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    A Hezekiah Moment, Celebrating Authors This Holiday Season

    in Christianity

    Good morning Baltimore, Kia here and I want to get you ready for the Christmas Holiday Season. We're going to celebrate the month of December as author's month. And guess what? These authors were published by our past guest Tieshena Davis of Purposely Created Publishing. She's an award-winning publisher of 50+ bestselling titles. It would behoove me not to have some of those bestselling authors on The Man In The Mirror platform. Please put these dates on your calendar December 4th, 11th, 18th, and 26th. I know Christmas is the 25th, but this is something you're not going to want to miss.  

    A lot of you have always said to yourself "I want to write a book" and I'm sure these fellow authors have said the same thing, but after they met Tieshena she helped them turn their "I want to" into "I did." With just the right help and aspiration we can achieve anything. Why am I saying this, because I was one of those years ago. After I went through my storm in life, and almost went out of my mind with what was going on around me, I began writing REDISCOVERING KIA, I didn't know what was going to become of it, I just wrote. That writing began to be my therapy. I had gone to therapy before, but as I was writing, I was getting it all out. Whatever was in me, it came out and got onto paper.  

    That was off and on for three years; then came the part of publishing it, and the long short is that good friend of mines helped me and we got it out on eBook, then later I got the paperback out. Here's the kicker and you're the first to hear it. I had a consultation with Tieshena yesterday and she's going to help me re-do and get a better copy out of the eBook for the holidays and then we'll work on the paperback. And I'm taking you guys with me along the way.  


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    Holiday Season 2015: The Red Cup Menace

    in Comedy

    The Holidays are fast approaching and that means it's time for Matt and Jay to help folks deal with the pressures and stress of family and travel. We're gonna give you some tips on how to make your travel much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, we know that there really is such a thing as too much family time so we'll help you out with that too.

    The Holidays also mean several other important things. The weather is turning colder and it won't be long before global warming is proven to be a hoax when it gets bitterly cold and snows in the northern parts of the U.S. We'll help you prepare for the White Death! Most importantly the Holidays mean the War on Christmas is raging once again. Starbucks fired the first salvo of 2015 with their offensive red cups. Needless to say Donald Trump is all over this outrage and he'll be here to discuss it.

    And it's almost time for Jay to make his annual trip to beautiful, mysterious and exotic Omaha, Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Matt and Jay have some strong opinions on Thanksgiving foods and holiday treats and we will share those with you this week too. All this plus Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to make everyone laugh, think and cry as always. All this and YOUR CALLS!

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    Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: Thriving In The Holiday Season!

    in Spirituality

    In this show we will focus on how to thrive during the holiday season.  As you well know, the holidays can cause a lot of stress emotionally, mentally and physically.  Join Johanna for this lively discussion to help you rise above the holiday chaos.

    A lot of things can potentially go wrong during this time of year, and it always wise to be prepared to "Thrive" and not just survive.  It all begins with the right approach, and capturing the true essence of the joy this season has to offer.

    Call in to listen or join in our discussion by calling (646) 478-3549.

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    Enjoying Simplicity This Holiday Season

    in Self Help

    Do you want to have a simple Holiday?  Do you know what it would look like for you?  Join me and returning guest expert Beth Macy as we share ways to incorporate simplicity into your holiday season. 

    Beth Macy is a successful consultant in the high technology sector, having worked for such companies as Lotus Development, Apple Computer and IBM. She is also a talented artist with her works in collections from New York to Australia. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Beth's creativity extends into many areas: writing, stained glass, oil painting and acrylics. Based in Massachusetts, she is currently working on a sequel to Many Years, Many Worlds,

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Coping With Your NPD Family During the Holiday Season with Expert Randi Fine

    in Family

    If you are a member of a narcissistic abusive family, you know how trying spending holidays together can be. Family members don't get along, relationships are strained, manipulations are rampant, anger lies just below the surface.

    Each year you hope things will be different, but they never are. A time that should be joyous becomes a time filled with dread. The thought of attending another holiday celebration with your family makes you cringe. You know that the life will be drained out of you, and aren't sure if it is worth it.

    The goal of today's show is to help you make decisions that are in your best interest. I will talk about how to survive family time together, discuss whether or not you are obligated to take part in the family festivities, and give advice on how to cope with all the related anxiety and guilt.

