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    Do You Have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? - Meet Hilma Volk

    in Business

    http://carpeltunnelmaster.com  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can be a nasty disorder, esepcially when your lively hood depends on what you put into your personal computer, your Ipad or your mobile device.  That is why we all truly need to have a handle on the warning signs of Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Without knowing them clearly, we can be tripped up when our wrists start to ache and we don't know quite what to do.  Join me with Hilma Volk, as we discuss Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

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    Work-Life Balance

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Justin and Le-Anne Noble, creators of My Body Village, share the importance of developing a relationship with your body. Spotlight on Moms features Rosanne Mottola TheDisneyPoint.com. Derek Volk, author of Chasing The Rabbit, shares how his son’s Asperger’s impacted his family and inspired him to write the book. Shawn Sherlock, former Miami Heat dancer and creator of Spotlight Families magazine, shares how she manages life as a mom and professional. Isabelle Yosuico, founder and president of MightyTykes, shares her perspective of work-life balance.

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    Episode 4- Guest: Brian Volk-weiss

    in Comedy

    Host :Brandon Lowe

    On this episode we have a huge guest appearance on the Charleston Comedy Podcast. President of Production of New Wave Entertainment and the top comedy producer in the country, Brian Volk-weiss will join the show. New Wave Entertainment is the largest producer of 1 hour comedy specials of such comedians such as Bill  Burr, Dane Cook,  Jim Gaffigan,  Katt Williams, Craig Ferguson, Dennis Miller ect. He has multiple pilots on several TV outlets across the country and has produced movies like Employee of the Month, My Best Friends Girl, and Good Luck Chuck.  Tune in and listen to this podcast. You do not want to miss it!

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    Maryland Week preview with Pete Volk of Testudo Times

    in Football

    It's crabcakes and football time, as we call back Pete Volk of Testudo Times to discuss the surprising Maryland football team ahead of their battle with Ohio State. In particular, we break down which QB the Buckeyes may face and what that means for the team, the mismatch at WR, Maryland's coaching situation, what fans should expect, atmosphere wise, in their B1G home opener, massive cheese crab pretzels, and more

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    IWFFA Radio - Espanol

    in Football

    Tonight's broadcast is in Spanish (Once a month we do a show dedicated to our Spanish speaking players)

    Show description below in English and Spanish:

    We talked a little about the  IWFFA ranking 2014 (top ten) and how some of the Latin American teams are part of it, we had an interview with Nelly Espinoza who is President Honduras Flag Football League where she explains how flag Football was introduced, some diference about playing 7 v 7 and 8 v 8, and what to expect for the first IWFFA Honduran Tournament this March 28-29. Then we had an interview with Ana Volk who was chosen as the Latin America Sportwoman 2014.

    Hablamos un poco sobre la Tabla de Posiciones 2014 a nivel mundial de la IWFFA (los diez primeros lugares) y como varios de los equipos Latinoamericanos son parte esa tabla. También tuvimos una entrevista con Nelly Espinoza quien es la Presidenta de la Liga de Flag Football de Honduras donde explica los inicios de Flag Football, algunas diferencias de las modalidades 7 v 7 y 8 v 8, y que esperar del primer torneo IWFFA en Honduras este 28 y 29 de Marzo. Después tuvimos una entrevista con Ana Volk quien fue escogida como la Sportman de Latino América 2014.


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    Testudo Times Podcast 2/11: Talking Maryland's struggles, Indiana game

    in Sports

    Alex Kirshner, Dave Tucker, Andrew Emmer and Pete Volk discuss Maryland basketball's recent woes and the upcoming game against Indiana. Can the Terps right the ship against the team that started the slump?

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    Wings on the Ground w/Cathy Andrews: "Cymatics" Jeff Volk

    in Radio

    What is Cymatics and how is an understanding of Cymatics important in our daily lives? How can we use this understanding to create a life that is more harmonious?

