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    Practicing Safety During The Holiday Season

    in Self Help

    Do you usually do your holiday shopping after work?  Are you planning on attending a few evening holiday office parties?  If you answered yes, join me and guest expert Nakia Stith as she shares Safety Tips you and your family can use this holiday season.

    As President and CEO of Top of the Clock Nakia Stith is a highly committed security professional.  She has worked to transform Top of the Clock into a high performing security and protection services firm that is recognized for providing outstanding and quality services to its customers.  Under her leadership Top of the Clock has systematically grown over the last 10 years to become an industry leader with innovation at its core.  Nakia is a member of ASIS International, the Women’s President’s Organization, and Vistage International.


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    A Season to be Jolly- overcoming forced Expectations and an Engineered Holiday

    in Spirituality

    PERMISSION Granted, be REAL.

    Unrealistic expectations set us up for an emotional 'crash and burn' experience. We get entangled with an expectation, but don't look at its liklihood of truly happening, or what it genuinely will entail in personal costs to all involved. Do we realistically consider the challenge we expect others to rise to so our engeneered perfection rules the event and day?

    We jump into a concrete reality; and IF life should do what life often does, such as -- blow our well-laid plans and its perfection to smitherenes, we "fall off a cliff of our being." 

    We get bruised egos, upset, depressed, go numb and retreat our beingness by showing up on a half-empty presence. Or if we have come to be a master mask wearer, we show up in an appropriately donned facade to 'save the day.' The memories will suck, of course, but the picture perfect scrapbook will tell a 'happy tale.'

    Our Presence of being  is the ongoing present we walk around with day and night. It is the gift that is always the piece de resistiance.  

    Yet, we tend to objectify it and tie its actuality to a world 'set in stone' and deny how life's flux sits on our live's edges. 

    Anything can upset our "perfect" day (a holiday of happiness expectations) which can be foiled by just about anything. 

    The expectation is blown up by a loss, be it real or imagined. This makes our happiness engineered and unreal. It also makes it fragile and so conditional... We can do better, yes?  

    Let's get some persmission tips to be genuine and let the happiness flow as it does, releasing it from any burdens that may be trying to glom onto it. That will warm the heart, make for endearing memories, and fill the hole in our Soul.

    Join in, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    A Hezekiah Moment, Celebrating Authors This Holiday Season

    in Christianity

    Good morning Baltimore, Kia here and I want to get you ready for the Christmas Holiday Season. We're going to celebrate the month of December as author's month. And guess what? These authors were published by our past guest Tieshena Davis of Purposely Created Publishing. She's an award-winning publisher of 50+ bestselling titles. It would behoove me not to have some of those bestselling authors on The Man In The Mirror platform. Please put these dates on your calendar December 4th, 11th, 18th, and 26th. I know Christmas is the 25th, but this is something you're not going to want to miss.  

    A lot of you have always said to yourself "I want to write a book" and I'm sure these fellow authors have said the same thing, but after they met Tieshena she helped them turn their "I want to" into "I did." With just the right help and aspiration we can achieve anything. Why am I saying this, because I was one of those years ago. After I went through my storm in life, and almost went out of my mind with what was going on around me, I began writing REDISCOVERING KIA, I didn't know what was going to become of it, I just wrote. That writing began to be my therapy. I had gone to therapy before, but as I was writing, I was getting it all out. Whatever was in me, it came out and got onto paper.  

    That was off and on for three years; then came the part of publishing it, and the long short is that good friend of mines helped me and we got it out on eBook, then later I got the paperback out. Here's the kicker and you're the first to hear it. I had a consultation with Tieshena yesterday and she's going to help me re-do and get a better copy out of the eBook for the holidays and then we'll work on the paperback. And I'm taking you guys with me along the way.  


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    Hear a rap and how to make this holiday season your own!

    in Self Help

    Whether you embrace Christmas or not, the holiday season brings a level of expectation and stress that everyone feels.  You can decide whether you want to find the miracles in the simple or be resentful.

    Join me on Monday November 30 at 8PM PST and let's chat about how you get through the season gracefully .  Remember your recovery is the most important focus of your life and with that comes miracles, gratitude and joy.

    My books, Building Blocks of Recovery are on Amazon and make a perfect holiday gift.   Helping your loved one to have an amazing year of focused recovery will be a gift that keeps giving.

    Also please help with the kickstarter.com campaign and help me bring healing music to veterans, those with PTSD, addiction, anxiety and depression.  $1 will make such a big difference to help get the music to where it is needed the most, in the hearts of those who are hurting.

