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    January 27th Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports

    Be sure to join us tonight, as we have another classic show linned up for you! Tune in! Call in! Listen starting at 7pm CST via internet @www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports or via phone @ (347) 945-7002. (Number also serves as our call in number, press nothing to listen or press 1 to notify us that you want to come on live to make a comment)

    We'll discuss:

    How far away are the Green Bay Packers from contending for a Super Bowl?
    The Milwaukee Bucks make the Playoffs if.............?
    Are the Cleveland Cavs fixable?
    Super Bowl Predictions
    What's on YOUR mind? Open discussion

    Tune in! Call in!




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    Home Again

    in Homeschooling

    The new updates on how God has turned what the enemy meant for bad into good!  God has won these battles!

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    The Gospel of Working from Home: Do you have Dream Insurance

    in Business

    Do you have Dream Insurance? Are you able to keep negative people from stealing your dreams. Need Dream Insurance then listen to Today's program and let us help you insure your dreams and goals.

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    January 13th Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports

    Topic 1: Were you shocked the Packers beat the Redskins, and should we expect a win agaisnt the Cardinals?

    Topic 2: Should Mavin Lewis get fired the lack of control from his players?

    Topic 3: Have you lost interest in the Milwaukee Bucks?

    Topic 4: Is the winner of the Seahawks/Panthers game going to win the Superbowl?

    Live call in number-347-945-7002

    Listen live at blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports


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    Home Organizing Tips For Adults With ADD

    in Self Help

    Getting organized at the top of your list for 2016?  Wondering how this will be the year when you struggle with ADHD?  Join me and Suzanna Kaye, A Space The Works as she shares techniques to get your home organized.

    Suzanna is a professional organizer filled with purpose and passion. After years of work as a business manager, CFO and Professional Organizer, she created A Space That Works Professional Organizing. Although she has always held positions that required high organizational skills – she was not born organized. Proof positive that if you truly work at it, and with the right tricks, anyone can become more organized!

    Throughout her young adult life, Suzanna struggled with organization. Through studies, trainings and research she learned how a “clutter-bug” who never seemed to have enough time or energy for anything can become happy, productive and at peace. That is what drives her – to help others overcome the same obstacles she had to fight so hard with. By sharing what she has learned and the resources she has found Suzanna loves her time with each client.   Prior to starting her business Suzanna trained in organizing for disabilities and ADD/ADHD.  She also worked with special needs children as Assistant Teacher in the Autism and Special Education class in both an elementary and high school. She specializes in organizing for those suffering from depression, ADD/ADHD, hoarding, and other special circumstances and works with her clients to counter the negative impacts of these disorders and create good organizational habits.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

  • 4th Quarter Tax and Home-Base Business Show

    in Business

    What is the biggest challenges most Americans Face? Having too much month at the end of money. How can the common person overcome this challenge? Most try by getting a second jod or a second mortgage, or both.

    In reality, the best answer is making the most out of your current income by starting and running a homebase business.

    We will show you how a properly structured home-base business can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your taxes. The U. S, Congress has created laws that encourage individuals to be entrepreneurs - to start and run their own business.

    When you start your own home-base business, you become eligible to take all the same kinds of deductions available to big corporations. These deductions will allow you to decrease the amount of taxes that you pay. Helping you get back an extra $3,000 to $5,000 back on you tax return. Tune in today and find out how you can get started in a home base-business in this last quarter of 2015 to increase your tax return.

    Movements Unlimited Tax Services


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    KNOT: How Responsible Are You For The Actions of Your Mate/Friends/Family?

    in Romance

    Follow us on Twitter: KNOT = @knotradiotalk; Dantea = @jusTay_willdo; Nieama = @nieamab; O.T. = @DocPorterOT

    Like us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/knotyourtypicalradiotalk

    Call in at 661-449-9318

    Have you ever been asked, “What is wrong with him/her?” or told “You need to get him/her under control”? However, the person being references was not someone ill or a child, but your partner? Do you believe that your mate is responsible for your behavior? Are you responsible for the behavior of your mate? Do certain circumstances dictate whether you are or are not responsible? Find out our answers to these and more questions – also call in and offer your own. We LOVE to hear from you.

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    Sunday Morning Gospel of Working From Home

    in Business

    Today's Topic: The importance of Personal Development and becoming a Lifelong Learner

    Budget investment in your growth

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    in Dads and Family

    President and founder of The League of DADs and host of The League of DADs TAlk Radio Christopher Smith talk about the rebirth of The League of DADs real meaning and how the "MEN!" yes "MEN" not women get him going "Big Bank" on the loosers ..... YES BITCHES CHRIS IS GOING TO SHOW THEM "OH NO BITCH DADDY'S HOME!"

  • Home Again!

    in Homeschooling

    Loving this life God has given me.  Never take one day for granted!

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    Come Home Soon

    in Entertainment

    With beautiful melodies, heartfelt and authentic songs and a theme that many can relate to, Come Home Soon is an inspired effort to help heal the soul and bring a message of hope to the ears of the people that need to hear it most.

    Join us as we talk with Greg Nason about his new song Come Home Soon.