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    Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens

    in Family

    Former obstetrician and childbirth pioneer Michel Odent argues that the aspect of human lifestyle that has been most profoundly changed in recent decades is the period of time surrounding the birth of a child. Since this formative time is considered critical in defining our species, Homo sapiens, fundamental changes in this area should herald significant evolution in regard to how babies are born. This, surely, should be at the heart of our discussions of the future, even above considerations of how humanity and planet earth interact.
    This interview will prove to be thought provoking and eye opening. Join us live or listen to the archived recording. Live listeners can call in and ask our guest questions live. 
    Michel Odent, MD, has been in charge of the surgical unit and the maternity unit at the Pithiviers (France) state hospital (1962–1985) and is the founder of the Primal Health Research Centre (London). He is the author of the first articles in the medical literature about the initiation of lactation during the hour following birth and of the first article about use of birthing pools.He created the Primal Health Research Data Base 

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    The Rant: No Homo

    in Sports

    When it comes to Game 7's ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!! And of coarse, this one disappointed in a Pacers stand point. We will discuss Game 7 and why the Heat advanced. Once we get through with that we will be previewing the NBA Finals between the Spurs and the Heat.
    Also, join us on our latest installment of "Double Jeopardy", the critically acclaimed Best Game Segment Ever. Does Allan have testicular fortitude to finally muster up a 'REAL' win against the man that calls himself as "Zo". 
    RED PILL OR BLUE PILL!!!! Pick your poison. Who ya got? And get ready for the Top 10 No Homo Comments That Will Get You Fined 75K.
    So join us live every Tuesday Nights at 10 pm and call in the show at 347-324-3324. Join our fanpage at www.facebook.com/TheRantSports and follow us on Twitter @TheRant_Sports.

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    BCWorldView~Homo Sapiens Sapiens: A Slave Made To order

    in Culture

    Are you a homo sapiens sapiens or neanderthals, tell us of your identity

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    Obama and Cuomo's Adulterous Homo Interlude

    in POTUS

    Obama and Cuomo's Adulterous Homo Interlude


    If aka (also known as) Barack Obama was your next-door neighbor; would you as a parent ask him to remain with your children while you rush your spouse to a hospital emergency facility? Remember – this was [and is] the monster who supported Infanticide as an Illinois State Senator; and who currently supports partial birth abortion and consequently, abortion genocide. 

    Last Monday – May 14, 2014 was a very disturbing day for decent Americans.

    The Obama Administration released public photos of aka Obama and his adulterous homo interlude with New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Those of you hearing this MoralMatters Speaks audio can readily access those revealing photos at Moralmatters.org ..................


    Obama and Cuomo’s Adulterous Homo Interlude


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    Human Early Stages of Development From Hominids to Homo Sapiens

    in Religion

    National Geographic world history textbook states; Although modern science has given more precise methods for examing the prehistory of humankind than we have ever had before,much of our understanding of early humans still depends on guesswork. (in prehistory people live  and die without record made of their lives). The rate of new discoveries of the current theory of early human life might be changed in a few years. Tim Aldred said we only have history as real source to enlighten us about the early human ancestors, because none of them live to see our day. Our observation of history must be done  with intellectual skills and sound judgment. History says that we came from Hominids to Homo Sapiens. The earliest humanlike creatures lived in Africa; as long as three to four millions  years ago (who denies that?)  Called Australopithecines, or otherwise called "southern apes."The discoverer is Donald Johanson, his research shows they flourished in eastern  and southern Africa. The were the first hominids (humans and other creatures that walk upright) to make simple stone stools.

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    Black Lives Matter of Black Gays Matter?: Homo Assault on Black Power Movement

    in Politics

    The "Black Lives Matter" movement has revealed itself to be a "Black Queers Matter" movement.  This is not a matter of speculation.  Rather, the Black Lives Matter movement itself has defined its interests as working towards redefining the "Black Liberation Movement" to include transgenders, queers, lesbians, etc . . . 

    It is time for a Black unification around the idea of organizing and fighting the "homosexual" encroachment of the RBG and other Black Power movements. 



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    The Cosmic Awakening Show- Homo Spiritus: The New Humans With Indigo Jack

    in Spirituality

    Join host Michelle Walling as she discusses the future of humanity in the NOW with her guest is Indigo Jack. Jack has a lot of information to share about the shift from Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus man. Michelle first heard of this through Indigo Jack's Youtube video of the same name that can be found at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5KQKW2dfIw&feature=youtu.be. Jack has also recently been receiving waves of downloads of information that Spirit wishes to share with humanity....just in time for the show!

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    BCWorld~Homo Sapiens Sapiens Follow Antiquity Knowledge.

    in Culture

    How are Homo sapiens sapiens to live, shall we just talk anything without analysis or concern for what is conflicting. Are we to keep linguistic rules?

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    Why The Bible Did Not Say You Are Homo Sapiens Sapiens

    in Music

    The bible said Psalm 82:3; I said you  are gods and all you are children of  the most high. Only Homo sapiens sapiens is cross genes of the Elohim and homo sapiens.


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    "No Homo Fly Zone" in the Black Nationalist Community: Can We Do It?

    in Politics

    The Black Nationalist/PanAfrikan/Haitianist community is under heavy seige.  Our entire liberation culture is being invaded by white-sex offenders like Gay-Z Coco (Gadzi Kodjo), Cleo(patra) Manago, and others.  It's time for us as Black Power advocates who respect the great work of Nat Turner, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Queen Mother Moore, Kwame Toure, & Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad to regulate who can and cannot claim PanAfrikanism, Black Nationalism, and wave the Red, Black, and Green flag.  

    It's time for us to decide whether or not we are truly serious about our Racial ascension.  If we are, we have to not only "No Fly Zone" the Ray Hagins' of the world, but we have to make sure that we run all of the white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia) freaks out of the Black Power movement.  And there's no further reason for us to wait.  It's time to take action and push back on this white-sex community.

    We'll discuss whether or not we are strong enough and organized enough to "No Fly Zone" this Gay-Z Coco and others who are desecrating our movement.

    We'll See You on the Battlefield!

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    BCWorldView~Homo sapiens sapiens One Religion

    in Culture

    Wise Homo sapiens sapiens of whom we are, lived in Africa from 200 --150,000 years with gods and goddesses, and they had one educated religion. 100,000 years ago some migrated to populate the rest of the earth.