     Jeff Volk is a poet, producer and publisher who has been popularizing the science of Cymatics for three decades. In 1984 he produced a series of videos on Cymatics, and has re-released Dr. Hans Jenny's original films on DVD. His documentary, Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, won the Hartley Film Award through the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The phenomenal success inspired Jeff to produce The International Sound Colloquium, which was the premiere conference throughout the 1990s exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. Jeff has distilled this wealth of information into multimedia presentations, and feature articles that have been published worldwide. He loves to show how the same dynamics that are portrayed objectively in the realms of physics by Cymatics, are also at play subjectively, in our personal lives. 



    Ask Cathy how you can have a Soul Reading or Energy Healing by sending her an email at mermaidreams4me@gmail.com .

    Follow us on www.Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork.

    Call the show at 714-242-5256.

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    Charleston Comedy Podcast New Year's Episode

    in Comedy

    Tonight we are not live but we are still on the air bringing the latest and greatest bits, rants, and interviews from the year of 2014...We give in depth commentary during some of the bits and before the bits letting you know what is inside of our mental minds and why we came up with the bits we ended up putting on the show...Enjoy interview clips from New Wave President of Production Brian Volk-weiss, Corporate Comedian John Garrett, and the wild and crazy Monte Allen..Join us for the ride..You can listen to the show right here on blog talk, iTunes, or click the link at Comedy Zone's website www.charlestoncomedyzone.com

    Happy New Year s!

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    Final Guest of 2014 - Steve Volk - Basins!!!

    in Entertainment

    This will be our final episode for the year of 2014. Corallus Radio is honored to have Steve Volk on to talk Basins.

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    Hate and Revenge - The Berserker Bastion

    in Politics

    Hate and Revenge overtones exist to some degree in contemporary heavy metal music which supports both racialist and nationalistic views.  I am primarily interested in discussing the German style of music and lyrics.  The listener will receive a basic translation of the words for each piece of music before being played.

    I want the listeners to know that German musicians have more trouble with their lyrics in the Courts than if they played certain "banned" pieces of music from the Third Reich, such as: "Horst Wessel Lied".   The German musicians express their opinions about many problems in Germany such as the corrupt system, foreign occupation, immigration, stolen territory, stolen wealth, etc.  They often honor their ancestors and express loyalty to their Volk and Homeland.  The younger musicians often surpass their predecessors through their controversial lyrics.  This trend with musicians will intensify and the "acceptable legal limits" will always be near the breaking point, which is what we desire.  

    I wanted to discuss German music and lyrics because the White Race in the U.S. has many of the same complaints and concerns as the Germans.  Their music is inspiring and motivational in some ways and we can use it for those purposes.  Their music is bold and hardcore compared to others and we need that in our struggle to regain control of our lands.  http://mightisright.net/

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    BLACK ALPHA and creator TOM RASCH

    in Entertainment

    Tom Rasch has been on our show several times with news of his projects! He is BACK and this time he has HUGE news!

    The comic book series “BLACK ALPHA” (published in USA Today) has been officially optioned by Hollywood production company Popart Film Factory, and branding Guru Tim Elwell (Star Trek) who plan to develop the comic as an animated television series, mobile app, and video game.

    The deal was overseen by producer Daniel Zirilli, who has produced music videos for the Rolling Stones and Oscar-winners Three 6 Mafia, as well as 35 feature-length films with talent such as Morgan Freeman and Dave Batista of "Guardians of the Galaxy”. Zirilli also represents the estate of legendary western author Zane Grey. Zirilli brought in Tim Elwell ( who was extensively involved in the Star Trek franchise during his time as Paramount Picture's Executive Director of International Licensing and Marketing).

    Created by former Marvel Comics artist Tom Rasch and penned by screenwriter Adam Volk (repped by MindFrame Management), "Black Alpha" has been described as "Batman meets Star Wars".

    Follow Black Alpha on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackalpha3