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    Worst Holiday Moments

    in Entertainment

    With the holidays fresh upon us, we know just how much of a crazy time this can be for everyone. This weeks Top This will be 'Worst Holiday Moments'. Did you light your Christmas tree on fire with too many light bulbs? Burn down the kitchin baking pumpkin pie? We wanna hear about it so give us a call or share your stories in our web chat!

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    How we celebrate Kwanzaa

    in Culture

    Join us as we discuss how to celebrate Kwanzaa. The chat room will be open

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    Episode 7: The Return of Jakey and Our Best of 2009 Awards!

    in Entertainment

    Jakey is back and we have a Big Announcement regarding a guest who will be on the show in March/April!!! Join us to chat about the New Monday Night War, how Jakey's job has been during the holiday madness, how Ace's job is going, and our Best of 2009 Awards!! TUNE IN!

  • #233 Tis The Season FOR What? A Conversation - Noel, Terry, and Bill

    in Spirituality

    Podcast #233 features Terry Thacker, Noel Benoist, and myself Bill Clade, and is entitled Tis the Season - For What? In a manner of speaking this program goes full circle. The title of the program is about the center of the circle meaning Tis the Season; the question is For What? The question may seem to be as whacko as some of my statements; for example the difference between a country and nation. Hopefully this program will get you to think about for what as well as why. Three different perspectives are given regarding the season we commonly refer to now days as the holiday season, instead of Christian Christmas and - or -the Jewish Hanukkah (Chanukah). The three of us [really four] cover a lot of ground (i.e. topics, issues, etc.) Interestingly, Calvin Coolidge was the US President when the Scopes Trials occurred; his Presidential message was Dec. 25, 1927 - not 1902 as I mistakenly stated on this podcast. 

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    Does this Stress Make me Look Fat?

    in Health

    Worried about the holiday weight-gain? While holiday party buffets don't help, it's actually the big S -- stress -- that's to blame for most of our weight woes.

    Feeling overwhelmed causes many unhealthy habits. Under stress, we tend to sleep less and reach for more sugar, caffeine and comfort foods.

    Debi Silbert talks with Joyce about how to get out of this negative spiral, stress less and smile more. A nutrition expert, personal trainer, and whole health coach, Debi will explain what to do if your schedule (and pants) are bursting at the seams!

  • Angel Heart Talk! Live Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    The miracles you need are only a phone call away.

    Julie's angel messages experience. The Energy of Angels make the perfect holiday HOPE shine on this season. Join us for the powerful live angel readings Thursday 12:30 pm M.S.T.

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    Miss Mo's Talk Soup

    in Spirituality

    We're looking at '09 in Rewind as we prepare for 2010. Don't be left out of the loop...tune in to get the inside scoop! OK...so I never said I was a rapper. Tune in anyway! :)

  • "Theology Matters" with The Pellews

    in Christianity

    Join us each week as we discuss topics related to Christian apologetics, theology and biblical worldview. During our first segment, we will be joined by Dr. Pete Bertolero who is a Pastor, theologian and author, specializing in historical perspectives behind holiday traditions, Christian mythology, and issues dealing with authentic masculinity and the development of man-making communities. Dr. Pete Bertolero is a pastor of a growing church in Fresno California, called “The LEGACY Christian Church.” He is the author of GreenTree, a book for those who desire to celebrate the Advent and Christmas season in a deeper, more meaningful and festive way and will be discussing his book's content with us.. 

    During the second segment we will be joined by Tony Arsenal for a discussion on the Doctrine of The Trinity. Tony is a recent graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton MA, where he received Master of Arts Degrees in Church History, and Theology and was awarded the Baker Award for Excellence in Theological Studies. He has presented papers with the Evangelical Theological Society and the Gordon-Conwell Theology Forum. His current research interests are Trinitarian and Christological Theology, and Reformed Systematics, and Early Church History. Tony lives near Hartford, CT, with his wife, Lee. He currently blogs at ReformedArsenal.com and teaches Systematic Theology at his local church.

    You do not want to miss this engaging and informative show.

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    2 Jennifer Kesse Daniel Morcombe - Missing Person’s Television with Brian Ladd of www.BriansDreams

    in Current Events

    Missing person’s TV with Brian Ladd…nightly show Sun - Thur at 9PM EST (-5 GMT) located at www.BriansDreams.com/TV. Case files are also posted at www.MissingPersonForum.com. Tonight’s show… Jennifer Kesse Daniel Morcombe

    Jennifer Kesse Daniel Morcombe Natalee Ann Holloway - Missing Person’s Television with Brian Ladd of www.BriansDreams.com Brian's Dreams, Brians Prediction, Brian's Prediction, Missing Persons, SOS Team, RV's, DD's, Edgar Cayce, Caylee Anthony, Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony, Madeleine McCann, dreams, psychic, remote viewing, psychic detective, breaking news, case updates, missing child, US, missing children, missing, missing persons, missing people, missing, missing people, missing persons canada, missing persons united states, missing persons north america, missing persons ontario, missing persons alberta, missing persons british columbia, missing persons Manitoba, missing persons Saskatchewan, missing persons, human trafficking, Quebec, missing persons Nova Scotia, Missing persons New Brunswick, missing persons PEI, missing persons Newfoundland, cold cases, unsolved, unsolved crimes, missing adults, missing children, unexplained disappearances, canada, canadian, united states, murder, unsolved crimes, mystery, US cold cases, US Missing Persons, North American unsolved cases, US, sychic, Psychic Readings, twitter, Psychics ,Psychic Reading, Free Psychics, Free Psychic Reading, Free Psychic Readings, Astrology,Free Tarot Reading, Numerology, Runes, Charms, I-Ching, Chinese Astrology, Oracles,Tarot Horoscopes natalee holloway joran van der sloot joran natalie holloway natalee holloway disappearance natalie holloway holiday inn youtube natalie holloway natalie holloway missing in aruba natalie holloway investigation natalee holloway father natalee holloway nancy grace missing persons stacy peterson missing children americas most wanted drew peterson meredith emerson

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    in Fun

    During the winter season we will have a show on Friday hopefully with different subjects that we will name weekly. However if we dont have a specific subject we will just have fun! So come and join if we are discussing something that interests you. Just be nice and polite to the rest of the listeners and/or callers.

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    Sunny Days - Dani Edition

    in Fun

    RuneMissyDani will take the helm on Tuesdays. Light chat, light talk, with livelier tunes. A little holiday tinsel is added during this time of year. Mature.

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    The Simple Joy of the Week before Christmas Part 4

    in Moms and Family

    Christmas is quickly approaching! This is not the time to panic. It's time to check all your lists again, finish up any last minute tasks & prepare to enjoy the season with friends & family. the week before Christmas should be spent relaxing at home, enjoying the company of friends & sharing simple traditions with those you love.

    In this final series for the Holiday season, Jean Ann offers advice, tips & activities for you & your family designed to help all of you put the JOY back into Christmas. Take time in the days before the 25th to celebrate without the stress. Celebrate with Simple Joy!

    Merry Christmas!

    For tips, recipes, advice & more, please visit mysimplejoylife.com

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