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    Interview with Holistic Health Coach - Alexandra Roach

    in Self Help

    Alexandra Roach is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP), Integrative Health Coach, and Author of "Healing the Military Soul," which was published in 2014. During the past decade, she works not only with personal clients but also active duty military members and veterans who are ready to approach their healing process through integrative measures. Currently, Alexandra is embarking with her family on the "Journey of a Lifetime," which brings them for one year across North America. You can follow their trip journal and connect with her: https://www.facebook.com/roachlifetimeadventure Alexandra is also a registered Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor, Personal Trainer, Meditation teacher, and Reiki Master. She devotes herself to creating awareness around these topics and the 'love of her life' - nutritious food. WWOOFing along the way, Alexandra is now learning more about the source of organic food, farming, and sustainable agriculture & living. Find out more about Alexandra's work & travels on her website: www.alexandraroach.com

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    Feel Great & Lose Weight with Author & Holistic Health Coach Rosie Bank

    in Self Help

    Rosie Bank has been helping people live more successfully in their bodies since 1975. Formerly a yoga instructor and Advanced Certified Rolfer, Rosie’s specialty since 1999 has been optimal health through better nutrition.

    She is the author of Feel Great Lose Weight and the founder of Got Health? Executive and Corporate Wellness. Rosie is a practicing Holistic Health Coach.

    Find Rosie on line at www.rosiebank.com/healthcoach and www.GotHealthNow.com

    Here are the two links Rosie and I talked about!

    Food and Stress

    Do you have the crazy bug?

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    Retro: Twinservant, The Pearls Of Woman, Your Holistic Health

    in Religion

    1st Hour: Rebroadcast Of Thomas Abdul Salaam - Twinservant

    2nd Hour: THE PEARL  OF WOMEN with Nimat Shahid

    3rd Hour: YOUR HOLISTIC HEALTH with Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin

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    Living Young, Living Healthy, Living Mindfully with Holistic Life Coach Suzanne

    in Self Help

    The secret to losing weight once and for all!

    Every time you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve done it wrong.

    We’ve all done it. We’ve all been there. You go through a weight loss program, you deny yourself everything you love, you torture yourself at the gym, and you lose weight. You think you’ve done a good thing for your health, for your life, for your family.

    And then the weight comes back. Maybe even some extra on top.

    You have failed. Again. You’re sure of it. Everyone else loses the weight and keeps it off. Normal people don’t have problems with their weight. Normal people just manage this without worry.

    You are a freak of nature… EXCEPT THAT YOU’RE NOT.

    Powerfully Positive Mindset group on facebook......https://www.facebook.com/groups/456290647886861/

    Weight loss programs are designed to make sure you fail in the long-term, so you keep coming back and buying more programs over and over.


    Suzanne Taylor-King RDH, WC, CWC, HLC

    CEO Taylor’d Wellness  
    Wellness/Corporate Wellness Coach

    Life Coach Radio Network Host

    Sole Team Partner

    Holistic Life Coach

    Certified Stress Management Coach
    Sports Nutrition/Health Coach
    Mind/Body/Fitness Coach
    Certified TRX Trainer
    Reiki Master
    Psychology of Eating Coach 2016

    35 E. Main St Unit 3A

    Marlton, NJ 08053



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    Dr. Idelle Brand - holistic dentist, multifaceted approach to integrative health

    in Health

    Dr. Idelle Brand is a holistic dentist, multifaceted integrative healer and teacher of diverse complementary healing modalities. She is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), a Fellow of the Institute for Natural Dentistry (FIND), and a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC).

    She is also extensively trained in the field of Energy Medicine, including Hypnosis, Reiki, NLP, EFT and Sound Therapy.

    Dr. Brand is the author of numerous health related articles, her blog Enlightened Healing, and 2 published books on natural healing.

    She is also the founder of Enlightened Dentistry™, a new paradigm of holistic dental care that encompasses healing of the body, mind and spirit. She can be reached through her website TheBrandWellnessCenter.com


    Sound Health Options

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    Talk to healer and consciousness coach, Omkar Holistic

    in Spirituality

    Omkar is a healer, consciousness coach and life-long activist for conscious transformation. He passionately runs Holistic Omkar, a grass roots organisation for conscious living and expansion – integrating Eastern mysticism and Western Scientific paradigms to guide agents of conscious change to have a huge transformative impact on the world. Connecting the Yin and Yang energies of receptivity and action to create a unique path for healers, coaches and other guides to bring their transformational healing gifts to the world. An agent of change, guiding practices of deep inner healing, awareness, acceptance and strength – to bring the new paradigm of consciousness to Earth.

    Omkars personal story is one of realisation with mystical schools and wisdom keepers across the Earth, from cultures of India and Tibet to the Inca and Maya – from energy and plant medicine of the jungle, tantra and yoga, to angel consciousness schools. Alongside this mystical aspect of life, in the West he has also been involved in the scientific domains of Physics (BSc), Psychology and Systems design (MSc) and running entrepreneurial businesses. His approach is to live life in it’s totality, reaching for the stars whilst being deeply connected to the Earth

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    Shelby John - Life, Health and Holistic Coach stops by to share on Anna's Journe

    in Business

    Shelby John is a licensed therapist in the state of Maryland. She focuses on Life and Health Coaching as well as Holistic Living.  Shelby has agreed to stop by for a visit with Anna's Journey to further explain who she is! what she does! and how you might benefit from her services. 

    Feel free to listen to the show live at 10:30 AM eastern time on Tuesday, August 11

    OR listen to the podcast replays .. the link is available 24/7 for your listening convenience.

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    Retro: Twinservant, The Pearls Of Woman, Your Holistic Health

    in Religion

    1ST HOUR:  Retro: Twinservant

    2nd Hour: The Pearls of Women (Qur'anic Mondays) with Nimat Shahid

    3rd Hour: Your Holistic Health with Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin

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    Retro: Twinservant, The Pearls Of Woman, Your Holistic Health

    in Islam

    1st Hour: Retro: Twinservant with Thomas Abdul Salaam

    2nd Hour: The Pearls Of Woman (Qur'anic Mondays) with Nimat Shahid

    3rd Hour: Your Holistic Health with Dr. Abdel J. Nuriddin


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    Living Young, Living Healthy, Living Mindfully with Holistic Life Coach Suzanne

    in Self Help

    Join Holistic Life Coach and Business Mentor Suzanne Taylor of www.taylordwellness.com as we tackle Wellness, Fitness and the Holistic lifestyle.  With over 25 years experience in fitness, wellness and 20 years in the medical profession Suzanne strives to motivate, educate and inspire others in living a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.   Through positvity, gratitude and abundant livng she has become a business mentor to newbie business owners not knowing where to start or what direction to go,  Growing her facebook community and groups Suzanne has built a tribe of over 100,000.  In today's episode we will be speaking with Britny West an amazing Coach and Business mindset entreprneur, who took the ultimate leap and left her 9-5 to live the laptop lifestyle.  She is currently living in Spain.  

    Britny West is a life and biz empowerment coach for women entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch patterns of self-sabotage, show up as an expert online, and build a freedom-based life and business they love


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    The Zenberry Life with Holistic Health Coach Emma Galland

    in Health

    HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH EXERCISE AND MAKE IT A PART OF YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE. We'll speak about finding out what the right exercise routine is for your body type, periodization, the various objectives of different exercise format and why you should keep changing your routine, the benefits, how to keep exercising through old age and injury, how to prevent injuries, and much more.
    This is a show hosted by NASM Personal Trainer and Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach Emma Galland. Emma is an entrepreuneur who owns her wellness company, Goji Fitness, and launched a raw, vegan and organic superfood nutrition booster she co-created on the US market called Zenberry mix. Emma trains people one-on-one using virtual technology or at her own personal training studio. She also teaches group fitness classes for Crunch, Pablo Fitness, Cycle Bar and is the Master Trainer at AQUA.
    The Zenberry Life is a radio show about living your dream life. Its vision is to give you tools and thinking material to create more success, health, joy and zen in your life. The Zenberry Life show will inspire you to make a paradigm shift in order to let go of doubt, fear and any limitations you may have and which keep you stuck, as well as help you reach optimum health in order to move forward with your goals and dreams.