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    Zorra's message to me following the Sunday 20-minute Global Meditation:


    The power of this group meditation lies in bringing people into one accord.

    Synchronize your time zones with 3 PM Pacific and, together, globally - DAILY -  listen to this meditation with the group intention to continue this until your Blessing appears.  The Power of One Intent, in LOVE, directs Creation.



    The regular Zorra shows have ended, however...



    April 2 2011 - July 13 2013:  www.HollowEarthNetwork.com/RECORDED CALLS

    July 13 2013 to Present:  www,.blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork


    Our Hollow Earth Network website (HEN):  www.HollowEarthNetwork.com

    Our Galactic sister-site:  www.EarthAscends.com


    Mother Earth is Ascending and so must we.  

    Most new listeners have found it helpful to listen to ALL of the recorded calls.  This enables each of us to retain the same base of information and the knowingness it brings.


    Welcome to Hollow Earth Network.



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    Suzy Star visits HollowEarthNetwork

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    My name is Suzy Ellen Star and I have been in this body for 82 years having incarnated as the daughter of my chosen parents, coming into this life with full memory of who I am. My mother being a true pioneer woman great daughter of Andrew Jackson and the Moore's from Europe and my father being a gentle loving man of Huguenot & Indian decent. Surgery in 1970 where I died on the operating table and was shown my true self and the mission I was sent here to perform, and then told that I had to go back and continue experiencing living as a human and then the veil was dropped again but it left me with the knowingness that  I needed to end my 22 year marriage. I then entered the professional work field, made lots of money, was taken by a con artist & lost it all. Moved to Alaska with a new husband, then on to Kauai where I resided for 10 years, prior to moving to WA to attend the Ramtha School for 18 years prior to moving to OR where I had been divinely guided to move to work with a brilliant spiritual scientist .And for the last ten years, as I have worked on the mission that I was sent here to accomplish, I have worked on my goals and persevered. I have developed my creativity so my mission has evolved to a much larger project than I originally conceived. I have gone through many transformations and rebirths of ideas and have enjoyed many wonderful allies (starseeds) who are ready to step forward and work as a team with me on the project, that was assigned to me for completion as they knew I had the determination and focus to keep working until the correct time for this mission to become a physical manifestation. I have seen in dreams, my endeavors coming to fruition in the near future and so I share with you my vision. You may find more about me and my mission by visiting my website: http://suzystar.net/

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    Hu-Manna Gold Ormus-What is it?

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    Technical difficulties with Dave Kane's connection forced us to reschedule as you will hear. He will be on in the very near future. This show will be simulcasting with Dave Corso on http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/ site as well. Welcome DC!
    Our guest tonight Dave Kane comes from Ontario,Canada. He quotes from his website, The Ormus materials are generally considered to be a new state of matter, solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Ormus. As of the writing there have been fifty two of these materials isolated. These materials are critical in the construction and functioning of all living things.
    Five percent of the dry weight of the human brain and nervous system are composed of these materials. (Probably five percent of everything else as well). Join us as we discover how this can benefit all of us right now. Your questions and comments are welcome.
    Dave Kane's website: http://www.humannagold.ca/
    YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBt9zaTKI40
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    Olivia Valencia talks to us about the MER people

    in Spirituality

    Olivia Valencia joins us tonight to talk about her book Savior in the Blue Mermaid.
    She has the ability to speak with her guides as well. Tune in for a fascinating show and her encounters with different beings.
    Headband orders: http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/about
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    HEN welcomes Laura Leger & how an accident changed her life

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    How Young Living Essential Oils saved Laura’s life from a serious accident and prevented and eliminated all pain. Published author Laura Legere tells about her miraculous recovery and amazing inspirational story. Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Award “It’s Not Weird Anymore” is an entertaining educational adventurous self-help resource guide to spiritual and health wisdom, conspiracy, sacred sex and a Match dot com relationship. Laura Legere’s focus of service and purpose is assisting people with healthy living, personal growth and spiritual exploration through her private practice as a massage therapist and teacher of natural healing in essential oils. She has always been a gifted networker as well as a great storyteller and loves to point people in a purposeful positive direction.

