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    The Clutter Of The Mind

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    Negative thoughts, negative decisions are derived from a Clutter of the Mind. The old adage that an idle mind is the devil's workshop reminds us that if there are no hopes or dreams in the mind of an individual what is the alternative. The host of Let's Talk Truth will examine how a Clutter Of The Mind can be responsible for a life time of disappointments. A Cluttered Mind stops the flow of love which will eventually smother the heart and people will just become a sounding brass and a tinkling symbol.  The Clutter of the Mind is synonymous with the TV show Hoarders and should be given the same attention. Join us today at 7:30pm DST for a live broadcast by dialing 347-843-4945.

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    Hoarders-Loving Them Despite The Mess

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    Are you amazed when visiting family and friends to discover they have been living with piles?  Do you know the difference between a packrat and a hoarder? Do you watch shows like Hoarders wondering how people can live like that?  Join me and my guest Geralin Thomas. Geralin Thomas is often featured on well-recognized television and media outlets, including A&E’s Hoarders, The Nate Berkus Show, Today and South Africa’s The Home Channel.  Tune in and discover how to understand and love the hoarders in your life.

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    The Angry Ghost Hunter - Paranormal Hoarders

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    The Angry Ghost Hunter Radio Show is based on a blog written by Ross Allison. The show also features Slav Snitkovskiy and June Nixon from the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T.). Every week they will be talking about topics in the Ghost Hunting field that make them angry, there will also be a chance for you to call in or be on the chat box to ask questions and tell them what makes you upset in the paranormal world.  This week's topic:  Paranormal Hoarders.  Groups that find an amazing place to investigate and NEVER want anyone else to investigate the place convincing the owners to NOT let anyone else in but them. Also groups that never share their evidence with anyone else (even if they have permission to)...We will talk with leaders of groups from all over the U.S. to see if they are paranormal hoarders OR if they have experienced this.

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    The bible says "lay aside every weight and sin that so easily besets us." What are you holding on to that is keeping you from your destiny????Stay tuned as we discuss 5 reasons why people are spiritual Hoarders.

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    Call of the Auction Man--Hoarders Edition Episode 4

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    A weekly podcast featuring Rich Ranft, an auction expert from Beloit Auction, and his co-host Laura Baker. Rich is one of the premiere auctioneers in Beloit, Wisconsin and hosts both live on-site and online auctions featuring antiques, collectibles, and resale items. Rich also hosts estate auctions regularly each week. In this episode, Rich discuses some realy hoarder horror stories, what to look for and how to get started in coin collecting, and why auctions seem to draw people from all over. All of Rich's auctions can be found on his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/beloitauction or by going to his website at www.beloitauction.com. 

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    Nips: October 27, 2014

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    Enhance your experience if listening live to this episode ... Follow us on twitter @pulpnpaperradio for live tweets with more information during the broadcast.

    In the news: Kimberly-Clark to cut up to 1,300 workers; The interesting case of the diaper hoarders; Explosion at facility; Liberty Diversified International acquires Harbor Packaging; Stora Enso investing 27 million Euros at its Imatra Mills in Finland; Pratt CFO passes away at age 43; Potlatch inks purchase agreement for 201K acres of Alabama and Mississippi timberlands; Cascades, the Québec government and Rackam inaugurate a major solar park in Kingsey Falls; Water crisis in Brazil; Metsä Fibre, Port of Helsinki agree to develop export harbor for pulp; Södra invests $13.8 million in Mönsterås pulp mill; Georgia-Pacific is expanding Arkansas operation; Update from SKF; Expera Specialty Solutions announces Kaukauna, Wisconsin headquarters; Earnings reports and much more!

    Nips is a weekly show of contemporary information related to the pulp and paper industry worldwide. Hosted by Chuck Swann, who will be filling in for Jim Thompson, the voice of the worldwide pulp and paper industry.

    Listen live at 7 a.m. EDT on Monday, 27 Oct 2014, or anytime afterward!

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    Are you a hoarder? If so, please call and let us know.

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    The Taxanista- "Cost of Clutter"

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    Join Andrea Brundage and Angela Sticca Snyder talking trash!!! The trash around disorganization and the treasures you can find.  Do you know what being unorganized is costing you?  Lost receipts mean missed tax deductions and higher taxes!! OH NO! Everyone's been there, the pile on the kitchen counter, the lost receipts, the horrendous closet... there's a way out and there's help.  Listen to this entertaining and educational show... and the most important part is at the end where Angela gives you key points on the types of items you should be saving and organizing for your taxes!

    Happy Sorting your way to a more organized life with more tax deductions and lower taxes!!

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    Healing Through Clutter Cleanup

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    Has a loved one recently passed away and you have to go through their stuff?  Are you overwhelmed at the process and wondering how to work your way through your feelings as well as your lost.  Tune in as Beth H. Macy, Author of Many Years, Many Words she shares how the clutter in an old shed motivated her to discover her mother.

     Beth is a successful consultant in the high technology sector, having worked for such companies as Lotus Development, Apple Computer and IBM. She is also a talented artist with her works in collections from New York to Australia. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Beth's creativity extends into many areas: writing, stained glass, oil painting and acrylics. Based in Massachusetts, she is currently working on a sequel to Many Worlds, Many Years.

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