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    Tonight, on 'The Boiler Room': We'll look at Michelle Obama's recent trip to Saudi Arabia and her controversial decision not to wear a head dress. We'll also talk about the issues between Jordan and isis. Then, Fr. Andrew Seba of St. Thomas Parish joins us live to talk about his calling to the priesthood, as well as the many duties and decisions involved in being a priest which are often over-looked by the general public. 

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    Negating the Hijab

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    Welcoming my wife to our show as a special guest on why are our sisters doing away with the Hijab? 

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    Don't ban the Hijab

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    On this episode, I will make the case against banning the hijab. Of course, it is an undeniable fact that throughout the Arab and Muslim world, the hijab is a symbol of the brutalization of women [especially in Islamo-Fascist terror states such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Hamas-controlled Gaza]. But is banning the hijab the answer, as what many people [particularly the wingnut Islamophbobes] suggest? I will show you why the answer is no. First of all, in America, people have the freedom of religion, which means that religion doesn't have to only be practiced in the closet. As someone who is religiously observant [Jewish] and who wears religious garments [Kippah and tzit tzit] out in public, I find it very concerning whenever there is a move to ban a particular public expression of religion [which includes banning a religious garment]. To be honest, as someone who lives in the US as of now [before I make Aliyah to Israel], in many ways, I find the issue of religious freedom to even be a bigger concern than US support for Israel [though I strongly support Israel and the US-Israel alliance]. Banning the hijab because we don't like that belief or what it symbolizes leads to a very ugly bigoted intolerant path, period. So in this episode, I will make the case against banning the hijab.

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    RFB ~ The Hijab/Niqab means Domination

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    Westerners think women wearing the hijab/niqab is a suppression of women within islam. Far from it...  It is a way of saying, "We are here, we are different, and here to let you know it.."

    Thus the muslim brotherhood indoctrination, embracement, and unleashing of Sharia and Caliphate...

    A speech by Dr. Bill Warner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQEcEYtWYB0

    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with your Hosts, Tim Burton and Kel Fritzi.

    We’re the Infidels your imam warned about…

    Mondays at 3PM EDT and Fridays at 7PM EDT (Where Kel flies solo)

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    "Mass Islamity ~ Stop the Insanity”



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    In this episode of Ummahaatul Ummah Show, we intend to discuss the 3 stages of hijab inshaa'allah. After this, the listener will have a clearer understanding of what hijab actualy means and put it into practice hijab as Allah, the most High and his messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, has instructed. 

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    UDL: Quranic Term For “Perception”: Poetry and The Secret of Khimar and Hijab”

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    Diqqat ash-Shu-ur – Sensitivity and Sensibility; (p. 474 Hans-Wehr). This can be appreciated through the interpretation of Jesus’ Hair on his return (i.e., when original nature is realized in consciousness; 40 years).

    Shu-uri - Conscious; Emotional (p. 474 Hans-Wehr)

    Shaa-ir – Knowing by instinctive perception, endowed with deeper insight, with intuition. (p. 474 Hans-Wehr). 

    Sha ‘A Ra (Lane’s Lexicon p. 1559-60)

    The English word “Sure” as in “certain” is connected with this term.

    Knew it; Was cognizant of it; Understood it; He perceived it by any of the senses; To know the state of something; possessed the concept of it; Comprehended it; Experiencing it in Consciousness.

    This Arabic term is semantically connected with Poetry. Because Poetry demonstrates or alludes to understanding the minute details of the subject matter of the poem (Lane’s Lexicon p. 1560). Poetry is language qualified by rhyme and measure intentionally.  The Quran is not poetry (one reason being that in much poetry is falsehood).

    One is called a poet because of his intelligence; because he knows what others don’t know (p. 1562)

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    Muslims and the Concept of Hijab

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    Peace and blessings everyone! We are so excited about this week's discussion. We are discussing hijab, is it wajib to wear? Is it cultural, does the Quran instruct the women to wear it? This subject is one that you need to be a part of and give your input?
    We will discuss the physical hijab and its importance. We will also discuss the social and spiritual hijab that is often overlooked and how they apply to men and women. 
    Please join us and invite others to do the same.

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    Teendeen looks at Hijab and teens

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    Teendeen talks about Hijab. Is for me is it for you

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    #Niggers gotta learn how to read - Police Chief Thomas Burke

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    A Newly sworn in police chief in Farrel, Pennsylvania said that he planned to make a public apology on Monday after he was caught using the N-word during a book drive fundraiser.

    WICU reported that the email was discovered just days after Thomas Burke was sworn by the City of Farrell as the new police chief last Monday. He is scheduled to begin the job in January.

    “Good morning,” the email begins. “Please click and review. Even $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them [Town of] Sharon n****s gotta learn how to read.”

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    We have more news and comment to get to today including. 

    Ericka M. Wheeler Named First Black Female Rhodes Scholar from Mississippi

    Eighth-Grader Sent To Principal’s Office For Her Natural Hair Being 'Too Poofy'

    Canadian Rangers Joined in Massive Search for Charnelle Masakeyash 

    Toronto woman assaulted after her scarf is mistaken for hijab

    Black Lewis & Clark Student Attacked on Campus

    Louisiana bar stamps #Nigger on college student’s hand

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    Jobs report - Career Technical Education - Who is Ben Gazee?

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    Hr1   Jobs report... HOW many layoffs?!?! But don't worry... the Prez says the economy has turned around!

    Marc Emmer, author, speaker, and expert in strategic planning, talks about govt regulations impact on small business and the workforce and the argument of wage inequality.

    And Joe espouses the many benefits of career technical educational programs.  

    Hr2   Border Patrol booted from campus career fair, students call officers offensive.

    Author & radio/TV personality Xander Gibb talks about his recent FBI shutdown and UC booting the Border Patrol from a career fair.

    Teaching 5-year-olds about sexism, bullying, trophies for everyone, and more on the Hillary Clinton Benghazi performance


    Hr3 Transgender born female, identifies as male, attending all-women's Wellesley, wants to hold diversity position on campus. Some women are not happy.

    Hillary's new ad campaign... wearing a hijab...

    Jesse Watters takes to the streets with Watters World and says "tell me about Benghazi"... and they don't care that Hillary lies.

    March of Dimes 'hiding own dark secrets' on baby parts.

    Jihadi John a bloodthirsty terrorist... and a real weirdo.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.