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    Helping our Veterans get employed again!

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    This is the show we did with HirePatriots and was our very first hour long show.

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    How to Raise Funds with a Golf Tournament

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    John Eynouf, a former Army Ranger,will explain how he created a great Golf Tournament in Orlando Florida to raise funds for his favorite cause: Helping US Veterans.
    John Eynouf served as an Army Ranger and as a qualified Airborne Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne division of the United States Army.  He competed a six month tour of Iraq in 2004 and a 12 month tour in Afghanistan from 2005-2006. – John Eynouf is now the HirePatriots Ambassador for Orlando FL.
    He will talk about the value of his US Military training and experiences; and how he incorporates those lessons today, in civilian life.
    John is an entrepereneur. He will also talk about the efforts he is taking to become a business success.
    And we will get some good insights from a person who has just created his first Golf Tournament for a charity.
    Please call in and ask questions, and make comments! (646) 378-1333
    See John's HirePatriots FOX interview here: http://youtu.be/s37gvkLXFkE

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    The perfect fundraiser for any organization

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    Warren Schroefel has come up with one of the best fundraising programs out in the market. His company has partnered with HirePatriots.com to not only give the fundraising club/organization the highest rate of return, but it also gives back to help the Veterans and the community all at the same time.
    Our Fresh Roasted, Premium Coffee Fundraising Program provides the Absolute Best Value and Most Profit of any Coffee Fundraising program in the country. 
    Why Coffee?
    *Coffee is the second most consumed product in the world after water.
    *Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world after oil.
    *Coffee is a $70 Billion Dollar Market per Year Globally
    *Serious coffee drinkers cannot even start their day without it!
    *Over 250 million coffee drinkers in North America
    *Over 1/2 Billion Cups Consumed a Day in North America. 
     Our Mission
    Contact Info:
    Warren Schroefel

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    Red Hot Leland Grant (The Line) of NBC “The Voice" joins us

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    Leland Grant (The Line) of  NBC's “The Voice” is dedicated to our military service members, veterans, and the families that support our troops.  Thanks to Melanie Luttrell, he is working with her husband, Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell to support the following charities: HirePatriots, Lone Survivor Foundation, and the Boot Campaign to ensure our military members can get short-term work when they are experiencing financial hardships and in the long run, find employment when they leave the military to serve our global community.  Marcus and Leland are asking business owners to Hire Patriots!
    Notable Mile Stones:
    Dancing with the Stars and US Gymnastics ARENA tour (with Shawn Johnson and Nastis Liuken), 1st cut “Movin In,” Hollywood Records 2009 (artist, Mitchel Musso), Song “No One Gets Left Behind” inspired by Op RedWing, placed with The ONE Campaign, Other placements on Lifetime Network and several independent films.
    Currently producing Amy Allen (seen on The Voice) and “Here’s to You”, Musical Director: Mitchel Musso (Hollywood Records) toured with Miley Cyrus, Producer: Mitchel Musso, Live Guitar/Drums: Mitchel Musso, Live Keyboards: Tiffany (“I think we’re alone now”), Live Keyboards: A Fine Frazy - hit single: "Almost Lover"
    Leland has shared the stage with:
    Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), ?uestlove (The Roots), Kansas, The Gin Blossums, Metro Station, Mayday Parade, Josh Kelley, Rob Gile, Tony Lucca, Porcelin (Austrailia) …and many more

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    Homes For Heroes with Jessica Bottrell

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    Putting our Military Heroes first, over everything else. My husband is a Veteran and was a Major in USMC and I met him after he got out. We
    both do Real Estate and strive to help our local Marines (Oceanside, CA) make great investment decisions keeping their unique needs at the
    forefront. I also have the benefit of working with the general public on a daily basis and help to educate them to the benefits of using the
    HirePatriots.com job boards, I focus on the one-day jobs mostly as residents mostly need help with chores/projects around the house.
    What product or service do you offer that our listeners would benefit from hearing about?
    HirePatriots job boards! I know you know about these already. I would also like to share a bit about Homes For Heroes(www.HomesForHeroes.com), a nationwide organization which I belong to where Realtors and Lenders give 25% of their commissions directly back to the Heroes (Active Duty/Veterans, Police, Fire, Nurses/Drs, Teachers) for closing costs when purchasing or selling a
    home. My passion is HirePatriots but I pay the bills with Homes For Heroes and we need to let all of the Heroes know they have this program
    available to them.
    Contact Info:
    Jessica Bottrell

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    Mark Baird and special guests join us from HirePatriots.com

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    My wife and I are "helpers." We are concerned about meeting the practical needs of our neighbors, especially our local Marines, sailors, veterans and their families in San Diego. We began a job board for local residents to post chores that they need help with. It has been very successful. Thousands of local US Military and veterans partially or entirely support themselves from our website. We are looking for others near US Military bases who would also like to have a HirePatriots.com website for their location. We also hold welcome home parties, military marriage retreats, job fairs and create military family gardens.  
    Today, our website ranks above 99.9% of all US websites. People from all across America visit HirePatriots.com. And we are rapidly establishing local HirePatriots sites in every state of our union.
    My wife and I work from before sunrise to past sunset every day, trying to let more vets, residents and businesses know about our program. We write, phone, social network, talk to TV and radio personalities, and speak at hundreds of clubs, organizations and chambers. – And to support ourselves and our efforts, we solicit for sponsors for our outreach.
    Please consider pitching in and helping us to spread the word in your community.
    Contact us today:
    Mark and Tori Baird