollective (D/DC) and his development of the micro-label Sugartruck Recordings.

    Kalamka has coordinated the release and promotion of five critically successful D/DC albums, the Outmusic Award winning solo debut of former Sister Spit member Rocco "Katastrophe" Kayiatos, and the distribution of the work of numerous other artists in the homohop community.

    Kalamka's personal work centers on dialogues on the convergences and conflicts of race, identity, gender, sexuality and class in pop culture. He has written and illustrated several articles for pop culture magazines and journals, Kitchen Sink, ColorLines, and the now-defunct bisexual issues magazine Anything That Moves.

    In November 2005, Kalamka was chosen to be one of six plenary speakers at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's 2005 Creating Change Conference and received a Creating Change Award for his activist work in queer music community.

    Kalamka served as the curator/director of PeaceOUT World Homo Hop Festival which ran annually from 2001 through 2007. The success of PeaceOUT inspired the creation of three now-defunct sister festivals; Peace Out East in New York City, Peace Out South in Atlanta, Georgia, and Peace Out UK in London, England.
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