    Laura's website: http://www.lauralegere.com/home/Laura_Legere.html

    Contact info: 206-765-8996

    Youtube video must see:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfZmR2w_uf0


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    Laminine: http://www.ourradiohost.com/

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    Peter Olson is our 1st guest followed by Zaraya,Quazar,Zorra

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    Their baaaack, woohoo! IT has been awhile since Peter Olson has been a guest. Peter has gone thru a life change and is here to share that with us in respect to what Zorra, AA Michael and other ascended masters have shared with him. Then Col. Billie Faye Woodard aka Zaraya, Jane aka Quazar and Zorra will be on the show and what a show it will be. As the saga continues, it is comforting to know we have theThree Musketeers and possibly more that will be here to share with us all more good news about our evolution.  If time permits we will take questions.
    To order your headband:http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/about 
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    Experiences from listeners of HEN. Steve Wayda joins us

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    San Diego California is a great place to be from & loved science, geometry & painting in exact detail. Early on in life I felt like a scientist from the past. Proficient in mechanical skills I entered the Aerospace Industry - Microwave electromagnetic communications & was lead manager of my team, working on many "HIGH REL" TOP SECRET PROJECTS such as the space shuttle "ATLANTIS". After 2 years of electronics, I left for a career in the dental field. Finding interest in my sister's channeling & past lives I committed to a Pleiadian group session of 2500 9D beings,  The Pleiadians told me I was in Atlantis from the beginning to the end, which lasted over 300,000 years, with 3 great rises & falls. The many lives lived were overlaid & imprinted onto my blue print, to be used in the coming Ascension & Golden Age working on BALANCE, HARMONY, and LOVE. Peace & Love from Cassiopeia.      "Steven the Atlantean"    

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    How the headband assisted my flight in H.E. + taking calls

    in Spirituality

    OK ok its time I get it. Im being bombarded with phone calls and emails about what else I didnt write about the flight I took in Astral thru our Hollow Earth on the 18th of July. Soooo I'll be sharing with you what I saw, felt, smelled and tasted while I "took the tour" so to speak. It is MORE than Zaraya and Zorra has described! And YES the headband DOES and DID play a big part in it. Taking your questions and comments as well.
    Also if you are not taking the SUPERFOOD that has been talked about many times before on this program, what are you waiting for?? ITS TIME my brothers and sisters. I'll be talking about this too.
    website info: http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/
    To order your headband: http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/about
    SUPERFOOD info: http://www.ourradiohost.com/

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    Wanna go Vegan? HEN welcomes Starseed Margaret Schutz

    in Spirituality

    Newsflash! Zorra will be speaking thru Annette Sassou ~Asara~ July 27th. http://www.worldpuja.org/activations-of-light.php
    Bio-feedback tech, raw food coach and starseed Margaret Schutz joins us to talk about here knowledge in the field of Bio-Feedback. What is it? How does it work?
    Then she will share with us her transformation from 'dead foods' to raw 'live' foods. A vegetarian for over a year now she has a load of info to share about how her life has changed for the better.
    Sha also has knowledge of her higher self and is well versed in the knowledge of our star families and the roles they play as well as ours.
    Maragarets website is http://www.margaretschutz.com/

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    Headbands, Higher Vibes & News. Alia Chandler & Co. return

    in Spirituality

    Wow! What a week! Have you been feeling it? Sleeping was in full-swing for myself. Alia Chandler and friends return for a continuation from the last show with updates as well. Excited to here whats new from her.
    Well the Ascended Ones are really at work too this week on us. The theme that seems to ring in my own head, "Work on Yourselves". Which is exactly what happened Wednesday night. Woooooow did I have a vision. Went back to Hollow Earth in a snapshot vision. I have to say on a surface dwellers point of view, it is much more than Zaraya and Zorra have spoken about. I'll do my best to put the emotions and feeling into words.
    Plus headband updates at the end. Have you seen the new headband yet? Its in the pics to the left.
    Laminine is still a great option for getting yourself primed for ascension as well as doing the body a great service. Not much time left. Find out more and contact me at http://www.ourradiohost.com/
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    Manifesting our Future- Group talk & all invited to call in

    in Spirituality

    Alia Chandler joins us tonight along with a few other guests to talk about the use and intent with our headbands. How to use them so to speak. We will be doing a group manifestation to bring to our world the events that have been shared to us by our ascended masters and by others like "Drake". Also taking your calls about what it is you would like to see change for the better in our world. Its our time to Get-R-Done!
    To learn more about this topic dicussed tonight and more on Hollow Earth go to http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/
    To learn more about a great superfood product or to order go to http://www.ourradiohost.com/
    Music provided by Vika Yermolyeva at http://www.vkgoeswild.com/