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    Empower Half Hour: Positive memories and hopes during this holiday season

    in Motivation

    Join members of the Time to Play Foundation, as we discuss positive memories and hopes during this holiday season

    Call in and join our discussion!  646-200-0848 -- During Empower Half Hour we'll talk about proactive things each of us can easily do to make every day better.  We'll motivate and empower ourselves and each other. The whole idea in this podcast is people helping people and collaboration equals success. We're all in this together!

    Empower Half Hour is made possible by D. James Marketing, celebrating 10 years in business (www.djamesmarketing.com) and our sponsors 3 Roads Cosmetics of Port Jefferson Station and New Best Cleaners of Port Jefferson.  See sponsor information atwww.TheEnjoyLifeProject.org

    Time to Play Foundation, Inc., a not for profit 501c3 corporation with the mission and purpose to enrich the lives of others through programs, public awareness outreach activities, events and learning opportunities that further the concept of enjoying life. See ways to create "LIFE BALANCE" at www.TheEnjoyLifeProject.org

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    Holiday Season Episode

    in Culture

    It seems like more people than not, stress when the holidays come. Over 90 % of Americans report of being stressed out during this time of year. Do I have enough money for the gifts I want to buy? Do I have to deal with that dreaded aunt and all her off-color comments? Will my house be ready for all the company? I want to go visit family, but will I have the funds to do so? Is having a significant other around the holidays more burdensome on men than women? Is the focus wrong if you want to give your children everything on their “Santa’s List”? There seems to be so many stressors coming from many different directions. How do we effectively combat them all? We should be striving to be more loving and peaceful, and joyous. Let’s chop it up and be Merry, tonight, Friday Night at Midnight…

    Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528...

    Share your opinions with the world!!




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    Holiday Season 2015: The Red Cup Menace

    in Comedy

    The Holidays are fast approaching and that means it's time for Matt and Jay to help folks deal with the pressures and stress of family and travel. We're gonna give you some tips on how to make your travel much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, we know that there really is such a thing as too much family time so we'll help you out with that too.

    The Holidays also mean several other important things. The weather is turning colder and it won't be long before global warming is proven to be a hoax when it gets bitterly cold and snows in the northern parts of the U.S. We'll help you prepare for the White Death! Most importantly the Holidays mean the War on Christmas is raging once again. Starbucks fired the first salvo of 2015 with their offensive red cups. Needless to say Donald Trump is all over this outrage and he'll be here to discuss it.

    And it's almost time for Jay to make his annual trip to beautiful, mysterious and exotic Omaha, Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Matt and Jay have some strong opinions on Thanksgiving foods and holiday treats and we will share those with you this week too. All this plus Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to make everyone laugh, think and cry as always. All this and YOUR CALLS!

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    Tips To Save Your Money And Sanity During The Holiday Season

    in Lifestyle

    One of my favorite shows to do - HOLIDAY TIPS!

    Food editor and lifestyle expert Candi Fox (of Candi & Company) brings lots of tips, tricks and ideas to help you during the holiday season.

    Whether it's saving money, saving time, or saving your sanity - Candi brings lots of new ways to help you out.

    Plus, we discuss making sure that your holiday season is exactly that - YOUR holiday season.

    Grab your jingle bells and let's go!

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    Discover Ways To Save Money During The Holiday Season on Your Turning Point

    in Self Help

    Join Motivational Speaker and Author Gertrude J Chapman as she helps you discover some creative ways to avoid stress and persuasive emotions, during this holiday season.

    Please share our link with your friends.  Thank you for being a faithful listener and we wish you peace during the holidays.

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    Holiday Traditions Old and New

    in Radio

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! What are your Holiday Traditions?  Are you starting a Holiday Tradition?  What is a Holiday Tradition?  What is your favorite song for the Holidays and why?  Favorite food; those must haves.  Now what will you do with all those left overs?  What was your favorite gift you received?  How do you say Thank You to a gift that isn't what you want?  When do you take your tree down?  Plus we will announce our Holiday Traditions winner and hear their Holiday Tradition.

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    Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: Thriving In The Holiday Season!

    in Spirituality

    In this show we will focus on how to thrive during the holiday season.  As you well know, the holidays can cause a lot of stress emotionally, mentally and physically.  Join Johanna for this lively discussion to help you rise above the holiday chaos.

    A lot of things can potentially go wrong during this time of year, and it always wise to be prepared to "Thrive" and not just survive.  It all begins with the right approach, and capturing the true essence of the joy this season has to offer.

    Call in to listen or join in our discussion by calling (646) 478-3549.