    If you have any specific holiday questions you would like me to answer, please email them to me prior to November 24th at loveyourlife@randigfine.com.and I will be happy to answer them on the air.

    Please visit and join my Facebook Page, Narcissistic Abuse Survivors United for more support

    Visit my website Randigfine.com for many more great articles about NPD


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    Are Retailers Ready for the Holiday Season?

    in News

    Paul Vigna, Stephen Grocer, Erik Holm, and Kristen Scholer take a look at the upcoming holiday spending season. Are the retailers ready?

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    “The Social Lab” TM Hyman Radio is a high-energy exchange of views, insight and entertainment executive produced and hosted by TM Hyman with co-host Madam Boston, Hot Chocolate, Sabe James, along with special correspondents DD Willingham & Toya Cooper. The one-hour weekly program offers a unique blend of fresh topics and practical conversations with over 100,000 listeners worldwide. The show has featured regular celebrity guest including Christopher Williams, Supa Producer Bing Dawg (Straight Outta Compton Soundtrack), Dru Hill, Cast of Money & Violence, Mack Wilds, Joe Smith, Dawn Richard (Dirty Money), High Five, 112, Dr. Gray Ray (FAMU) and so many others. Each Monday, Wednesday & Friday TM Hyman engages co-hosts and guests in substantive and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics including: politics, health, finance, sports, technology and pop culture. A humorous, but insightful navigation of the issues that matter from fresh, diverse points of view is the show's hallmark.

    REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. Log onto http://www.tmhymanradio.com to listen LIVE Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9pm. Don't miss it! Produced by: HAC Media

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    Are You Ready For The Holiday Selling Season or Events?/Cancer Awareness Month

    in Business

    This week on The Networking Diva Hour, see if you're prepared for the Holiday selling season or events.  The holiday season is a great time to attract new customers, grow your sales and build new relationships. 


    As the weather turns cooler, days shorter and leaves more colorful, it's a reminder that we're entering the early stages of the upcoming holiday season. If you haven't started laying out your holiday strategies yet, you'd better jump on the sleigh quickly, because the reindeer are getting anxious to leave. According to a study by comScore, non-travel holiday season online sales have increased. The key to getting Saint Nick to fill his bags full of your products or services lies in a combination of a solid understanding of your customer/prospect, sound web marketing execution and a strong reliance on your web analytics to guide your decision-making.

    To keep your overall cost per order/lead from also increasing here are 9 Holiday marketing tips, 1 from each of Santa's reindeer:

    Part 2 of today's show is to make everyone aware of Cancer Awareness Month. Call in the last half hour and share your survival story to 646-478-3651.





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    Plan Ahead for a Sober AND Fun Holiday Season!

    in Lifestyle

    The holiday season is upon us once again, starting (for those of us in the US) with Thanksgiving this week. In light of this, we thought it was timely to revisit tips and strategies for not just surviving the holiday season, but also reaping the gifts, choices and freedoms we enjoy as people in recovery!

    If you are newly sober, there is no doubt this can be a challenging time.  On tonight's show we will share tips, tools and advice and our own personal stories of what worked for us - and some things that didn't - when we were newly sober, as well as what we do today.

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    Holiday Movies

    in Entertainment

    Besides the summer the holidays do bring us the best in new movies. And I just realized there's more this season than just the new Star Wars :) Creed is another one on my list of must see movies. So tonight we're going to talk about what's coming up moviewise in the next few weeks. Best break from the shopping and the family.... 2 hours with a bucket of popcorn and some great film making. Can't wait for Star Wars? Or you need to hear about everything else that's out there? Join me tonight for the holiday movie preview.

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    Clearing Toxic Energies in Preparation of the Holiday Season

    in Spirituality

    Chapman's show this week incorporates a six-minute energy clearing exercise to help you detox during the stressful holiday season already upon us. Often time, we unconsciously and unsuspectingly take on other's toxic energies feeling depressed, anxious, tired, and even irritable. Chapman having been an energy sponge, all her life, shares a quick exercise and advice to those in the same category on how to quickly cleanse and move on to the next life event. Join her here by streaming live Tuesday, November 24, 9:00 A.M. -- 12 Noon Eastern. Tis the Season!