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    The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism

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    Back with us: Author, columnist & nationally syndicated, veteran radio talk-show host Chuck Morse joins Debra on TRUTHTalk Beyond the Sound Bite to recount the remarkable story of Amin al-Husseini relative to ongoing genocide against Israeli Jews. Al-Husseini was a Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader in Mandatory Palestine. Discover how Germany’s Nazi past informs the present Middle East crisis. Also, explore al Husseini’s pivotal role, while on the Nazi payroll, in having urged European governments to transfer Jews to death camps—and his funneling Nazi loot into pro-war Arab countries. 

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    The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs, 2

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    Why Hitler and Himmler did not enlist nationalist Russians and other Slavs to help them fight the war on the Eastern Front. Carolyn Yeager looks into Hitler's attitude toward “foreigners” and why he would not be a White Nationalist if he were here today.

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    Darwin to Hitler: Was Hitler Influenced by Social Darwinist ideology?

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    The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War has occasioned much discussion about  the nature of German militarism prior to the outbreak of hostilities in the sumer of 1914.  Coupled with this is the question of the link of Wilhemine Germany to the rise of Nazism and the perpetration of the Holocaust.  Join us for an hour long interview with Professor Richard Wiekart, author of the newly published From Darwin to Hitler:  Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics and Racism in Germany, when we will discuss these issues and in particular how Wilhemine Germany was involved in its own form of racist ideology which spurred hostilities in 1914.

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    ALI: NATION - Hitler Connection - Secrets of The Federal Reserve

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    On this episode of ALI: NATION - we will continue in our review from the book Secrets of The Federal Reserve. Last time we completed the chapter titled: The London Connection; this episode we will look at the following chapter titled: The Hitler Connection. We will look at the players involved in the World Wars and how the Federal Reserve system enabled the World Wars commencement and sustanability.

    Tune in every Monday - Wednesday & Friday @ 3 PM PST/6 PM EST

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    Totally insane, yet insightful show re: Hitler, Black Panthers, Jews, Gentiles, Pagan, Atheist, Jesus Christ, Sex, Humanity, Suicide and less critical discussion re BBQ CHicken, Rice & Beans and Liquor, Crack, Cocaine and Weed aka Ganja. Yeah mon.  

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    Did Hitler Escape To Argentina After World War II?

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    Hunting Hitler challenges the the biggest story of World War II - the suicide of Adolf Hitler. Is it possible that Hitler faked his own death and lived out the rest of his life in Argentina? Author Jerome Corsi shares why it is not just plausible, but likely. With no physical evidence, corpse, photos, or even documentation to prove that Hitler committed suicide, there are far more questions than answers.

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    The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs, 6

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    Ukrainians and their relationships with their neighbors through the centuries. How did Ukraine become Slavic? Just how extensive was Hitler's role in the sufferings of Ukrainians in 1941-44?

    The Goths, the Huns and the Khazars all settled in the area at different times;
    The Varangians (Scandinavians) arrived around 880 and created the most powerful state in Europe: Kievan Rus;
    It was devastated by a 13th Century Mongol invasion and eventually succeeded by the state of Galicia-Volhynia;
    Lithuanians and Poles controlled vast estates in Ukraine, the Cossacks led an uprising and Russians moved into the Crimea;
    Hitler reunites Eastern Galicia and Volhynia with Ukraine
    What led to the violent ethnic cleansing between Poles and Ukrainians in Volhynia 1943;
    Why the spirit of extreme nationalism contradicted the concept of the Slavic nations and National Socialist Germany fighting the Soviets together.

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    The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs, 5

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    “For the last hundred years Czech historians have endeavoured to make the world believe that Bohemia is of a comparatively recent creation as a German province.” but the fact is “[t]he whole civilization and culture of [Bohemia] can be traced to German sources.” -Czecho-Slovakia Within, 1938

    Carolyn explains how Czech history is very similar to what we've already learned about Polish history.

    The Paris Peace Treaties forcibly annexed German, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Polish territories to a Czech central core, forming CzechoSlovakia;
    The majority Czechs took a criminal and genocidal attitude toward the minorities;
    It took 18 years for the situation to gain the serious attention of the European Powers who created the mess in the first place;
    Adolf Hitler finally broke through the dilly-dallying with the Munich Agreement;
    Post-WW2 history gives a slanted picture of the end of this illegitimate state to make Hitler out to be an aggressor rather than a savior and restorer.



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    The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs, 4

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    Carolyn Yeager continues with her study of Poland and how it became the troublesome country that Hitler had to subdue.

    What modern demographics tell us about Polish patriotism;
    A closer look at the early history with its lack of actual records;
    The so-called Polish monarchs from 900 to 1300, and the legendary ones from the 6th to 9th centuries;
    The rule of Jogaila (Polish-Jagiello), of the Lithuanian Gediminid dynasty and the tale of Jadwiga (Hedwig);
    Wars between Jogaila and the Teutonic Knights - how Jogaila snatched defeat out of victory;
    The paucity of world-class Polish cultural figures and artists;
    The causes of the ferocious Ukrainian-Polish mutual ethnic cleansing in 1943.

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    The Heretics' Hour: Hitler and the Slavs

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    Carolyn continues from last week, answering accusations that Hitler was anti-Slav. She will also present the difficulties that Slavic countries/governments created for Hitler's government and Germany. Relations with Poland, Serbia and Russia will be highlighted. Also the current situation of Slav and other Eastern European migration into Western Europe. How much of a problem is it?

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    Hitler vs Stalin and the truth about the Holocaust

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    Victors write History.  

    If there is anything we've learned since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it's that the data they provided on the Holocaust and German war crimes was not only inaccurate, but deliberately falsified.  The Polish curator at Auschwitz (a Jew, btw), obtained the Red Cross and German registration records in 1990, 45 years after Stalin claimed they had all been destroyed.  The original estimate of 4 million deaths at Auschwitz was revised to 1.1 million, forcing the Auschwitz museum to change it's Memorial plaque.  

    The Soviet Union had, of course, motives for falsifying data. They used bogus numbers to justify their occupation of half of Europe and to distract the world from the war crimes they themselves committed when Germany fell.  The truth that most Americans choose to ignore is that Stalin was equally, if not more brutal than Hitler.  We're going to compare hard evidence on both sides.  My guest is Nathan Jankov, a dear friend and a man whose family suffered while under the rule of the USSR.  

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