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    speaking to people that have dreams and vision but there seems to be a bump in the road that is preventing them from meeting their goals i am presenting that reason why they should hold on and not give up no matter how hard it may seems they must hold on until the goal have been achieve.  This is to encourge them although it may seem far off it is real close.

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    90 Mins With 5150 Hold

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    5150 Hold talks about their new album Fear.


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    Jesus was concerned about his disciples becoming fainthearted when it comes to prayer.

    He, therefore, told HIS disciples a parable recorded in Luke 18 that illustrates the benefit of persistance in prauyer.

    Persistent prayer is a mighty move of the soul toward GOD.  It is the ability to hold on, presson and wait.

    Restless desire, a restful peace and and the strength to hold on are the requirements. It is more than a routine. It is a flame proceeding from the soul. It's not something half-needed but a necessity. JOIN US FOR LIVE PRAYER AT 6:00 AM, MON.-fRI. DIAL 714.459.3963.                                                                                                                                                                   

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    "Hold on a change is coming"

    in The Bible

    Inspirational Wednesday - Hosted by Dianne Adams - Wednesday, August 5, 2015

    “Hold on a change is coming”

    Romans 8:28-31

    The book of Romans was written by the Apostle Paul and it was written to the Roman Christian.  The book of Romans has been called “The Constitution of Christianity,” and “The Cathedral of the Christian Faith.”  It is noteworthy for being the most complete summary of Christian doctrine. 

    Paul explained the difference between the Law and Grace. Paul wrote the letter or epistle to the Rome for guidance, direction, truth, and daily instruction for daily living.  His letter was not only for them but for us as well, read it, learn from it and grow because of it.


    Call in Number 1-347-945-7659

    Prayer Line Number 504-289-9501

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    Warren Bell and Hold Back The Sun

    in Books

    U.S. Navy veteran and author, Warren Bell, discusses his WWII historical fiction novel, Hold Back The Sun.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Center Will Not Hold

    in Politics Conservative

    The Supreme Court of the United States sodomizes America - and that's just the beginning of the horrors to come; "[W]hen one side plays the identity politics game so aggressively, it forces others to play it as well. Those of us who want politics to mean less in life are forced to choose a side"; ChiComm cyberattack casualities reach THIRTY-TWO MILLION; Hillary Clinton snubs Nutroots Nation and continues to plummet in the polls; Chris Christie to waddle into 2016 GOP presidential race; The Left's all-out war on American history; U.S. tags Cuba, Iran as harsh rights abusers, for some odd reason; Lerner hard-drive crash due to “impact of some sort”; Thousands expected at Obama's Charleston Black Klan rally; and ISIS attacks in France and Tunisia.

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    Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer - CEOs of Hold Your Haunches

    in Family

    Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer are the brains behind the behind-enhancing body shapers we lovingly call Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear. They are two busy moms juggling everyday responsibilities like cooking dinner, chauffeuring six kids around town, oh – and running a high-end shapewear business – all while looking fabulous.

    “The truth is, before we invented Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear, we both struggled with feeling unhappy with our bodies, and especially our backsides. We figured we weren’t the only women dealing with these feelings and just knew there had to be a way to make getting dressed every day a little more fun and not so depressing.”

    The result of their efforts has made getting dressed and feeling confident a truly fun process! Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear is the ultimate simplifier for your wardrobe because you know you’re going to look great in them every time you put them on. These body shapers are the great looking bottom for a great looking bottom. Try them for yourself – they work! Tell a friend!! You don't want to miss this show on Wednesday at 9pm EST!

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    Hold Your Peace! Proverbs 17

    in Christianity

    As we journey and move forward in life, we have heard wise phrases spoken by our elders and wondered where they came from. As a little girl growing up I  Kentucky, I often heard the phase, "they need to, hold their peace." It was always in the context of someone wanting to, "tell someone off." Well today I tell you to "hold your peace," as we study the word of the Lord in Proverbs 17.

    Proverbs 17:28 Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace;When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive. 


    "A Proverb A Day Makes Even A Fool Wise.

  • Conversations with Sapphire J Blue with Author Tushima Warr - Hold Him Down

    in Writing

    Hold Him Down Pt 1 (Hold Ya Down) 

    Enjoying life as a single woman, Symone finally gives in to Kim, a guy she met a while back. Everything goes great for about a year until things turn real ugly real fast... 

    Symone is a succeessful businesswoman, running two boutiques and a hair salon. She thinks Kim is on that same level in life because he owns two barber shops and has inherited a great deal of money from his late grandmother. Things come crashing down when Officer Pablo sets Kim up . For this reason only, Kim comes clean with Symone about his secret lifestyle and she has to take over to finish the job he started. Now that Symone has stepped up to the plate to become BB (Boss Bitch) and is running things... will the power become too addictive or will she remain focused? 

  • 3 Stocks to Hold Forever

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    American Express returns some money to shareholders. Zillow delivers Q1 results. And Vertex Pharmaceuticals gets a sign of encouragement from the FDA.  Plus we share 3 stocks we’d be willing to hold forever.

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    “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins” Benjamin Franklin

    in Politics

    Aug 14, 2015 @ 3-6 pm



    “The Last Word" with Michael Lawson” “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”

    Benjamin Franklin                          

    Today’s Guest:

    Thomas Fortenberry, TLW Senior Producer

    Craig Madans, CEO & President, HOCOA Home Repair Networks

    Dr. Grace Liem-Galloway, Former Chair Carbarrus County Democratic Party

    Rosa Hodge-Mustafa, Candidate District 3 Charlotte, NC City Council