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    063 VICTORIA HOLT: "Heaven is Here"

    in Self Help

    LeGrande Green interviews VIctoria Holt, the author of “Heaven is Here – The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life in this World and the Next.”


    Always provocative and direct, Victoria describes herself as an intuitive “soul teacher” for the digital age. “There are spiritual truths out there we're all missing but the answers are right in front of us. God does not make mistakes.”


    Victoria's book walks readers through every step of life – from the moment of your creation, to discovering your life's purpose to that most important of moments – when you take your last breath.


    She says “Heaven is Here” also offers the first spiritual explanation for homosexuality. “There is a perfect pattern for everything. When I explain the theory, a lot of my gay friends have burst into tears.”

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    A Conversation With Glen Holt

    in Comedy

    Glen Holt, or Glen "The Incredible" Holt, as he's known on stage, is the latest stand-up to emerge from the Boise, Idaho comedy scene.  He's not afraid to admit to it either.  Glen claims to be called "The Incredible" because he's not to be believed.

    After practicing his act in the workplace for years, Glen "The Incredible" Holt made his debut at the 2009 Boise Curb Cup, and has since then made himself a regular in the Boise comedy scene.  Glen is quoted as saying "Not being funny didn't stop Jay Leno, and it won't stop me."


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    A Chat with Michael Holt - Part 2

    in Photography

    Wrapping up a serious, if not hilarious conversation with my dear friend and mentor Michael Holt. Feel free to text in some questions for Michael, or call in near the end of the show. 

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    IAW Welcomes Mike Holt of Restore Australia

    in Politics Conservative

    Mike Holt is the CEO of Restore Australia, Author of the Beware Halal Sticker Campaign, a Dedicated Global Partner in the fight against the Islamic ambitions in the West, and an Expert Global Educator. Listen closely ~ and be apprised in that Mike is conveying your heritage and ensuring your future.

    Mike Holt’s links:



    Watch the 25 minute Documentary, “ Halal Certification & Australian Beef: 


    Welcome to Infidels Are Watching, with your Hosts, Tim Burton of Liberty GB and Kel Fritzi, where we strive to educate about a threat…called Political Islam.

    We don't offer honourifics to the mohammedans here. They are simply known as The Scourge.

    We give you the tools to do the homework, and further educate others in the hope that there will be a united Global Understanding in that Islam continues to be the greatest threat facing Western Democracies today.


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity”






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    1 Dream Awards Jenn Holt and Kelly Campbell

    in Sports

    Episode 40: Jenn Holt, Owner, We Are Warpaint and Kelly Campbell, Las Vegas Sin, Legends Football League, will co-host the 1 Dream Awards this coming Saturday, December 6, live at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We Are Warpaint is also sponsoring the evening's highlight award the "1 Dream Award" which will go to a #FutureGen Athlete who has overcome tremendous adversity to turn a dream into reality.  We Are Warpaint Twitter, We Are Warpaint Facebook,  Kelly Campbell Twitter, Kelly Campbell Facebook   

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    CDL Radio interviews Mike Holt from Restore Australia

    in Politics Conservative

    Jan Rennie and Matt Pope interviews Mike Holt from Restore Australia 


    Restore Austraila on Facebook 



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    Live Chat : Music from Trench Town and we celebrate John Holt

    in Music

    Live Chat : Music from Trench Town and we celebrate John Holt

    Legendary Tide Is High reggae singer John Holt dies aged 69 in London hospital following lengthy period of ill health

    Reggae legend, John Holt, died at 69 on Sunday.

    The well-loved vocalist, who sang the original version of Blondie’s hit track The Tide Is High, passed away in a London hospital.

    His death was confirmed by his manager to the Jamaica Observer Online as he said: ‘John died at 2:40 am English time. His [John’s] nephew informed of his death.’


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    I Just Wanted to be Invisible with Nikki Rosen & Church Training w/Miriam Holt

    in Women

    Breathe Again is a moment of Hope,Inspiration & Solutions. 

    Some things in life will make you run and hide. They are so horriffic you want to become invisible. That's how Author, Nikki Rosen felt. Her childhood was marked with years of abuse. Many people don't understand how she made it through. 

    Listen as she shares her journey. 


    Event Spotlight:

    Miriam Holt stops by the show to share her upcoming, Indispensable Church Administrator Conference. 

    When:  November 22, 2014 


    Faith Life COGIC 
    1906 Campostella Rd
    Chesapeake, VA 23324




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    RFB Welcomes Mike Holt

    in Politics Conservative

    Mike Holt is the CEO of Restore Australia, the Official Website of the Foundation for a National Renewel, created to return  power to the people, who must have a Voice in the direction this great Nation takes.
    He also has a highly successful campaign to bring awareness of Islamic issues that affect her. His most notable is his sticker campaign to apprise the Public about unknowingly purchasing Halal products.
    Mr. Holt is also involved within the One Nation Political Party and has a very active You Tube page:
    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with Kel, heard here @ 3PM ET Mondays and 7PM ET Fridays.
    “I am the Infidel your Imam warned about.”
    I’m also the Infidel Fox in the Moslem chicken coop.
    Follow my Blog:  Red Fox (Infidels Are Watching) and join my Facebook Group Page:
    "Mass Islamity ~ Stop the Insanity!"
    (I also apologise for the audio quality ~ my Internet crashed during taping).

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    Live: Honoring John Holt Jamaica's Reggae Icon (11 July 1947 – 19 October )

    in Music

    John Kenneth Holt (11 July 1947 – 19 October 2014) was a reggae singer and songwriter who first found fame as a member of The Paragons before establishing himself as a solo artist.Holt was born in Kingston in 1947. By the age of twelve, he was a regular entrant in talent contests run at Jamaican theatres by vere Johns He recorded his first single in 1963 with "I Cried a Tear" for record producer Leslie Kong, and also recorded duets with Alton Ellis. He achieved prominence in his home country as lead singer of  The Paragans and they cut a succession of singles for Duke Reid at his Treasure Isle Studio and enjoyed a string ofhits, including "Ali Baba", "Tonight", "I See Your Face", and the Holt penned "The Tide is High" (later made famous by Blondie and also covered by Atomic Kitten). "Wear You to the Ball" was another of his hits with The Paragons, and hit the charts again when U-Roy added a Deejay verse to it. During his time with the Paragons, he also recorded solo material for Studio one (including "Fancy Make-up", "A love I can feel", "Let's Build Our Dreams" and "Ok Fred") and Prince Buster ("Oh Girl", and "My Heart Is Gone")

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    Begin! A Chat with Mentor and Dear Friend, Michael Holt

    in Photography

    Michael is helping me get started with an initial chat.  Hoping he has fun and returns!